Should I be taking Creatine Monohydrate on TRT? Muscle gains from creatine monohydrate?

what’s going on guys test your levels
here today we’re talking about creatine
and if you go to the gym and you don’t
know what creatine is I don’t know what
kind of rock you’re living under but if
you’re not taking creatine you’re going
to the gym you’re missing out on some
cheap proven gains so today we’re gonna
cover creatine I’m going to show you the
best creatine it’s cheap it’s about $10
a pound yes a pound and it works so
let’s get into it
creatine is a natural compound it’s made
in your body for your kidneys your
pancreas and your liver and it’s also
found in most meats your body produces
about one gram of creatine per day
creatine is mainly stored in the muscles
and it helps deliver and provide energy
for your muscles most studies show that
taking five grams of creatine a day help
you build muscle when you’re working out
it pumps a little bit more water into
your body into your muscles and it helps
deliver extra energy to them so that you
can get those extra reps in and increase
your overall strength but like I said it
creatine is found in most meats but you
would have to eat two pounds of steak or
B three pounds of chicken and one and a
half pounds of herring to get those five
grams and that’s tough to do so that’s
why we supplement it so I have a link in
the description to the creatine that I
take its from bulk supplements it’s one
kilogram which is 2.2 pounds for like
1987 so it’s about ten bucks a pound and
you’re taking five grams a day so it
lasts a long time it doesn’t have any
taste to it you can put it in pretty
much any drink stir it up jam it I put
it in my protein shakes when I get back
from the gym so there’s a minor debate
on when to take creatine which is the
best time some people take it before
they work out some people say dating
after you work out is better it really
doesn’t matter in my opinion I take it
after in my protein shake but you can do
it any way you want but if you’re
interested in getting creatine I mean
this is a prudence the only proven
compound outside of testosterone and
some other like steroid stuff that is
proven to gain muscle so why would you
go to the gym and not get that extra 5
to 15% of muscle growth for 20 bucks so
it’s gonna ask you almost a year links
in the description guys creatine is good
stuff it’s scientifically proven to gain
muscle and we all want muscles so now
vegetarians because they don’t eat meat
they typically have the lowest levels of
creatine in their bodies cranberries are
actually the highest in creatine of any
plant out there but you have to eat 500
pounds of it to get 5 grams of creatine
so unless you really like cranberries
it’s not a viable option so outside of
strength power muscle gains muscle size
creatine also has some good effects on
the brain a 5% of the creatine in your
body is stored in your brain while the
other 95% is stored in your muscles so a
couple studies have shown that
supplementing creatine can actually help
some neurological stuff in your brain in
younger people and older people and
they’re actually checking out creatine
to see if it can help with Parkinson’s
disease another study showed that
creatine could help with mental fatigue
in extreme situations of sleep
deprivation and trauma so it does
something to the brain I mean it’s not
going to be night and day but you know
for the price that it cost and it being
a natural compound in your body and it
has all these great effects did I
mention that some preliminary studies
are starting to show that creatine can
actually lower some of the trunk lissa
rods in your blood that’s a good thing
so a couple other studies have shown
that creatine can improve the effects of
SSRIs so if you’re taking an SSRI you
could try creatine and see if it helped
at all even if it doesn’t you’re still
gonna get all the other benefits of
creatine creatine can also slightly help
with type 2 diabetes because it helps
the muscles grab more glucose out of the
bloodstream so now creatine basically
works for muscle growth and for weight
lifting is there something in your
muscles ATP and after the first couple
of reps you start to lose that ATP and
creatine kind of jumps in and replaces
the ATP is the energy source it’s more
complicated than that but basically it’s
giving your muscles a little extra
energy that they can use when you’re
really getting on those last reps so a
lot of power lifters take creatine a lot
of bodybuilders take creatine I mean
anyone who’s really into the fitness and
trying to maximize performance is taking
creatine there’s a lot of fancy creatine
out there marketed by all the big you
know supplement companies but it’s all
bs creatine monohydrate pure creatine
monohydrate is what works they can spin
that they’ve got some new micro
crystallized all that don’t listen to it
stuff I take it’s pure it’s good and
sheep and it works so as I said earlier
creatine puts a little bit more water
into your muscles and you can add some
water weight to you as well
and make you look probably not as ripped
but with that you need to make sure that
you stay properly hydrated
some of the minor side effects of
creatine if you’re not hydrated properly
is nausea diarrhea and you kind of kind
of cramp the stomach because it is like
a crystal so when you’re taking creatine
make sure to stay properly hydrated so
the typical doses for creatine and I
used to read these labels when I used to
go to GNC when I was a lot younger they
would say to take 20 20 to 25 grams a
day as a loading phase for the first
five days were for a week now in
creatine first bullet came out and
became popular some of these bottles or
30 bucks for 30 servings so they’re
basically telling you to take almost the
whole jar in a week and then go buy
another one and then start doing the
five milligrams but almost all the
studies on creatine and for all its
different positive effects they do do
this loading phase so there is something
to it back in the day I thought these
these supplement companies were just
trying to you know take money out of
your pocket and you just load up on
creatine pee it out and then you go buy
another jar but the loading phase is
actually legit I didn’t personally do it
when I started working out because I
still believe that it was just a
marketing type thing to get you to use
up all your creatine but it is
absolutely legit I’m not saying you have
to do it I mean I think over time if
you’re taking five grams a day you’re
gonna be fine and it’s eventually gonna
build up in your systems where you don’t
really need to do the loading phase you
can try it if you want but if you get
any stomach discomfort or gassy or
nauseous or anything like that probably
just stick with the 5 grams a day
overall guys I mean creatine is improved
in multiple times to work there’s lots
of studies on it you can look them up if
you want I mean it helps your
performance in the gym you get bigger
muscles you get stronger faster
we’ve covered a lot on creatine creatine
is improving in multiple studies to work
there’s tons of studies on it you can
look them up if you want it helps you do
extra reps at the gym pumps more water
and oxygen to your muscles can help with
strength 5 to 15% it’s super cheap and
there’s really no side effects to it and
it can also may help you a little bit
with your mental stuff maybe feel a
little more alert I don’t notice any
difference but you may ever e ones
and I mean 22 bucks for almost a year
supplied or 20 bucks that’s a pretty
damn good deal so I’d say guys if you
like the video a like is always
appreciated if you want to see some more
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as always I’m gonna put some videos up
here I’m going to put a subscribe button
right here the link for the cheap
creatine quality creatine is in the
description thanks for watching get your
levels tested

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