Fertility on TRT with HCG – Studies and Case Studies. Can HCG help with fertility on TRT? How does TRT effect fertility? Can you still have a baby on TRT?

what’s going on guys test your levels
here today we’re going to talk about HCG
TRT fertility and covers some studies
and case studies but I’ll give you the
basics real quick if you’re thinking
about CRT and somehow found this video
or you just started and you’re worried
about fertility taking testosterone by
itself will make you less fertile
there’s no question about that but there
are no guarantees that you’ll be
infertile on trt there are plenty of
guys that have had surprises because
they thought that because they were on
trt that they were just not fertile and
it was basically male birth control but
it’s not so fact 2 HCG can definitely
help restore your fertility and some of
these case studies will show that and
we’re gonna go through some of these
case studies and I’m going to leave
links down in the description of all
these studies so you can read them
yourself so let’s get started we’ll do
the medical disclaimer and let’s get
this started
it’s all about you manage
so this first one basically when you’re
starting trt and you start injecting
outside testosterone and the drop of
intra testicular testosterone can lead
to poor swimmers within ten weeks of
starting even more alarming as the fact
that up to ten percent of men can remain
basically infertile poor swimmers after
cessation of TRT they did a study on
healthy men that were selected at
undergrad trt it was shown that their
inter testicular testosterone levels
dropped by 94 percent that’s a huge drop
however in those that received 250 I use
subcutaneously of HCG every other day
along with their trt the intra
testicular testosterone levels only
dropped seven percent so basically the
HCG basically maintained 87% of the
intra testicular testosterone that’s a
pretty big number eighty seven percent
but it stopped from dropping that’s
pretty big so it shows that HCG is
pretty powerful stuff and it can
definitely seems like it can definitely
help with fertility a lot
additionally in man you receive TRT and
500 years of HCG every other day they
basically doubled the dose an increase
in inter testicular testosterone but 26%
was observed
so it actually raised it up on men that
are on trt already so that hypo gonna
access has already been modified by the
trt and HCG actually jumped it up so
that’s pretty interesting so this is a
little snippet of a study that was done
on men who had abused anabolic steroids
and they basically said that 67% of the
men are covered to the proper
concentrations of swimmers within six
months however for some men it took up
to two years so some of these guys they
ran cycles they took whatever and
doesn’t say if they did post
psychotherapy with like plummeted or HCG
and some of these men took two years
before they were fertile again so
definitely think about that your
hormones are very powerful thing in your
body we sought to evaluate serum
testosterone response on the duration of
therapy of HCG mono therapy which is
just using HCG for men with symptoms of
but total testosterone levels above 300
so the study they’re basically looking
at men who had symptoms of low
testosterone they were lower on the
normal scale according to medical people
and they wanted to see what HCG would do
even though these men weren’t clinically
below but they had all the symptoms of
the 20 man included in the study
treatment indications included low
libido at 45% lack of energy at 50% and
edie at 45% the mean testosterone
improved by 50% from a baseline of 362
to 519 median duration of therapy was 8
months 50% of the patients reported
symptom improvement and their conclusion
treatment of hypokinetic CG for men who
have a baseline testosterone 300 or
higher appears to be safe and
efficacious with no adverse events I
found this study particularly
interesting because it’s one of the
first times I’ve ever seen doctors or
research scientists actually you know
say that men could have symptoms of low
testosterone but not on the not had
their testosterone levels lower than the
clinical normal which for some reason
keeps getting lower and lower every
single year anyway so I found that
pretty interesting that they were able
to reduce some of these men’s symptoms
and jump up their testosterone with just
HCG and HCG is a very simple shot it’s a
subcutaneous you can do it in belly fat
but fat you can do it in like a 30 gauge
little half-inch insulin needle it’s
basically water so it goes in real easy
pretty easy shot at the end I’ve got a
story of a 30 year old man who was in a
really bad situation and HCG and a
couple other things seem to help him out
but the story will only turn out good if
you click on that subscribe button and
you click like on the video otherwise
it’s gonna be a horrible story so just
do it a 47 year old man attending an
in-vitro fertilization clinic was
diagnosed with a really long word no
palpable testes no spermatozoa in the
were found and roken illogically serum
h LH and testosterone was undetectable
literally they ran a blood test on the
sky is LH FSH and his testosterone were
like zero undetectable that’s pretty
I don’t know how this guy got out of bed
