Is HCG Being Banned in the United States?

what’s going on guys tester wells here
thanks for watching today we’re going to
talk about whether HCG is being banned
in the US but first before labonz you’ve
managed so I’ve seen this question pop
up quite a few times on reddit and in
Facebook groups basically what people
are asking is if HCG is being banned in
the United States and will give into it
it’s a little complicated so the FDA has
a list of drugs that they consider
biologics and what they have done is on
March 23rd they’re adding a bunch of new
medicines into the biologics category
one of them being HCG another two of
them that may affect you is follicle
stimulating hormone and human menopausal
gonadotropin so these three medicines
along with like insulin and a bunch of
ones that I have no idea what they are
are being considered biologics on March
23rd what that means is that if you are
a pharmacy a compounding pharmacy that
creates HCG and delivers it to commerce
basically being able to ship it to
customers you have to have a special
biologics license so in essence these
pharmacies that are making HCG and
shipping them out have to get a new FDA
license I don’t know all the exact
details of this license but my guess is
that it cost money that comes with more
scrutiny I’m sure they’re subject to
like checkups and make sure the medicine
is exactly what it says it is and all
that good stuff but basically it creates
a lot more government regulation for
compounding pharmacies if you’re getting
your HCG from a smaller compounding
pharmacy there’s a very good chance that
they’re not going to be able to make HCG
anymore so I called a couple pharmacies
to see if they are going to continue
making HCG after this happen if they
were going to apply for this license the
first one I called was empower and they
told me that they are they’re getting
that license they’re gonna keep making
HCG I called another company called
Wells compounding pharmacy they said
that they plan to use up the rest of
their HCG and then not sell it any more
and what was interesting
when I was on hold they were listing all
the different medicines and all the
stuff that they do and HCG was one that
was mentioned but apparently you know
they don’t sell enough of it or they’re
not big enough or they just don’t want
the government oversight that comes with
this biologic license to make it
worthwhile to get to keep making HCG so
overall what’s really gonna happen is
that the smaller pharmacies or
pharmacies that don’t want to deal with
the FDA you know coming in and knocking
on their door and saying hey show us
your HCG show us its purity show us how
much you bought how much you sold how
much all that good stuff they’re
basically just not going to do HCG
anymore and they’re not to be doing FSH
they’re not be doing HMG and they’re not
going to doing insulin so while this
isn’t a huge deal you’re still going to
be able to get HCG there’s a couple
things that feel are going to happen
with less pharmacies being able to
compound HCG FSH and hng there’s going
to be a few large compounding pharmacies
that are the only ones that you can get
this from and what usually happens in
business when there’s just one or two
places that you can get something you
know that the demands there and the
supplies there but it can only come from
two people the price is gonna go up why
because you need it and you can’t get
anywhere else it’s just like your cable
company you may have me a satellite and
you may have cable but those are the
only two options you have so when they
jack up that bill fifteen bucks every
year what are you gonna do you should
cut the cord but anyway that’s for
another video but basically it’s just
bringing a lot more government oversight
to these compounding pharmacies no one’s
ever had issues with HCG no one’s ever
had issues with FSH these compounding
pharmacies aren’t just you know
willy-nilly doing whatever they want I
mean they are they’re delivering what
their customers are ordering through
their prescriptions
I mean empower has done a pretty good
job I used them before when I was at the
clinic never had any issues so I don’t
really see why we need this government
oversight over just normal medicines I’m
sure there’s some reasoning behind it
but at the end of the day it’s probably
just gonna make your HCG more expensive
so that’s pretty much it guys you know
they’re not banning it they’re just
making it so that these compounding
pharmacies have to
more oversight probably spend more money
and probably pay for a pretty expensive
license in order to make some normal
medicine like HCG that no one abuses
because it doesn’t mess you up it
doesn’t get you jacked it just helps you
boys and helps keep everything going
while you’re on CRT and some people even
use it for mono therapy because they
don’t want to start trt yet they want to
kick their system into high gear see if
they can you know get those higher
testosterone levels taking a pretty
harmless medicine but the government
doesn’t like that for some odd reason
they feel it needs to be way more
heavily regulated and so they’re gonna
cut down the amount of people that could
compound HCG and probably reduce the
price so thanks for watching guys that’s
gonna wrap it up if you’re new here
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last chance but thanks for watching guys
HCG not bad just probably be more
expensive but thanks for watching you’re
awesome and get you a little test today

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