HCG / Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Guide For Men on TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy

welcome to the touch clothes Channel
today we’re going to cover HCG or human
chorionic gonadotropin try to say that
three times fast now HCG was actually used from about
2006 to 2011 as a weight-loss drug for
women and the idea behind it was that
they were injecting this pregnancy
hormone it would tell their body that
they were pregnant and it would help
them the body release calories more
freely now in 2011 the FDA jumped in and
they basically said no we’re not having
clinics just prescribe HCG we’re not
having over-the-counter HCG products it
hasn’t been proven to lose weight in
women so it’s banned for that but it
does have an important part in TRT so
when men inject HCG what it basically
does is it stimulates the lead excels in
your testicles and the lead excel’s are
the ones that produce testosterone so
the HCG tells leading cells to start
producing testosterone now HCG can be
used as a mono therapy meaning just by
itself to see if it can help raise the
man’s testosterone levels to a good
level but it’s also mainly used in
conjunction with testosterone to help
Meg preserve their fertility and to keep
their testicles from shrinking or
atrophy because when you inject outside
testosterone your body gets the signal
that it has enough and then it doesn’t
need to produce anymore so the testicles
don’t really have much to do so they
shrink down atrophy and men take HCG so
that they can keep the testicles the
same size or close to it and also
preserve fertility while on TRT so some
of the side effects of HCG are headache
restlessness irritability fatigue
depression swelling of the feet ankles
gynecomastia and a little bit of
at the site of the injection one thing
to note that ACG does raise your
estrogen levels so if you’re taking
testosterone and HCG you may have
elevated estrogen levels higher than you
would if you were just taking
testosterone because testosterone
aromatize –is and to estrogen not all
of it but some of that so HCG is
different than a lot of other medicines
HCG has to be injected doesn’t come in a
pill form and it has a very short shelf
life of 30 to 60 days you can also not
just walk into ending on the pharmacy
and pick up HCG it almost always has to
come from a compounding pharmacy which
make medicines to order so when you get
HCG from a compounding pharmacy you will
usually get a 10 ml vial of the powder
which is life and eyes which means it’s
HCG but it’s made into a powder form to
preserve its shelf life until you use it
and you’ll also get 10 ml of
bacteriostatic water water that inhibits
the growth of bacteria and you’re
usually going to syringe so this trips
up a lot of men because when you’re
dealing with these two sealed bottles
you’re dealing with air pressure so the
way I like to do it but always follow
the instructions is all usually take 3
ml of water inject it into the bottle of
HCG I will let the plunger come back
because that pressure is going to push
it that and then I’m going to extract 3
milliliters of air and pull the needle
out then I’m going to take that back
into the water put the pressure back
into the air the air pressure take three
more MLS inject it into the HCG let the
plunger come back if it does it all pull
out for this time put it back in the me
get to the water inject the air and then
pull the remaining 4 milliliters off
inject that into the HCG see if there’s
any pressure and then I usually just let
the HCG sit there’s a lot of people say
if you swirl it around and you shake it
up you can mess up the HCG I’m not a
scientist I’m not a chemist I don’t know
the exact method as to why that’s bad
for it but I normally just let it sit
and here’s the most important part a do
not freeze HCG and do not leave it
counter or accountant HCG needs to be
refrigerated if it is not refrigerated
it will lose its potency extremely fast
and you’ll waste about $100 of HCG so
always keep it in the refrigerator at
all times if you’re traveling they have
diabetic insulin needle kits that
actually have coolers built into them so
you can use something like that if
you’re traveling with HCG a dosages of
HCG vary greatly it’s usually between
200 by use a week or a thousand to 1500
I use per week I’m not here to talk
about dosages you need to do what your
doctor prescribes you and work with them
now one interesting thing about HCG is
some people believe that if you take HCG
at levels higher than a thousand or 800
for long periods of time you can
permanently desensitize your leading
cells which will make it so you will
never produce testosterone again I have
not come off of TRT so I can’t attest to
this I know a lot of men have done it
successfully after taking HCG for a good
amount of time but if that’s something
that concerns you and you’re just trying
TRT I would definitely do a lot of
research and talk to your doctor about
this so thanks for watching guys I hope
you found the video informative if you
can take anything away from this keep
your HCG in the refrigerator don’t
freeze it don’t put it in a cabinet put
it in the refrigerator that’s where it
lives so if you found this video
informative a like is always appreciated
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watching you’re awesome
as always get your levels tested

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