I don’t know why he’s going to have kids
but anyway I mean I just can’t imagine
having zero I mean I feel horrible
surprise he even had the motivation to
call this clinic that we can have a baby
they did an MRI on him and they
confirmed the testicular absence so they
treated him with our FSH and HCG at four
months almond size testes had developed
and with a puncture task they found the
occasional in mobile swimmer so six
months after the initiation of treatment
they had occasional mobile swimmers they
were successfully used for something to
fertilize an egg after 12 months they
revealed that they had three fertilized
eggs but they did not result in a
pregnancy as far as we know this is the
first time that objectively diagnosed
testes atrophy it can be successfully
treated with FSH and HCG so this guy
wasn’t on trt he just had some type of
medical condition or something going on
where his his boys were just you know
really not they’re not doing anything
and FSH and HCG actually bumped them
back up to where they needed to be I
guess I mean they didn’t have a
successful pregnancy but it sounds like
it got his system going and he would if
he wasn’t in such a bad case he probably
could have had a baby of some kind maybe
a boy maybe a girl so here’s here’s this
interesting story this is a horrible
story but it does have a good ending
because I know you clicked on that
subscribe button and you like the video
so we’re gonna go with the happy version
yeah the 30 old man was referred to our
clinic for endocrine infertility
assessment after going a unilateral
orchiectomy I know I didn’t say that
right but if you don’t know if were Kia
or ki or whatever or ki active or yet
orchiectomy is basically where they
removed one of your testicles but they
don’t go in the way that you would think
they go from the top
and they take your swimmers little
waterslide that’s connected to your boy
and they remove them and it’s a sad day
and it’s horrible and I know a lot of
you guys have gone through that I’ve
seen some of the comments and read it
and that’s horrible and I really feel
for you that’s a really bad thing to do
I have to go through boy alright let’s
get on to the happy part after they
removed his boy his boy blue your bye
Bob oh they reveal atrophy and
testicular adrenal rest tumors which
from what I gather are not cancerous so
it was kind of a misdiagnosis which is
really unfortunate for the guy the
remaining test he was also atrophied but
serum testosterone levels were somehow
within the normal range don’t know how
that is one’s atrophy the other ones
gone and somehow this guy probably on
the low end but somehow made it into the
clinical range so what they did is they
they added some HCG 1500 IU’s twice
weekly some FSH and then something that
I’m gonna do a video on later called HMG
which is what I’ve seen really good for
fertility it’s just really expensive so
it’s kind of the last resort if you have
an issues with HCG or FSH or you just
have an issues you can give that a try
but for later video so the end result
was normalization of testosterone levels
in a stable low swimmer concentration
with good good mobility so his boys they
had the mobility that you can last you
can right they were swimming they were
they were doing their thing so the good
swimmer mobility was achieved within 21
months of treatment this man was able to
father a child a supposedly beautiful
baby girl I don’t know if she’s
beautiful or not I hope she is well it
sounded really bad now I didn’t mean it
like that but I just meant that I anyway
so he was able to conceive a child and
with pretty much I mean three compounds
one of them being pretty expensive but I
mean as you can see this guy was pretty
much worst-case scenario only working
with one but four other one was really
atrophied and really not doing a good
job at all and with those three
compounds this guy was able to bounce
back and have a beautiful baby girl
so that’s really cool I found these
articles interesting because I do see a
lot of questions about fertility on trt
and to recap yes TRT will make you less
fertile will make you infertile no one
knows but I wouldn’t risk it and think
that taking trt is just birth control
but if bodybuilders out there that have
conceived while taking crazy crazy
amounts of all different kinds of stuff
so nature will always find a way so
nothing’s 100% just make sure that don’t
have any accidents if you want to have a
baby that’s cool but if you don’t don’t
think it’s birth control and HCG pull
all these articles together in these
case studies to show really how powerful
it is as a fertility hormone whatever
compound that can really help a lot of
men who may not be able to conceive
without it so I found that pretty cool I
always find stuff that with science
that’s really cool and stuff that just
really works and a lot of the time we
don’t know why it works but it works so
hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but
anyway guys that’s gonna wrap up the
video I’m gonna throw some videos up
here I’m gonna throw a subscribe button
right there I know you want to click on
it and as always if you’re new here
you’re still cool but if you’re a
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