Why Your Doctor Doesn’t Treat Low Testosterone – Tips to Get Treated with TRT!

what’s going on guys welcome to the
tester levels channel today we’re
discussing why your doctor doesn’t want
to prescribe you tests and at the end of
the video I’m gonna tell you some ways
you may be able to nudge him along a
little bit or when did you switch
doctors let’s get into it
so I see this on Reddit and Facebook all
the time guys are getting their blood
test and there are a few points higher
than the bottom the doctor say oh you’re
in range you’re good tough it out maybe
we’ll try some SSRIs or some
antidepressants you know we’ll do some
stuff that can mess up with your brain
and give you tons of other side-effects
and isn’t a hormone naturally found in
the body that men need to function
properly anyway there’s a couple factors
that make it so doctors don’t want to
prescribe testosterone one of the first
ones being is that it is a schedule of
three drug doctors are under a lot of
scrutiny these days for writing any of
those medicines that are on that
schedule list because mainly from the
crisis that we had from pain pills over
the past 15-20 years however long it’s
been so they’re under a lot of scrutiny
and if they don’t have to write one of
those then they prefer not to because
it’s more paperwork on their end they
don’t want to deal with it they don’t
want to be viewed as a doctor that’s
just prescribing the stuff too much you
know you don’t know maybe they
prescribed a lot of PMS and then that
you just don’t want to add tests into
the mix the other contributing factor is
a lot of doctors I believe more older
doctors they were never taught about
hormones and they’re probably thinking
about very retired soon so they’re not
trying to learn a whole new skill set
just to deal with you know a couple of
men that come into their office that
have you know low testosterone they
don’t want to get into analyzing
luteinizing hormone and follicle
stimulating hormone and SHBG they don’t
want to do all that you know they say
here’s a prescription from Pfizer or
whatever pharmaceutical company and you
know we’ll just monitor your results and
change their doses as we need it you
know we don’t have to learn anything new
now we can just focus on prescribing the
drugs another big factor that comes into
play with doctors prescribing tests is
that it has the social stigma and you
know what it is
it’s steroids it’s bodybuilders you know
bodybuilders died at 50 so if I
prescribe tests in the sky he’s gonna
have heart attacks you can have prostate
issues you’re gonna have this and that
it’s too scary I don’t want to prescribe
this man this he just needs to tough
he just needs to you know just accept
that he’s not gonna feel like an
optimize male throughout the rest of his
life because I don’t want to deal with
it and as I stated before most doctors
aren’t trained in women’s at all so they
don’t understand how everything works
you know they don’t even male doctors
who should know about the stuff as they
aids themselves they don’t understand it
they weren’t taught it so they don’t
want to prescribe it what are the
problems with generic testosterone is
that it’s just that it’s generic so it
doesn’t make the pharmaceutical
companies a lot of money in turn they do
not educate doctors on this medicine
they don’t give them pamphlets they
don’t have seminars on it and they don’t
take them out to dinner and explain how
to use it what are some of the side
effects where are the benefits
so if your doctor was never taught about
this in the first place there’s a very
strong chance that he hasn’t learned it
since and it’s definitely not going to
be taught to him by a pharmaceutical
company that’s just the way it is so if
you go into a doctor’s office and you’re
saying you’re having anxiety they have a
whole laundry list of medicines that
they’ve been taught about and how to
kind of treat that symptom with that
medicine from the pharmaceutical company
but with testosterone they do not they
just know that men use it to get big and
jacked and they died early and I’m not
gonna touch that that’s just not my
thing I don’t want to deal with it being
a controlled substance I don’t want to
deal with the side effects I don’t want
to learn about it so just chug along but
you’re just gonna have to deal with it
