Calcium D-Glucarate Possible TRT Benefits! E2, LDL, Protein Digestion

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today’s video would normally be shot in
my man cave but since this video
requires a lot of large words and we got
some awesome Chinese cut cheap foam as a
sound proofing technique we’re gonna
give it a shot and see how it turns out
hopefully the audio quality is fantastic
so today we’re gonna be talking about
calcium deep blue Krait I don’t know if
that’s exactly how you say it but it’s
been recommended to me and I’ve seen it
pushed with a good amount in Reddit and
Facebook groups so I thought I would do
some research on it and see if it made
sense to take so this is a supplement
along the same lines as dim and in
theory it’s supposed to help your body
be able to get rid of some excess
estrogen and I’ve got links to the stuff
I’m taking I have links to calcium
mixed with them I personally think
buying them separately makes more sense
from what I saw and the milligrams that
they give you you get more bang for your
buck that way but it’s all listed in the
description so I started reading up on
calcium deep blue curry I was like wow
this sounds like some pretty good stuff
they say there’s no level of toxicity so
it’s really not bad for you any excess
is excreted absolutely to explain this
I’m gonna read this because it’s kind of
a lot and I’m not that smart of a man so
one of the ways the body gets rid of
toxins through a process called
conjugation dirt and conjugation toxins
are packaged into water-soluble
compounds called glue core knives
liqueur knives are meant to pass through
the liver then through the bottle then
to the gut where they are excreted
however high levels of enzyme called
beta glucan I can inhibit this process
this enzyme separates the toxins from a
conjugate bond and allow
to be reabsorbed this allows toxins to
keep circulating in the body where they
may be fat tired and weak they may not
but they probably do so calcium deep
blue Krait prevents beta blue carotid
from disturbing this process
it keeps the toxins bound inside a glue
core 9 which is then removed from the
body toxins are most damaging in their
free form which is why you want them to
be bound / conjugated and released from
the body calcium gluconate inhibits beta
glucuronidase which allows toxins to be
removed calcium gluconate is absorbed in
the intestine and converted into a
molecule that inhibits inhibits beta
glucan glucuronidase g’s to possibly
increase elimination of toxic substances
for examples rats that were exposed to
carcinogens instead calcium gluconate
had a slower onset of tumor development
and smaller number of tumors than rats
that were not fed calcium D glue crave
calcium gluconate also increases
estrogen elimination which may reduce
estrogen levels in the body this is why
a lot of people recommended this and
I’ve seen post on this in these
different four hours this explains its
use as supportive care among estrogen
sensitive breast cancer patients however
positive results in animal studies do
not always be that you’re gonna get the
same results and use in addition no
clinical trials have been done to see if
it actually does lower estrogen so some
other things that they say it can do and
I’m sure there are some studies I
couldn’t find very many and I can just
find basic articles anyway so they’re
saying that it can decrease your LDL
cholesterol which is something that
rises up when you’re on trt it can
assist in protein digestion remove
toxins and excess
after June so when I saw this some way
okay I mean I don’t know how well it
works but a lot of people are saying
that decreases your LDL and removes
excess estrogen and also helps with
protein digestion and I read an article
on blog from some god I was taking this
and he said one of the reasons he was
attracted to it is that he works out and
eats a lot of protein now apparently
protein when it’s processed in the body
a lot of it can produce ammonia and if
you smelled ammonia it’s probably not
good to have a whole lot of it in your
body so he takes this to help with
estrogen and also to help with that
protein digestion so I was like wow this
stuff does pretty much three things that
would help me lower my LDL helped with
protein and lower semester gene so I got
some I got something yesterday and
you’re supposed to take two of these a
day which is a total of 1000 milligrams
they said that’s kind of like a standard
detox dose and some people go higher
than that but I’m gonna stick with 1000
right now and I’ve also got mine drinkin
got another pretty good video on this
coming out this stuff I didn’t think it
was it worked as well as it did but
anyway anyway that’s a whole other video
but so take these bad boys cause it’s
about time might as well do it on camera
Wow feel yesterday my body I feel oh wow
that’s fantastic
I’m considering doing an experiment and
