What to Test, How to prepare for Blood Tests for accurate results or low Testosterone Results

what’s going on guys test your levels
today we are going to be doing a video
on some of the things that I feel you
should get out of blood test if you’re
thinking that you need to get on TRT I’m
going to cover how to get accurate
results on the blood test and I’m also
going to cover something that I’m
probably gonna need my good friend
medical disclaimer for so there’s a
whole list of things that you can get
tested for if you’re thinking about
going on TRT or thinking that you need
trt but these are just some of the ones
that I definitely think you need there
are some other cases where you have to
get other tests done but this is my list
of things that you definitely need to
get done first one is testosterone and
free testosterone these are very
important free testosterone is actually
more important because that’s the
testosterone that your body can use in
everyday life the next one is estrogen
estrogen and testosterone have a
symbiotic type relationship and you
definitely need to know what your
estrogen level is the best test to get
is sensitive eetu that’s the most
accurate for men shbg is a very
important one at sexual hormone binding
globulin that is something that grabs
onto your testosterone and that’s why
you’ll have total testosterone and free
testosterone free testosterone is
basically the testosterone in your body
that’s not bound up by
shbg vitamin D is another one if you’re
deficient in vitamin D taking a vitamin
D supplement can actually help raise
your testosterone levels so that’s
definitely a good one to get just to see
if maybe you’re deficient in that or
even zinc which is pretty standard on a
blood test FSH and LH they’re kind of
indicators as to how your testicles are
producing testosterone so if those are a
little lower that might indicate the
cause of having low testosterone so
that’s those two are good ones to get as
well three is I’m making this videos
there’s a lot of doctors and aren’t very
well versed in TRT so like my doctor
actually when I asked him for a
testosterone test the only thing he
actually tested me for was total
I was unknowledgeable at the time I
didn’t know any better but hopefully
this video will help you be a little bit
more knowledgeable so you can go in and
all these tests that I’ve listed and
you’ll have a lot better picture of a if
you need TR T and B why you need T RT so
the next section of this video is going
to be how to get accurate results of
your real testosterone levels and this
is very important too because you don’t
want to skew your numbers too well or
too high and you also don’t want to skew
them too low you’re looking to see
exactly what your testosterone levels
are so the timing of your test if you’re
not on TR t the timing of your tests
matters later on the day your
testosterone is lower than you and you
woke up so I would recommend in most
doctors and insurances actually require
that you get a blood test product to
10:00 a.m. in order to get prescribed
testosterone so they don’t want you
starting at 800 and then 10 o’clock at
night goes by and you hit the lab and
you’re sitting out 200 and now they’re
paying for your testosterone which is
relatively cheap anyway but I digress if
you’re on CRT you want to get a blood
test the day of your injection but
before you inject so if you were to
inject every week let’s say you inject
on Monday you’re gonna want to take a
test on Monday morning before you inject
that’s gonna show that your doctor the
lowest level or your trough level of
your testosterone dosage you don’t want
to go the day that you take a shot or
the day after and walk in your doctor’s
office like at 1300 he’s like whoa whoa
we need to we need to pull you off this
I did 200 milligrams and I got to 1384
so you want to get the day of your
injection in the morning before an
injection most doctors and labs will
tell you that you need to fast for 12
hours so that’s their measured glucose
level a bunch of other stuff they don’t
want you eating you can drink water you
can take medicine but you don’t want to
eat something or drink something 12
hours before your blood test this will
give you those accurate results another
one it’s very important is stay hydrated
a if you’re dehydrating you give blood
there’s possibility you could pass out
or you feel bad for the rest of the day
the other one is if your doctor is
looking at your hematocrit levels and
your red
cell count if you’re dehydrated your
blood is going to be more concentrated
and those values that are going to be
elevated which may cause concern for
your doctor so drink your water
I also recommend bringing a sugary drink
like orange juice or apple juice
something that’s gonna get a lot of
sugar into your blood quickly after you
donate because you don’t want to feel
weak or woozy or passed out at the drive
home get a good night’s sleep we should