sorry sorry for your genetics [ _ ] sucks but you know we can deal with your anxiety and your depression and your IDI we can do all that with pills but you know to get to the root cause of that and inject the scary hormone we’re not gonna do that sorry I see a lot of people on Facebook and reddit who get turned down by doctors they kind of hold doctors and a little different life than I do I view going to the doctor as I’m the customer I pay them without me going there they’re not making money now a lot of people have this mindset that doctors while they are normally smarter that they are authoritarian figures you know they they decide what you get and what you don’t get there the gatekeepers and you really have to get out of that mindset you know when you go there and you pay them your $30 copay they get more money from the insurance company on the back end so you walking in for a normal visit they’re probably making 100 to 250 bucks so that’s a big chunk of money that’s you’re their customer so the same as when you walk into Walmart and you request service because you’re a paying customer it’s the exact same thing with your doctor you’re a paying customer to them you tell them what you want within reason you need to have a little bit of assertiveness when you talk to your doctor you don’t say sir may I get a testosterone test to see if that’s the reason I felt so bad for the past five years no no it doesn’t work like that you say okay I want to do blood work and I want to add testosterone estrogen SHBG LH FSH hematocrit and whatever else you want to get tested and if your doctor has an issue with that that is a clear sign they do not treat low testosterone they don’t want to and even if you come back with a really bad number or low test they’re probably not going to write you a scrip for anything so that’s a big warning sign if your doctor is giving you a hard time about a lab result that’s in your blood and you’re paying for it that’s an issue there’s no reason that they should not allow you to get a test they may tell you that you know this test is an extra 200 bucks and it’s probably not necessary if it’s for something crazy but they shouldn’t deny you the right to know what’s in your own body that’s insane and I understand that a lot of these guys they’re beat down they feel horrible they’re not really in a spot to be super assertive but you have to fight for yourself there is no reason that a doctor should be able to dictate what blood tests you get I mean that’s just that’s a god-given right you have the freedom and the right to know what’s going on in your own body we have the science to do it and there’s no reason a doctor should turn you down if they do find a new doctor now another thing that you need to know when you’re talking to your doctor about low tea and getting prescribed it you have to know your [ _ ] you can’t
walk in there and just say well the
range does this and I’m here so can I
just get my script no you have to show
that you know a little bit about this
that you’ve done research that you’re
not just you don’t know anything about
it you know you have to be able to talk
in somewhat normal terms you have to
know some of these terms doc I noticed
that my total testosterone is a little
bit above the bottom mark but my free
testosterone is really low and my shbg
is really high so I think that could be
possibly the cause of that can we
explore this a little further that’s a
lot different than just saying hey well
my total T’s right near the bottom can
we just get a script written for that
and let’s move on you know and knowing
knowing a lot of this stuff not a super
great detail but having a general grasp
of it is going to how can I say it put
you in a different light in your doctor
spies he’s gonna be you as someone who’s
done some research has some knowledge
it’s probably gonna be persistent in
this and not just give up as opposed to
someone who walks in and doesn’t know
anything and they say hey I’m the doctor
here listen I’m telling you you’re 288
you’re above the bottom so you’re good
you know that’s probably something else
we could probably try some other
medicines you know from Pfizer from the
big pharmaceutical company so scoot
along little Johnny you’re good you’re
past your ten minutes that I have to see
you so I’m gonna go see well des in the
next room so let’s recap so if your
doctor refuses to get you a testosterone
test find a new doctor so let’s say
you’ve been a serve enough to get your
doctor to give you the correct blood
test to see what’s going on in your own
body and you have the symptoms of low
testosterone and you have the numbers
that show you have low testosterone and
they still don’t want to write you a
script you know there’s not a whole lot
you can do as I said some doctors just
don’t want to write it they don’t want
to deal with it they don’t want to learn
about it we’ve already covered this so
what can you do and I know a lot of men
deal with this and it’s pretty it’s
pretty bad situation there’s not a whole
lot you can do with that doctor you can
only push so hard if they don’t want to
do it they’re not
going to do it and at some point you
have to cut your losses and walk away
the benefit though is that you just had
a recent blood test that has all your
numbers and you can now look for another
doctor now how would you go about this
are you just gonna go on Google and just
type in doctors near me and click on and
go pay a copay and talk to him know
here’s what you do it’s pretty simple I
was in an industry we used to dial for
dollars and that’s kind of what you’re
gonna do would you be dialing for tests
now here’s what you need to do so you
need to find some doctors in your area
give them a call on the phone and talk
to their assistant or whoever in the
