Jatenzo TRT Pill Approved by the FDA! Jatenzo Price, Effectiveness, Side Effects, Availability. Does Jatenzo really work for TRT? How expensive is Jatenzo? Testosterone vs Jatenzo. Do Oral Testosterone Pills work?

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we’re going to talk about jet Enzo and
jet Enzo is an oral testosterone pill
and it’s the first testosterone pill
ever approved by the FDA
it contains testosterone and decanoic
also known as Nobita or a feed over in
the UK and Australia and what’s
interesting about this is testosterone
and deca no way is a really long ester
meaning that you can inject it once
every 10 weeks once every eight weeks
whatever but in its pill form as jet
Enzo you have to take two pills a day
one in the morning one in the evening
and fun fact you may not see this pill
hit the market for a very long time and
I’ll tell you why for the end of the
video but for now we’ve got to do a
medical disclaimer before labonz you
j’t Enzo is made by a company called
Clarisse pharmaceutical and this isn’t
the first time they’ve tried to have a
pill form testosterone for trt approved
by the FDA the first time they tried to
do this the medicine was called aura tax
for some reason order tax was not
approved even though it contained
testosterone on deca no eight which is
widely approved and used throughout the
world what’s with all these medicine
names j’t ends up seems kind of like a
girly name for a testosterone pill at
least zyo sad which is a man-thing
auto-injector at least it sounds kind of
cool I think they should have called it
something like it do too stiff bro jack
doan or extrema men on paper just Enzo
seems pretty cool it’s a pill form it’s
a soft gel cap pill in different
milligrams that you take in the morning
and you take at night and the company
Claire’s pharmaceutical claims that it
absorbs well and doesn’t they haven’t
noticed any liver toxicity which has
been the downfall of almost every oral
testosterone pill that’s been created so
far but later on in the video I’ll talk
about some of the shortcomings of j’t
Enzo depends au comes in strengths of
158 198 and 237 milligrams each one of
those is one soft calf they also have a
316 and a 396 milligram but those are
two pills and they’re split so inferior
you’d be taking four a day
Deut Enzo has all of pretty much the
same side effects of injecting
testosterone the gels the creams all
that good stuff but they add nausea and
diarrhea to the list so I’m not gonna
get too deep into the syphax de Tenzin
was put through some clinical trials and
it did seem to work pretty well but I’m
gonna put this up on the screen here
this is some literature from their study
and what’s on their website which kind
of Concerned me the first thing is that
87% of men in these trials hit a
testosterone serum level of 300 or
so while 87 is a good number that means
that 13% of men in the study were not
able to reach a serum level of 300 or
higher so it could be that some men just
do not react to this well or it’s not
absorbed well it just doesn’t work for
them to raise their levels but 87% still
pretty strong you know percentage for a
thing that kind of jumped out at me is
that it says 87% of men reached the
serum concentration of 300 over a four
month period so I’m not necessarily sure
I mean I’m sure there’s a man that hit
it pretty quickly but there were some
men at least one made probably a couple
where it took a full four months for
them to get their serum testosterone
levels to 300 or plus so that could mean
that you know you might be prescribed at
ENSO and you may take you up to four
months before you even get your levels
above 300 so you may really not see
benefits for a long time and that’s not
if you’re one of those 30% that just
don’t respond well to this at all and
your serum levels will never get to 300
so then I saw this chart that showed the
men’s serum testosterone levels at
different times throughout a 24-hour
period and it seems that it takes about
two hours for it to kick in and two
hours after the two hours kick up to you
know six seven hundred and then you
start to decline and so for the next
seven or so hours your testosterone is
just climbing down and the last two
hours before you take your next pill
your testosterone levels actually lower
than when you started and then you take
another two tens of pill and you follow
the same pattern what’s interesting is
that a testosterone such a long-acting
ester that can be injected once every 10
weeks is peak is speaking and troughing
within a 12 hour period and actually
traveling below your baseline before you
start it out so I’m not sure I’ve never
taken this so I have no idea if you
really feel those peaks or valleys or if
it’s just because it’s included in one
day you’re not really gonna notice it
but I guess we’ll have to get some
real-world studies and some real-world
testimonies before we’ll know that so
another little tidbit on this chart
shows that j’t NZO has actually absorbed
better and seemingly gave better
testosterone serum levels when the
patient ate 30 grams of fat for
breakfast as opposed to 15 now
testosterone fat are kind of friends in
a lot of different ways so I found that
interesting but 30 grams of fat for
breakfast that’s a decent amount of fat
that’s a good chunk for the day so I
found the dosing chart and this is a
chart that they’ll probably give your
doctors so it tells them how to
this what to look for and the level that
they want you to be above when you’re on
your tens it was 425 now I think that
level should be a minimum of 500 but I’m
just a guy on YouTube and I’m not a
doctor I’m not any of that stuff that’s
just my personal thought what I found
interesting about this chart is that
this chart will basically tell your
doctor if you’re under 425 to continue
to Jack your dose up to the maximum of
396 and I’m not sure if that’s available
in the United States what I take from
that is that there are some men that can
take the 396 the two pills twice a day
that don’t ever get above 425 so I think
this harks back to that some men just do
not respond well to this so if you’re
taking the 396 dose and you’re still
under 425 210 Zoe’s probably not for you
but hey there’s always injections so
this goes on to say that one of the
patients in the studies took 20% more
just Enzo that he was supposed to didn’t
realize what he was tellin he’s fine no
worries but it found it interesting that
this one guy had a stroke from taking
testosterone and if you can guess what
his levels are while you can exert on
the screen 11400 so this guy was juiced
out of his mind
literally and that’s it that’s a pretty
high Wow it’s a lot of tests the
ingredients seem pretty basic even
though that Clara stated that they have
some proprietary process that makes the
