Estrogen Levels In Men. High Estrogen on TRT. Best Estrogen levels on TRT

what’s going on guys welcome to the
tester levels Channel today we’re going
to talk about one of the most important
hormones in the male body and it’s
estrogen you’re probably thinking
yourself estrogen and that’s a girl
hormone why are we talking about this
for the treatment that we’re talking
about right now thanks you two the
estrogen is one of the most important
things when trying to dial in all of
your hormones so when you raise your
testosterone levels more of that
testosterone is gonna Roma ties into
estrogen and if you’ve been someone
who’s had low testosterone for a long
time there’s a good chance you had low
estrogen so now your body has more
testosterone and more estrogen and this
can cause some unwanted side-effects
let’s get into what estrogen does for
men even though it is not our main
hormone that makes us men that would be
testosterone it still does a lot of
things that is very integral in your
body so estrogen can have a major effect
on edie and your libido or your desire
to yeah it helps with your bone health
it also helps with fat loss and lean
muscle helps with your brain lipids your
skin it also at certain levels has a
protective effect over the heart so long
story short all the hormones of your
body work together and estrogen is one
of the big ones that you need to keep an
eye on whether high or low what are some
of the symptoms of low estrogen got
fatigue anxiety irritability depression
fatigue sleeping all the time feeling
tired feeling sluggish
edie water retention bone loss and fat
accumulation those are just the symptoms
for low estrogen and you can tell it’s a
pretty long list and it actually has a
lot of similarities to low testosterone
what are some of the symptoms of high
Eady loss of libido your interest in
doing whatever you would normally want
to be doing gynecomastia which no one
likes if you don’t
what it is look it up we have to think
about the children and the advertisers
persistent fatigue lack of energy
fogginess very similar to low mood
swings anxiety depression water
retention looking all puffy kind of like
my neck right now excessive sweating
insomnia night sweats high blood
pressure and the one that I personally
get body acne and I hate so as you can
see these symptoms of low estrogen and
high estrogen there’s a lot of them that
are very similar that means that we need
to get our extra gene levels dialed in
to a good range where we a feel good and
are not having lots of symptoms and as I
stated some of the symptoms of high
estrogen are very similar to the ones of
low testosterone so what a lot of people
will do a lot of men they start on trt
and the testosterone levels go up and
their estrogen levels go up and then
they’ll get on reddit or Facebook and
they’ll say I’ve been on for a month I
still feel bad I’m having this symptom
this symptom this symptom a lot of the
time it’s because while their
testosterone raised the estrogens also
raised as well so now some of those
symptoms that were alleviated from the
higher testosterone are being negated
because of the high estrogen us as
humans even with how advanced our
medicine and sciences we do not fully
understand all of the interactions and
the ways of different hormones work off
each other in the body so that’s why a
lot of it is going off of numbers that
more importantly feel some people feel
fine with higher estrogen some people
feel horrible on it
some people feel greater than mid-range
it’s really more about feel than numbers
but you also have to work with your
doctor to see what those numbers are and
see what might be the cause of some of
these symptoms the normal ranges of
estrogen and the test is called
sensitive e – that’s the most accurate
one for what we’re dealing with for this
treatment is eight to forty pg/ml
if you’re lower than eight or higher
than 40 then you may want to speak with
your doctor about estrogen and what you
can do to either raise it or lower it
and then see how you feel and go from
there there are three main things
that can cause high estrogen one is
being overweight because fat cells are
very good at aroma tossing testosterone
into estrogen so if you’re overweight
and you’re having side effects or you’re
testing with high estrogen there’s a
good chance that it’s because you’re
overweight and all those little fat
cells are really busy
taking all your tests and turning into
estrogen the other one is genetics
that’s something we can’t beat some
manner just prone to having higher
estrogen is what it is if you’re having
issues with it you need to talk to your
doctor see about some ways to bring that
estrogen level down the other one is
taking outside testosterone the more
testosterone you have flowing around in
your blood the more that’s available to
convert over into estrogen now there are
some medicines that can lower your
estrogen these are pretty controversial
with this treatment there’s lots of
people that feel one way or the other
I’m not getting into in this video I’m
just gonna let you know the names of
them Arimidex aromasin and pho Maura if
you want to do more research on them you
can look them up on Google lots of good
info there so thanks for watching guys I
appreciate it I love seeing you here
that’s my short little video on estrogen
I hope it was helpful if you found it
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you’re awesome
and as always get your levels tested

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