office and say hello ma’am
does your doctor have experience in
treating low testosterone and men no he
doesn’t really do that okay thank you
hello is your doctor ever experienced
with treating low testosterone in man oh
he does okay how many patients does he
have but he treats that too okay thank
you hello ma’am
does your doctor have experience with
low testosterone and treating men with
yes he does oh okay you know roughly how
many patients he has that you treats for
this about 20-25 oh okay
okay good when’s your next available
appointment perfect thank you test your
levels you know it’s not a hundred
percent proven thing a doctor could
still he could only be treating those
twenty men that have like 50 or 100 test
levels you know but it’s a lot better
chance that you’re gonna find a doctor
that knows what he’s talking about to
some degree by doing this you’re
filtering out people dialing for dollars
you’re just dialing for a doctor here so
don’t just go in and just think okay
well this next doctors me better you
need to ask the question you don’t make
take a little bit of your time but I
guarantee you it’s not gonna take you as
much time as going through two or three
doctors and you know however left money
in co-pays worst case scenario you’d
have to go to a clinic because you can’t
find any doctors in the area that are
competent enough to do this so but at
least you’ll have brand-new bloodwork
and you can bring them there now some
clinics they don’t care if you’re just
blood work last week they want you to go
to LabCorp again and get new bloods
which will cost you a good amount of
money but get a little bit of kickback
on that Butthead this is trt it’s not
fun it’s a jungle out there but worst
case scenario you’d have to find a
clinic and you’ll be getting medicine
from them it’s a little bit more
expensive than when you get in the
pharmacy but hey on the bright side of
that this is kind of what I did
I didn’t do it intentionally but I went
to from a doctor that turned me down to
a clinic and then I got on my protocol
and I had labs and then I went to a
doctor that was knowledgeable in this
and since I was already on a protocol
and I told them how fantastic I felt how
much my life has changed and how I
started going to the gym again really
hard for them to tell you that they
don’t want to give you medicine that’s
making you feel great and you have no
side effects to recap first off you have
to be assertive you can’t walk in there
like a doormat I know you feel tired I
know you feel rough I know you don’t
feel great but you need to walk in there
and be assertive you need to fight for
your right for the medicine that you
need if you have these symptoms second
one try to get a blood test I mean just
push it push it I really want this I’ve
done a lot of research online I really
think this can help me I want to just
know what my levels are so that I can
make a plan of action I don’t care if
you write it I don’t care if you don’t
write that can you just at least let me
get the blood test that I’m paid for in
the first place on your customer I pay
your bills I’m the reason that you have
your Maserati out back the next thing is
know when to cut your losses if your
doctor will not let you get a
testosterone blood test he’s actually
doing you a favor he’s letting you know
right up front that he doesn’t treat
this he’s not knowledgeable in it and he
doesn’t want to deal with it so thanks
doc it’s good knowing you I know you’ve
been my family physician for twenty
years but now you’ve moved into an area
that you don’t know and I need you to
know so now I’m going to find a new
better more educated doctor now we’re
dialing for dollars we’re dialing we’re
dialing we’re calling people we’re
finding out which doctors in our area
our knowledgeable on this or at least
treated so that we can get on some kind
of protocol hopefully a good one and we
can get better and if that doesn’t work
our next step hopefully we’ve gotten
some blood work but if not there are
always clinics and clinics while I have
mixed feelings about them I like that
they’re knowledgeable I know their
business I know they have to make money
I get it I’d like to open my own
personally I think it’d be a really
think it’s a great business I think it’s
gonna be a booming business because so
many men have it these days but I’m not
a doctor I don’t know any doctor so hey
I’ll just teach you guys on YouTube
instead so we’re gonna wrap up this
video I hope it was helpful I hope you
know you’ve learned something and kind
of can get a general idea of kind of a
track and the path and the way to deal
with this and being assertive but under
leave you one thing with every
graduating class of doctors there’s
always one at the bottom and he just may
be your doctor
isn’t that reassuring so thanks for
watching guys hope you learned something
I’m gonna put some videos up here I’m
gonna put a subscribe button right there
love to see you here
you’re awesome as always get your levels

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