TRT Transformations Before and After – Tim’s Story

what’s going on guys test your levels
here coming at you with the first part
of the trt transformation series and
hopefully I can get some more people to
send me some pictures I actually put out
the request for TRT pictures missed a
general idea of what you did while you
started and one person actually follow
the instructions and sent me an email
with pictures and that man is Tim and
thank you very much Tim I appreciate you
sending me this stuff and sharing your
story with us so Tim’s just a normal guy
he goes to work works hard provides for
his family and he found you know over
the years he had some bad diet choices
and just overall you know not exercising
as much and just not eating as healthy
and he gained some weight and if you’ve
seen my video on how being overweight
affects your testosterone levels it’s
not good belly fat and fat is where
testosterone is aromatized into estrogen
so even if you have decent testosterone
levels and then you gain a bunch of
weight you’re gonna aromatize a lot of
that testosterone into estrogen and so
that decreases your testosterone level
it increases your estrogen level and
then on top of that estrogen helps you
gain more weight not the good way not
muscle weight bad way so it’s a
double-edged sword I have a video on it
and Tim found himself in this
so Tim ended up at his heaviest at 336
pounds and I’m here really to what he
sent me so I was at my heaviest weight
in 2017 of 336 pounds although I still
ate whatever I wanted I started eating
smaller portions and hitting the gym
five days a week this was November 2017
I was only eating lunch and dinner daily
and I lost weight I began TRT in March
2018 and by November 2018 I hit a wall
and my weight loss at a weight of 200
pounds I remained at this way until a
man entered my life on April 29th 2019
he took the time to explain while my
current eating methods were failing why
my weight loss stifled as well
why I had no results in the gym fast
forward to the current day as of October
20th 2019 I weigh 247 pounds I’ve been
on a basic meal plan low protein low fat
no carbs by choice and lots of free
foods broccoli masoor mint fresh foods
broccoli fresh spinach garlic mustard
sugar-free jell-o lettuce cauliflower
cucumber asparagus basically vegetables
he’s eating healthier foods lower fat
more nutritious while I haven’t seen
tons of results in the way of muscle
from my gym work I now understand with
the amount of body fat I’m carrying it
has and will continue to take time and
effort to get the visual results we are
all seeking I continue today on my
journey of hearing as strictly as
possible I continue today on my journey
adhering as strictly as I possibly can
to push myself to the next milestone
I’ve been asked what’s your goal weight
and I have said in the past 200 to 220
pounds in this Eric and arena nowadays I
answer there’s no goal weight as is a
lifestyle not a diet this guy tweaks the
meal plan when it’s warranted and this
will be ongoing until I’m able to read
and know what my body is telling me it
needs as far as sustenance I’m still
overweight but my health is increased my
confidence has risen I’m happiest I’ve
been in more than 20 years I’ve rambled
enough it’s time to hit the gym so there
you go guys you know Tim he realized
that he had hit you know a heavy point
he started to change and then he
enlisted someone who’s done a lot of
research and knows about this stuff and
to really help him and guide him through
it and not everyone needs that but some
people do Tim decided to get some help
absolutely nothing wrong with that
you know if someone if anyone knows more
than you about a subject and they’re
willing to help you why would you not
take their help so anyway so Tim started
eating healthier started going to the
gym you heard what he says his
confidence is up he’s feeling the best
tea house in 20 years I mean it’s just
amazing you know this is a really good
story and thank you again Tim for saying
this to me you know not a lot of people
want to put themselves on a public
platform you know with their heavier
pictures but I’m gonna show you the
pictures here of Tim’s before and after
and it’s drastic change it’s awesome
tim is very inspirational and so awesome
to see you know someone take their take
their life and just improve it so much
and to be so dedicated to do that and
that’s why I want to do more of these I
want to spread the positivity and try to
help fight the social stigma that trt is
just taking steroids and you know she
really show this changing people’s lives
you know I mean if tenet stayed on his
path he probably would have gained more
weight as he got older you probably have
had health problems you know all kinds
of health problems it would cost him a
lot of money but now he’s taking back
his life he’s getting his body back into
a better better shape I’m sure his
cholesterol has gone down sure his blood
pressure has gone down overall he’s just
feeling better so here’s some pictures
of ten before and after it’s really
impressive congratulations Tim great job
keep kicking ass so in a span of two
years Tim went from 336 to 247 a total
weight loss of 89 pounds that is
that’s that’s a lot of weight and that’s
90 pounds that’s 245 plates at the gym
so go pick up 245 plates at the gym
that’s how much weight Tim lost that’s
so congratulations Tim thanks again for
sending this in
I hope this video helps motivate some of
you guys to make some better life
choices eat healthier get to the gym
lift some weights get any hours of sleep
be a healthier person
your body will like it you look better
you’ll feel better
the ladies alike it
so anyway this is part 1 if you want to
be in one of these videos I’m going to
leave my email in the description I also
have some links to some supplements that
I take and stuff that I take for TRT and
some other stuff that helps other people
with certain things that you know need
to be changed with TRT so send me an
email send you some general information
I’ll respond back you get to be on my
channel you get to help inspire other
people let’s spread the positivity guys
I’m gonna put some videos up here I’m
going to put a subscribe button right
here we’d really appreciate it
click click that like button for Tim
show him that he did an awesome job
leave him a good comment let him know
how good he’s doing and stick with it
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thanks for watching guys you’re awesome
get your levels tested

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