Why Don’t I Feel Better After Starting TRT? TRT Effects Over Time? How does it take to feel better on TRT? How long does it take to feel the full benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

what’s going on guys test your levels
here wanted to cover a subject that I
see acid up daily on social media and
it’s when am I gonna start feeling TRT
you when is this symptom gonna go away
when is this symptom gonna go away when
is it bla bla bla bla and I see this
every day and I think what people don’t
realize is that testosterone well it’s a
medicine that we use in TRT it is a
hormone in your body it’s not like
taking a pill that’s going to do
something crazy and change your brain
and it works you know within 30 minutes
take tylenol 30 minutes later you don’t
have a headache hormones don’t work like
that and if you follow the channel for a
little while hormones all interact with
each other so when you just fix one you
know in a day or two it’s not gonna fix
all the rest and it takes a long time
for the body to adjust
you’re all abolishing them
and they may not ever be fixed what did
you say fixing one hormone in your body
while it is super important and like I
said hormones all play off each other
they’re things like edie anxiety there
are so many different factors that come
into that that there’s no guarantee that
just by giving your testosterone levels
normal is going to fix so many other
factors that go into that so let’s up in
my office and I’m going to show you some
of the stuff so before we start I’m
going to show you some questions I
copied and pasted off of Reddit just to
give you an idea of some of the
questions that we see in this group
pretty much every day and one of them is
kind of funny but three weeks in not
much of an effect twenty-three year old
male levels for 308 my dads are in the
high eight hundreds on 50 milligrams
once a week however I haven’t noticed a
difference at all really I don’t know
the dose is somewhat low from what I’ve
read but I did also test in the normal
should I have noticed a difference by
now everywhere I read said they felt
results instantly which is not true for
weeks on tests and my fourth leeet’s
obsidian aid I’m having trouble seeing
pretty much my life other than maybe two
morning things I still brain fog and
haven’t had whatever in about two months
and about twin months or more my 100
milligrams week injection I was tested
at two 56:34 should I felt improving my
now is my dose to small five injections
so far no change in how I’m feeling it
I’m doing 100 milligrams a week I gained
a little weight which said extreme
joints my muscles and haven’t felt a
whole lot different so it’s a start of
the fifth week and maybe I’m being
impatient but I was hoping I’d feel
something right now my first injection
didn’t went in I have self injected test
CSUN cue the first time I didn’t felt
the oil going into the skin I have some
loose skin after weight lost my Bentley
it could this maybe be the problem so he
did an injection and he didn’t feel the
testosterone going in or he didn’t felt
it and he’s wondering if he messed up I
don’t know do I need a restart do I need
to go and restart protocol if I want to
quit TRT two shots in two shots 70
milligram week and HCG is the protocol
that I followed so this guy a little bit
impatient he did two shots didn’t feel
good and now I want to know if he needs
to run PCT because
he’s coming off TRT sick of felix of
horrible on trt start nine weeks ago no
improvement in any my symptoms a TD and
non-existent libido for nearly five
this guy really just thinks that trt is
just going to fix that we’ll get into
that fact all the way we’re still in the
tense mood and emotional problems strong
depression even lower self-esteem
heightened anxiety intense brain fog I
mean he’s not a miracle fix all
duct-tape medicine you know if you have
extreme depression and you have all this
stuff you know it can help but it’s no
guarantee we should go stupid
my husband started Android or patches
three weeks ago a couple days in he
actually felt great see the fact like
himself again but it didn’t last he’s
had maybe one or two other days like
that but it has blasted his anxieties
got worse that’s a mental thing and he
had his first panic attack so in three
weeks and test I was having an anxiety
attack and now his wife thinks that he’s
getting worse she’s actually somewhat
smart based on the post it seems like
changes for the better can take a couple
of weeks to a few months actually a
little bit longer we’ll get into that
this one’s interesting first impressions
of TRT started my therapy last week I’m
noticing little changes when I look in
the mirror I’m not as disgusted with
myself as I used to be that can see the
positives I didn’t need a cup of coffee
this morning I was up and out and ready
for a workout my workout felt more
intense I was able to labor you have
more effectively and I was able to do
upper body sets two weeks into sub-q and
I still feel the same when should I
start to see slight improvements will
sub-q take longer than I on maybe by a
day or two and that’s all we have for
reddit so those are just some examples
of some of the questions that we see you
know people are expecting you know this
instant change and you know on two weeks
and you know what’s going on with my IDI
how come it’s not fixed I’m still
depressed I’m two weeks in and I’m still
depressed guys
TRT is my miracle so I thought the tape
like you’ve already said it it takes a
lot of time you know for certain things
and I’m going
put some charts up here and I’m going to
show you this I’m going to read this
first the effects on sexual interest
appear after three weeks plateauing at
six weeks with no further increments
expected beyond that I don’t personally
agree with us no further but hey this is
just what some of the studies have shown
changes in ya may require up to six
months up to six months so you just did
your second shot and you still have not
issue it could take up to six months be
this is a treatment it’s not just taking
one pill and you’re just gonna feel
instantly better you know your body has
to adjust when you start getting the
right levels of testosterone other
things start changing this takes time be
patient guys be patient the effects on
quality of life manifest within three to
four weeks but maximum benefits take
longer maximum benefits take longer
effects on depressive mood can become
detectable after three to six weeks with
a maximum after eighteen to thirty weeks
eighteen to thirty weeks long time be