let me know in the comments if you want
me to do this experiment today is
Thursday for me so I’m going to be
injecting 100 milligrams of test 500 I
use of HCG right my buck fat and I’m
considering not taking my normal dose
Arimidex which is one milligram per week
split in two doses for two weeks and
report back on if this stuff actually
does anything and I would have done this
with dim but I heard mixed stuff about
dim I’ve heard good and bad not that it
was like it was bad for you or you
synthos but it just didn’t lower
estrogen for some people but I’ve heard
a lot more positive stuff about calcium
v Glu curry so I thought hey it’s like
17 bucks or something for 60 days so I
was like nine bucks a month
I’ll give it I’ll give it a shot it’s a
little bit more expensive than other
decks and the red gum attacks but hey if
this is a natural thing and it actually
does help toxins get out of my body
lowers my LDL helps with protein
digestion and lowers my estrogen levels
sound like a win-win to me if it works
which I don’t know so once again let me
know in the comments so we’ll finish
this out in one study calcium deep blue
Krait was able to reduce the number of
estrogen receptors by 48 percent it has
also been shown to lower serum estrogen
levels by 23% keep in mind this sentence
that I just read I don’t know if it’s
for rats or for humans so keep that in
mind this is not medical device remember
I’m not a doctor I got a Corvette Racing
sure I have Chinese phone behind me so
do your own research
they say normal detox dose is five
hundred to a thousand milligrams a day
people with high estrogen may benefit
from taking as much as thirty thousand
to forty five hundred milligrams of dead
ask your doctor before adding any
supplement to your regimen ask your
doctor don’t ask me
calcium gluconate can interact with
alcohol and some other drugs that after
the liberal extend so if you have any
medicines or alcohol let’s be careful
and consult your doctor I’ll put links
up at links to these studies in the
description as well so if you want to do
some research so this was on rats it was
also shown that purified diets
containing calcium big blue Krait or
potassium hydrogen and glue tree marks
lowered serum levels of cholesterol and
female sprog dollar ass sprout dolly rat
I don’t know that existed that’s pretty
saying that it’s brought Dolly the
calcium the glue creates reduced total
serum cholesterol Morasca up to 14% and
lowered LDL cholesterol by 35% but had
no effect on HDL cholesterol these sites
provide a starting point for further
studies on the mechanism was calcium D
glue create lower serum cholesterol so
that’s pretty cool
so there you have some healthy rats this
is just another one it’s not really
related to estrogen or any of the other
stuff but let’s just see what said so
for the first time it showed that
feeding rats calcium the glue creates
supplement to diet after treatment with
the carcinogens inhibited tumor
development by over 70% supportive
evidence is presented that for the
theory that calcium DQ curry or inhibits
were delays the promotion phase of
memory carcinogen carcinogenesis by
lowering and adjust levels of estrogen
all and precursors of k17 Keo steroids
but these are diffracts so you know
there’s not a lot of studies on this you
know this is and if this is gonna be
studied it’s gonna be studied in women
and it’s gonna be studied for cancer and
it’s gonna be because when women or men
get breast cancer or certain cancers
that are sensitive to hormones they
usually give them some type of medicine
that removes estrogen which is a little
bit ex tamoxifen nodaks and possibly
calcium dechlorinate so I mean that’s if
it works the way a lot of these studies
are saying I mean I think it could be a
pretty good supplement out in or try to
see if it works for you but once again
this is not medical advice consult your
doctor I know a lot of people in the TRT
community are are very against Arimidex
or aromasin because they’re poison and
they make your bones brittle and all
that and they met it we don’t really
know every medicine had a side effects
of some kind
so if calcium deep blue Krait does all
the stuff that it does the lowering LDL
and helping with digestion of protein
helping with toxins helping with tumor
growth and all that good stuff and helps
lower your estrogen be fantastic natural
supplement for a TRT regimen once
yeah I have to try this I can’t
necessarily recommend this I can just
say that I have seen a lot of people say
positive stuff about this so I think
that’s it for the video guys let me know
if the phone worked it was 17 bucks so
it’s gotta be good stuff I mean it’s
bone 17 bucks for phone column using
high quality phone so anyway guys thanks
for watching so close yet so far away so
anyway guys thanks for watching
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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