SARMS Overview / Are SARMS the Future of Testosterone Replacement Therapy / TRT? Could future SARMS be a possible low testosterone treatment? Could SARMS possibly treat TRT?

what’s going on guys test your levels
here with Eddie the Eagle and today
we’re going to talk about something a
little different we’re gonna talk about
something called Psalms and if you’ve
ever heard of Club it or take included
you’ve taken saunas little sister which
are CERN’s if all the bells you manage
sarbs is short for selective androgen
receptor modulators and to sum it up
real quickly they’re basically chemicals
that bind to your androgen receptors and
kind of act as testosterone sarbs were
originally created to act as androgen
receptors and to help people with muscle
wasting obesity and some other things
SARS originally were created in the
1940s and what these pharmaceutical
companies did was they kind of broke off
a little piece of testosterone and
started making different compounds based
on that and back then they were
considered steroidal because they were
still like a kind of a form of
testosterone in the past 20-some odd
years these pharmaceutical companies
have been able to create storm’s that
are not sterile so they’re not based on
testosterone but they still act kind of
like testosterone in the body one of the
reasons I wanted to make this video is
not because I want you to rush out and
get saunas because while they’re not
illegal they are not approved for
medical use and you’ll see on every one
of these bottles it says for research
purposes only and the reason for that is
there’s very little clinical information
on Soren’s
both short-term and long-term now the
studies that have been done haven’t been
very promising most people can tolerate
them very well they’re lower in side
effects than a lot of other common
medicines and they seem to be very
effective but they are research
chemicals research chemicals so they’re
not for human use so don’t ever takes
arms no one should ever takes arms
I’ve never taken storms maybe I’ve taken
SARS once but that’s a different video
reason I’m creating this video it’s not
so you could rush out and gets arms and
try to get jacked well I think it’s many
many years away I think eventually we’ll
be able to take some time
SARM that goes into the body and
recreates or mimics testosterone in a
way where men feel good and don’t have
to inject testosterone I find it really
interesting that these not medicines
research chemicals can go into your body
and they’re not really attacked by the
liver so they’re very potent that go
into your body they find certain
androgen receptors and they bind to them
and they mimic testosterone in the
workout version of this these chemicals
they grab onto your androgen receptors
and they start telling your body to grow
more muscle which is really interesting
and this is why lots of bodybuilders
have toned down their testosterone use
and have added sarbs in lots of them of
really good results but I’m really
hoping one day that we’ll be able to
just take a pill and it’s not gonna have
any side effects like testosterone and
men are just gonna be able to feel
I guarantee you it’s gonna come out from
a massive pharmaceutical company it’s
probably crazy expensive but eventually
as the years go by
it’ll probably a very common medicine
and be generic and be cheap every
pharmaceutical company is working on
some form of SARS right now because they
realize how profitable it would be to
develop a pill with very little side
effects that help people gain muscle not
for weight lifting or body building or
any of that but for people that have
cancer and you know shedding tons of
weight they take two pills a day and now
they start putting on muscle again which
can help them go through chemotherapy
now there’s lots of different things
that this could help with you know older
people who are losing muscle having hard
time walking there’s a lot of different
stuff but trust me they see the
potential in this and they see the money
in this so they’re pumping out a lot of
money and research into this category
and I just wanted to make you aware of
it now there are some ongoing FDA trials
I cannot find them but I’ve been told on
a couple different websites that they’re
FDA trials that are going on right now
for different forms of sonics and I’m
really hoping that the results are very
good because this will move other
companies or all these companies to
really push harder and to do a lot more
research into these songs right now we
don’t have a song that you can just take
mimicks like trt but hopefully one day
we will as you can expect storms a pill
that you can take that can increase
muscle and a bunch of other stuff that’s
used for athletics it’s banned and
pretty much every sporting you know
organization NFL the Olympics all that
good stuff it’s banned in all of them so
pretty much know it works
so since arms are not available you know
through prescription and they’re not
sold by big companies they’re sold by
small companies that sell these online
and they’re not always real in fact
there is a report that I don’t know who
did it but they bought a bunch of them
online and 53% of them are fake that’s a
big issue it’s not a regulated industry
and they’re sold as research chemicals
so they don’t even have to put like FDA
they don’t have to put what’s in it they
don’t put any of that stuff because it’s
a research chemical and you’re not
supposed to take it and they’re selling
it to you as if you’re a scientist and
you’re doing you know medical research
on rats and stuff you know companies
like jacked pharmaceutical and you know
swole pharmacology you know they’re
selling use their research chemicals so
be very careful they’ll never takes arms
never not even once so another reason to
be very careful about SARS is in that
study that they did a report where they
bought a bunch of them and tested on 39