undec no.8 more easily absorbed in the
body and circulated through the body
it’s basically the undec Inouye castor
oil some other oils some really a big
word that I looked into and it’s
basically a preservative now here comes
the fun part
pricing we have no idea what jet Enzo is
gonna cost no idea at all good Rx
doesn’t have it there’s no mention of
the price anywhere but if you have a
general concept of business
Clarisse has been trying to get this
medicine approved for over seven years
and that incurs a cost with all the
studies and the FDA filings and all that
good stuff so they’re gonna want to
recoup their money and plus turn a
profit that’s what companies do now on
top of that the FDA is approved klaris
for three year exclusivity meaning that
in the United
States the only company that can sell a
pill the forty our team with
testosterone is klaris so my guess is
it’s not gonna be cheap and I’ve got
some other things that I think support
that the first thing is sayest and as I
understand is about four hundred fifty
bucks and you get four little
auto-injectors a month and I know
there’s people like oh hey well they
have a program they give you the copay
it’s a free copay and you know they give
it to you for free okay gotcha
stick with me here and stick with me so
if you ever heard the term the first
hits free if you have you’re probably a
fun guy but anyway in medicine the same
principle applies so just heads up nose
or klaris nose that TRT is a pretty much
a lifelong treatment so they’re going to
do whatever they need to do to get you
started taking it and hopefully have
good results and you’ll be a customer
for life so Claire’s even thought about
what if you have issues with your
insurance and this indicates to me
that’s probably pretty expensive this
was 30 bucks a month your insurance
companies probably not going to make a
big deal about it
but they will actually front you your
first month’s prescription while you
deal with any issues with your copay or
your insurance to try to try to get on
this medicine so they’re like hey yo we
know you don’t have the money right now
but go I’ll give this to you but you
gotta go hit up ten down the street come
bring you back my twenty don’t think
that klaris isn’t making money even
though you’re not tagged they’re
basically waving or paying your
insurance company your copay we’re
subtracting it from what your insurance
company pays them so yours first
companies still gonna be paying them
they’re just not charging you and if
you’re getting something for free in
your doctor prescribed it yeah you’re
gonna push for it especially something
like TRT where you’re feeling bad okay
while this is not like a shady business
practice but you can see that the
pharmaceutical companies are
well-crafted they know what they’re
doing and they’re basically making it as
easy as possible for you to get on two
tens oh because they know you’re gonna
be on it for life here’s another thing
they know they know that let’s say a
year goes by and you know they’ve cover
they’ll cover up to two thousand dollars
so this was thirty bucks I don’t know
why they’d have a ceiling of two
the maximum benefits they’ll give you on
the jet Enzo go but here’s what they
also know they know that they’re most
likely going to have a rep that talks
for your doctor and their doctor is
gonna be well-versed in jet Enzo so
let’s say twelve months goes by and
you’re like hey Doc the decenzo is okay
but I know that it’s gonna be however
much next month
it’s wondering if maybe we consider
switching over to injections because I
know the 10 ml bottle is real cheap the
insulin syringes are cheap he’s gonna
say to you listen here mister patient
jet ends has been working well for you
you know you’re on the lower end of the
spectrum or maybe you’re at the middle
part of the spectrum and that’s good and
I don’t want to a change your protocol
and give you the ability to have a 10 ml
bottle of testosterone in your house and
deal with those scary needles and as a
matter of fact I actually had dinner
with the reps from klaris just last
night at Ruth’s Chris and they’re
telling me that men are having great
results on jet Enzo and it’s fantastic
so you’re sticking with jet Enzo I don’t
care if it’s three hundred sixty dollars
a month that’s just a made-up number
don’t sydney class so the end of the day
i have no idea how much attends oh it’s
gonna cost but they didn’t make this
medicine for charity and if you have any
past history of the pharmaceutical
industry when we spend lots of money on
research and development and studies and
trials and approvals
yeah they spent some money and they want
to get their money back do you remember
at the beginning of the video I said
there’s a possibility you may not see
just Enzo at your local pharmacy for a
very long time well here’s the reason
for that there’s a company called lipo
scene Inc and they currently hold four
US patents for a some form of a
testosterone pill for TRT and they are
currently suing klaris because as klaris
is in their eyes supposedly infringing
on their patents so along with not being
a doctor and not giving out medical
advice I’m also not an attorney so I
have absolutely no idea how this will
affect the release of j’t Enzo I do know
that pharmaceutical companies usually
have lawyers on staff and they have the
money to back up lawsuits so in
conclusion I feel like jet NZ and zai
ofsted are the pharmaceutical companies
way of taking really old medicine that’s
been proven effective
and creating new fancy delivery systems
in order to make money but the positives
from the trt community could be huge and
the reason I say this is that while they
had a three year exclusivity after that
they don’t have it anymore and people
can make generics of it so they can take
however much it cost and the generics
can come out and you can get it for a
lot cheaper and then you can use the gun
exit to get an even cheaper but I think
the biggest possible benefit I say
possible if klaris actually created some
type of special method of blending
testosterone with something else where
it actually absorbs well in the body and
doesn’t cause liver toxicity this could
lead to drugs that are even better than
jet Enzo I mean they could do something
with sipping aid or an anthe or suss nah
I don’t know but if they can even refine
that process even better at some point
maybe you take one pill a week maybe you
take one pill a day maybe once a month
who knows I mean science advances so
fast that pretty much anything is
possible so that’s gonna wrap it up guys
thank you for watching if you’re
subscribed you’re awesome if you’re not
click on that subscribe button I’d love
to see you back here but as always guys
get your levels tested

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