patient so when you’re in month one and
you’re freaking out because all your
symptoms aren’t gone refer to the stuff
it takes a while for your body to adjust
changes in fat with mass lean body mass
and muscle strength occur within six to
twelve weeks
stabilized at six through twelve months
but can marginally continue over the
years and fun fact when guys run cycles
let’s say someone’s just starting
they’re running you know five hundred
milligrams of tests and anthe for 12
weeks usually in the first month they
just gained a bunch of water weight but
not really gaining much muscle and then
in months two and thirty is where
they’ll really start to put on muscle so
think about it they’re running 500
milligrams a week which is either five
times more two and a half times more
than what most guys do on trt so imagine
they’re taking a crazy amount of tests
not crazy but they’re taking a large
amount of tests and it really takes them
a month before they start going muscle
and you’re expecting it to fix your
anxiety your IDI your brain fog and all
that stuff within like a month so just
keep that in mind I can’t stress this
enough guys this is a treatment that
takes time stop freaking out stop
thinking you’re gonna be fixed overnight
that’s for used to that or used to that
from the pharmaceutical companies we’re
used to taking a pill and feeling better
Tess is a little bit different this is a
hormone this is not some man-made
freakin thing that comes out of a lab
that changes stuff in your brain or
whatever it does you know this is a
hormone and your hormones take time to
adjust alright so I’m gonna show you
some charts here and they’re small so
they’re probably look like trash on
screen but I’m gonna try to angle in
here so I can read these so increase
muscle strength from when they tested
three weeks in they started testing and
they notice that at week 12 increased
muscle strength increased lean mass at
12 weeks as well now we have decreased
waist circumference that took 24 weeks
so eight months increased exercise
capacity that was back at 12 weeks
increased bone mineral density 36 months
three years guys and decreased waist to
hip ratio 28 29 weeks so you can see
guys i mean this chart goes up to three
years so you can’t expect everything to
be fixed in like the first month you
gotta give it time be patient be patient
it’ll work promise so this one Edie
they started off measuring at week three
and it can take up to 52 weeks just up
to a year next one a number of a week
we’ve got an improvement at 29 weeks 30
weeks and then we have morning yeah
that’s about six weeks so if you’re a
month in you don’t have that give it
another week up their activity we’ve got
here three months we’re starting to see
a trend interest in designer six week so
a lot of the you know feeling and urges
and stuff like that happen within about
six weeks but everyone’s different so
don’t freak out if you’re not feeling
any different in you know eight weeks
give it some time
satisfaction with their
you know activities three months three
months so I’m not gonna say it again
I’ve said it a bunch now this is an
interesting one so this is showing you
know some different markers that are
using blood so PSA usually will shoot up
if it does in you know three to six
months and then it will usually taper
author’s day or stay pretty steady and
then hematocrit and hemoglobin between
three and 12 months and prostate volume
12 months to up to two years so you’re
seeing the amount these timeframes
they’re not in weeks they’re on a days
there are months and they’re in years
just say and we got one more this one’s
interesting insulin sensitivity it seems
to you know start about three months in
and takes about a year for it to fully
change and fasting glucose takes almost
two years years years guys you know I
just wanted to make this video so any
guys out there if you’re in month two
and three and you know it hasn’t fully
fixed you you know give it some time and
stop focusing on your symptoms too much
I mean already feeling overall better do
you feel like more like a man that’s
really the key indicator a key indicator
but you know what I’m saying
you can’t just start trt and just expect
all your symptoms to just go away like I
said it edie anxiety being tired brain
fog all that stuff yes those are
symptoms of piloti but there are also
symptoms with a lot of other stuff
anxiety can be caused by chemical
imbalances in the brain that
testosterone may not fix you know easy
because psychological can be physical it
can be hormone related so just because
you fixed one of those thirty doesn’t
necessarily mean that’s other two aren’t
causing that issue for you and even
anxiety because by fifty different
things so you can’t just look at it and
say wow
trxye for two months I still have
anxiety I’ve been on it for almost two
and I still get anxiety that’s just the
way it is that’s the world we live in
you know life’s stressful I mean it
sucks and I think people are having more
anxiety these days because of the
internet and how much they work and the
family life and you know everything
there’s just so much going on but anyway
I don’t want to rant guys I just wanted
to sum up give the treatment time stop
freaking out stop overthinking it I
think so many guys try to overthink TRT
and because they see like bodybuilders
and it’s all about testosterone and
these guys are jacked and Wow now I’m
injecting text I mean I’m just gonna be
a freak animal you know I’m gonna wake
up rock-hard I’m just going in I’m
kicking ass I’m taking names I’m gonna
feel like a million dollars and you can
and you may just remember you’re taking
TRT to get your levels into normal range
you’re not taking it to be juiced out of
your mind all the way to Peter and just
you know have tons of tests flowing
through your body and you’re just going
nuts and just feeling crazy you’re
trying to get back to being normal
normal yes if you have low testosterone
getting normal make you feel better
but it’s not going to fix your life it
may not fix all of your symptoms body’s
a very complicated thing guys very
complicated sometimes certain things
break and it’s not because of hormones
so stick to your protocol get dialed in
focus on being a better you go to the
gym eat better work hard love your
family and continue being awesome so
thanks for watching guys I hope you
found this informative if you want to
keep watching some other videos click on
that subscribe button as always your
awesome get your levels tested and be

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