percent of them had other stuff that was
not supposed to be in there so a bottle
of rag 140 had some other performance
and hand using stuff that you don’t know
what it is so you’re basically rolling
the dice but a the Eagle doesn’t like
rolling the dice he likes sure bats so
I’m their review a little excerpt from
one of the studies that Glaxo climbed it
on one of their storms and I the name of
it’s pretty weird and I couldn’t find
like if there was an equivalent or you
know a more common name for it so this
may be a completely different song than
the ones that I’m gonna go through in a
minute consistent with other Psalms and
androgenic steroids dosing with GSK two
eight eight one zero seven eight
produced reversible reductions and
levels of testosterone men this was also
matched by reductions in SHBG but not
with clinical significance
at FSH LH estradiol or progesterone the
mechanism of testosterone suppression is
not fully understood particularly in the
context of unchanged luteinizing hormone
preclinical studies with this sign
confirmed that the compound crosses the
blood-brain barrier
but unlike testosterone it does not to
appear to influence hypothalamic
pituitary access to decrease LH
secretion we also said in that study
that in men and women for like 58 days
and everyone tolerated it very well
there were very minimal side effects
they all gain muscle women being a
little more sensitive to it than men and
they all they all gain muscle no real
side-effects but it did suppress their
testosterone most of the men so did show
most Psalms are somewhat suppressive so
if you were to ever take a song you know
something on hand to help kick back your
body’s production of it would probably
be a good idea but you should never take
them because it’s a research chemical so
I’m gonna go through some of the
different Psalms that exist and these
have been around for a little while but
and they are actually sold in like GN
C’s type shops back in the day but over
the past year a lot of them have pulled
them off their shelves there’s some
talks of the FDA basically banning them
and making them illegal which is just
gonna make them more expensive and more
counterfeited and well yeah we’re not
going into that because we’re never
taking sarbs because they’re bad so
these first three are pretty much the
most popular they have the most research
done on them which is still very minimal
but I’m just going to go through some
little excerpts I got from a website
that kind of gives you an idea of what
they’re designed to do LGD 4 0 3 3
ligand draw is a very effective sorry
when it comes to building lean muscle
it’s able to pack on a significant
amount of muscle within a short period
of time
this makes looking tall perfect for
bulking but it’s also good for cutting
especially when you are consuming fewer
calories it’ll help you preserve muscle
and strength anecdotal experiences tell
us that the recommended dosage is
anywhere from 5 to 10 milligrams per day
route 140 also known as test alone is
very comparable to actual steroids
despite it being a SARM it is considered
have steroid like results the first
thing you’ll notice from experimenting
with tests alone are increased strength
aggression and muscle mass I don’t agree
with aggression but it’s recommended to
start off with a low doses of rad 40
preferably 10 milligrams a day
m’kay two eight six six also known as
Austrian can be used for cutting bulking
and recom pin it’s very good at
preserving muscle mass and even building
muscle you’ll mainly see people using
this during a caloric deficit austrane
helps them stay strong despite consuming
little calories it’s the most research
song by far and the recommended dosage
is anywhere from 10 to 30 milligrams a
day so you can tell by these names rad
140m k2 eight six six these are research
chemicals so that was more of just
excerpts kind of more on the
bodybuilding side of Psalms I feel like
they will have an impact on TRT at some
point they don’t just go in and just
kind of float around and do whatever you
know they kind of have a purpose they go
into your body they attach to a
particular type of androgen receptor and
make that antigen receptor think that
there’s androgens on it and do what it
does most of the time building muscle
but there are also other aspects to it
so I really hope that the pharmaceutical
companies do a lot of research on this
because I think it’s it’s all the future
of TRT at some point I really hope that
one day you can go out to Walmart and
pick up Tyl 6 9 6 9 and you take a pill
in the morning and boom you feel
fantastic you don’t have to inject
testosterone it doesn’t affect your
estrogen levels it doesn’t turn off your
boys and their swimmers and that’d be
really cool but we’re far from that at
this point but it’s nice to see that
there are a lot out there already that
they are doing research on to see if
this is something that they can do you
know I think initially they’re going to
it’s going to come out for muscle
wasting and for you know gaining weight
for chemotherapy patients and stuff like
that but I think as the research
continues its gonna start to develop
where we have basically a pill that can
be TRT and not just anza
which is just undec initely and some guy
actually come to my video on that he
said he called up his local pharmacy in
Chicago they wanted 800 bucks for a 30
day supply of j’t Enzo 800 bucks you
know any bottles of sip I can get for
that get 20 miles of sip anyway guys
thanks for watching I know this video is
a little different than what I normally
do but I do want to branch out a little
bit and I do think this is gonna have an
impact on trt at some point so thanks
for watching if you like what you saw
and you want to see some more click on
that subscribe button
as always your awesome and get your
levels tested and don’t takes arms
they’re not Eddie the Eagle approved

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