Free Testosterone VS Total Testosterone – What You Need to Know for Low Testosterone!

what’s going on guys welcome to the
texture levels channel today we’re going
to cover the difference between free
testosterone and total testosterone one
is much more important than the other
let’s get into it so one of the most
common tests that doctors order when a
man expresses concern about having low
testosterone and that is total
testosterone and usually my doctor did
the exact same thing only thing it’s my
blood test was total testosterone if
your doctor only orders a total
testosterone test when you’ve raised
concern about low testosterone it’s
probably a good sign that you need to
find a new doctor because they’re not
very educated and even if they do
prescribe btrt they’re probably gonna
give you a bad protocol which is just
gonna cause more issues going down the
road so total test is still important
because it shows how much actual
testosterone you have in your body but
it doesn’t tell the whole story you can
have a pretty decent total testosterone
level but still have all the symptoms of
low testosterone but how can this be I
mean if you’ve got a good total
testosterone number how could you
possibly have the symptoms or have low
testosterone so there’s something in
your body called SHBG which stands for
sexual hormone binding globulin and what
this does is it binds to your
testosterone in your body and when your
shb gets too high too much of your
testosterone is bound up and your body
can’t use it I have a video on
shbg if you want to learn more it’s
right up there click click so if you
have a high FSH BG and you should be
getting that tested if you’re think you
have a look at testosterone what happens
is that SHBG binds up to too much of
your testosterone and not enough of it
is available for your body to use and
that’s why you are having the symptoms
of low testosterone and this is why you
can have a good total testosterone
number and your doctor’s like hey you’ve
got a four hundred testosterone range
you’re good but without seeing your free
testosterone you don’t really know how
much testosterone for your body to
actually use
that’s why free testosterone
is more important than total
testosterone and like I said if your
doctor is only giving that total
testosterone test and coming back at 400
days tell him you’re good he doesn’t
have the full story you could have high
shbg and you could have a really low
free testosterone number so think about
it like this so let’s say you have a
$100,000 annuity but you’re only getting
$1,000 a month from the financial
company and you can’t pay your bills
well that’s not good and that’s the cool
of having low testosterone in this
example the $100,000 is your total
testosterone you have the money so that
thousand dollars a month is your free
testosterone so you have the cash but
you’re only able to use a little bit at
atonic not enough you need to pay all
your bills
now the SHBG is your financial company
that’s locking up that money and not
giving you enough money each month to be
able to pay your bills or enough
testosterone that your body can actually
use to do what it needs to do so you can
feel good so wrap up the video you know
the basic things that you need to get
checked if you’re thinking that you have
low testosterone is total testosterone
free testosterone estrogen with a
sensitive e to test and your SHBG you
can also throw in FSH and LH which is
follicle stimulating hormone and
luteinizing hormone those two will let
you know if your testicles are producing
enough testosterone or if they’re not
getting the signal to produce
testosterone so overall what we’ve
learned today is that total testosterone
does not give you a full picture of why
you may be feeling symptoms of low
testosterone free testosterone is
probably the most important number that
you need to look at and if your doctors
giving you a hard time about getting a
free testosterone test which you’re
paying for it’s a really good sign you
need to find a new doctor because even
if he does prescribe you TRT it’s gonna
be a bad time so thanks for watching the
video guys if you found it informative
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