all be getting a good night’s sleep
anyway but make sure you get a good
seven eight hours eight hours is
preferable before your blood test just
so you have accurate results on a good
night’s sleep don’t consume alcohol the
night before you are going to get a
blood test it will lower your
testosterone level and it can skew your
blood tests so stay away from alcohol
the night before you think of blood test
don’t eat a crazy unhealthy meal
something that has a crazy amount of
sodium or crazy amount of fat or crazy
amount of sugar before you get a blood
test even though you are still fasting
do you want your most accurate results
so you want to eat just a normal healthy
meal before you go to sleep another one
exercise and working out is thought to
you know change some of your blood
levels you know your heart rate
hydration all that good stuff so if you
can I would recommend getting the blood
test first first thing in the morning
and then going about your day working
out and exercising and whatever else you
need to do so this next part of the
video I’m gonna have to call my friend
medical disclaimer once again
this is not medical advice medical
disclaimer get off the screen disclaimer
this is in no way medical advice I am
NOT a doctor I do not recommend doing
this I’m not your dad I’m just a guy on
YouTube so some men run into the issue
where they are very close to being
clinically low testosterone aka for
LabCorp their level was to 64 so if you
were like I was at 288 even though my
doctor was a complete idiot there’s some
doctors that while you’re in range so
suck it up buddy
so this portion of the – of the video is
things that can skew your testosterone
levels lower so you can get a lower
testosterone score and hopefully get on
TRT if you need it some insurance
companies actually require two sets of
blood tests showing the lower than 264
before they’ll even prescribe you over
approve your treatment of trt so like I
said I’m not advocating this but these
are some things that you can do the
artificially lower your testosterone
levels a little bit for that day so you
can get a blood test so you can actually
get the treatment that you need so you
remember just a minute ago I was telling
you all the stuff to get an accurate
blood test basically do the opposite of
that do unhealthy stuff eat a bad meal
get don’t get a whole lot of sleep drink
caffeine I’m advocating drinking alcohol
but if you already drink alcohol you can
have a little bit of alcohol tonight
probably one of the biggest ones is
don’t get a lot of sleep you know people
don’t realize how important sleep is for
your body overall and your hormone
levels if you don’t get a lot of sleep
it can skew your testosterone levels
slower and help you get the treatment
that you need I mean it’s pretty much
just do the opposite of being healthy
you know and that’s why I think actually
a lot of people are on TRT is because
they have unhealthy lifestyles I was the
same way I was there and yeah and I just
wanted to you know I’m not doing this
video to try to teach you how to cheat
this system you know it’s
the idea of doing this video is that
there’s men that struggle with the
medical system so much and the doctors
think oh he’s just wants to just wants
to juice and get being strong and you
know I read that it can cause this and
cause that they’re just not well
educated and neither of your insurance
companies you know the insurance
companies their jobs are taking money
and payout as least as possible legally
that they can so if you have someone
let’s say you’re 267 and then you pull
throat to 70/30 you’re eight points
above you know you’re you’re super low
on testosterone but because LabCorp has
their little set ranges you’re not
getting TRT and you’re gonna probably
off the jump from doctor doctor and
you’ll probably end up in a men’s clinic
so that’s the only reason I made this
it’s not to cheat the system but it’s to
work around the system a little bit I
don’t recommend doing it but hey you
know what you got to do what you got to
do if you had cancer and your insurance
company wasn’t gonna cover it or your
doctor didn’t want to give you a
treatment that just proven to work you
and you could make some changes for a
day and get them the test results that
they want to see so you can get the
medicine and save your life would you do
it I would
thanks for watching guys I really
appreciate it I hope some of you guys
find this helpful
I’m gonna leave some videos up here if
you liked the video I’d really
appreciate a like it helps out my small
little channel grow help spread some
good knowledge hopefully and if you want
to see some more stuff I’ve got videos
on a lot of this stuff that I covered in
this video and you want to learn some
more click on that subscribe button
thanks for watching guys you guys are
love to see you back as always get your
levels tested

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