Donating Blood to Keep Hematocrit Levels in Check! Tips and Tricks

what’s going on guys tester levels here
we’re on our way to one blood
to donate some blood uh i did another
video on this but i really want to
document the entire process
and let you guys know some of the ins
and outs of it first off
i found out from one blood when i went
to the red cross
and they didn’t have any donation buses
available for whatever so they pushed me
one blood and i’m glad they did because
i don’t know about you guys but i would
much rather give blood in a nice clean
sterile building
than a janky old school bus that’s just
me i don’t know nothing against the red
cross but
that’s just what i would prefer now
there’s a couple things about donating
if you’re on trt you should probably be
donating blood if your hematocrit gets a
little high
it’s it’s not horrible but it’s not
great either and we rather
have our hematocrat uh hematocrit within
so a couple things about donating blood
first off
you don’t want to go there on an empty
stomach you want to have a good solid
you want to have some carbs if you see
here i got a
big thing of orange juice i just want to
get some carbs in my body because
that’s some get some but um
yeah so you want to go you want to go on
there with a full stomach you want to
have carbs with you
it’s all about humanity
so the next thing they’re going to do is
they’re going to test your pulse and
if your pulse is over 100 you cannot
donate blood
so they’re going to tell you to sit down
relax take deep breaths
they’ll offer you some water juice
whatever you want and
they’ll wait until pretty much you feel
that your your pulse is down
and if they test you again and you’re
over 100
they will you got to go home for the day
it’s kind of tricky if you’re if you’re
scared of needles and you’re kind of new
to the process you’re obviously going to
be nervous
your pulse is going to be a little bit
higher so just kind of got to take deep
what is this
is that a manual transmission is that a
rare manual transmission
oh i love driving manual cars and for
some of my younger viewers
a manual car is the way that us older
people used to drive cars before
automatics were around
you actually have to control the car
control the gears now the cars do it for
you so
but i personally love driving manual i
grew up driving manual
i love nissan’s this is a 370z 2020
anyway but enough rambling uh
i’m gonna start recording again when i
get to one blood i don’t know how much
they’re gonna let me record
uh it really depends on the person the
last guy was cool but
it was my first time donating blood and
i was a little nervous
and they definitely will not allow me to
show them actually putting in the needle
which is a 16 gauge needle
it’s big it doesn’t hurt though just a
little pinch and then you’re good to go
we’re at one blood we’re uh walking in
there donate some blood
i’m gonna sit down there for like five
ten minutes just relax because if i
like i was telling you guys if your
pulse gets too high
then uh then they won’t give you they
won’t let you donate blood
and uh let’s see here oh
what is that i got a free t-shirt today
all right guys so i tested my blood
pressure was at
101 and then they tested me manually and
it was 106.
so unfortunately they had to defer me
for today so i can’t donate blood
loser it’s unfortunate but
i felt a little off today i’ve been
getting over being sick taking medicine
and stuff for that so
it’s not i expected it um
but is what it is so we’ll have to come
back tomorrow but
for today at least we got a free cookie
so nothing wrong with a free cookie
so we’ll see you back here tomorrow guys
so it’s about a month later from the
video that you just saw
uh as you know i got turned away because
my heart rate was too high and i
couldn’t get it down
you know i was trying to film with the
camera setting all that up and it was
hot out
i was getting over being sick but uh
it’s about a month later and i went back
i went to chick-fil-a and had a massive
meal because i wanted to
really feel full and so i would feel
kind of tired and groggy and hoping that
keep my heart rate down the nice german
was not super impressed with me wanting
to bring a camera in there
i didn’t feel like arguing with her i
really needed to donate blood i wasn’t
having really symptoms of high
hematocrit but i hadn’t donated blood
in four months and it’s just a good
thing to do so
i didn’t argue with her i didn’t
document the process but i did get a
cool shirt
they give you shirts sometimes sometimes
they give you coolers and i also got a
gift certificate that i can get for like
amazon or ebay or
whatever so i actually got paid to
donate blood so that’s pretty cool
and uh got a little scar here not sure
how well you’re gonna be able to see
that on there
but uh not too bad so just some tips and
tricks when you’re donating blood
you’ve got to be calm eating a large
meal worked for me
but whatever you need to do to get your
heart rate down under 100
mine was actually 92 today and so i was
able to donate blood
and if if you’re on trt you got to
donate blood even if you don’t have high
inaccurate symptoms you gotta donate try
to donate
once every three months don’t do it too
much more than that because you can
lower your ferritin levels and you can
feel lethargic
it’s just not a good idea but it’s real
simple guys i mean you go there
one blood i highly recommend them you
walk in you sign up
they sit you down they check your blood
they put this thing over your finger it
doesn’t poke you or anything like that
and it just reads how much iron you have
and if you’re on trt
your iron is going to be high so you’re
going to be okay and after that they
give you this tablet it’s got about 50
and as i’ve shown in my other videos
i’ll put a picture up there they
basically ask you have you used needles
to inject
anything steroids medicine anything that
is not prescribed by your doctor
my testosterone was prescribed by my
doctor so i answered no to that
and they ask you a bunch of other
questions and once you’re done with that
as long as you didn’t answer a question
the wrong way
they take you back they double check
your information and they get you ready
you sit in a chair and you just look
just look away they put the little
needle in there and they give you a
little squishy thing
and you squish it every five to ten
seconds and you’re there for about 10
then after that they give you apple
so you sit there i sat there for about
five minutes drank all the apple juice
then i sat up kind of i didn’t get up
but i sat
up i did feel a little a little
lightheaded a little kind of
fuzzy so i just sat there jammed another
apple juice
and just chilled for a little bit stared
at my phone and then i got up
um they do they put a band-aid on you
first and then they wrap it up with a
little bit of compression
they say leave the compression thing on
for 30 to 45 minutes
and then after that you can take it off
and the band-aid leave for three to four
hours then you can take that off
and then you’re good to go so it’s
really it’s such an easy
procedure i built it up in my head as
you know it’s this crazy huge needle
and you know they’re taking a whole pint
of blood and i’m gonna freak out and i’m
gonna pass out and
listen guys it’s pretty simple and one
blood they give you shirts
they give you a gift card uh they’re
it’s a super clean facility they go do
everything by the book uh the people
were very well trained
and they’ve got this down to a science
they even have a special alcohol
applicator that they put on here
they wipe it for like 15 seconds and
then after they’re done
it goes for another like 15 seconds and
you hear like a beep and that’s to tell
them the alcohol is dry like they
literally have like a system for the
alcohol in your skin drying so it
doesn’t sting you when they
insert the needle and it’s just real
simple it’s a super nice place
and giving blood helps people who are in
need or
car accidents who need transfusions all
this good stuff it’s just good for the
world in general
so don’t don’t psych yourself out don’t
freak out about it
it’s easy you can’t work out for a day
after you do it so i did it on a
saturday because i like going to the gym
five days a week
but it’s a really simple process i would
recommend you have someone to drive you
at least the first time just so you
because so you don’t have an idea of how
you’re going to feel
after i do feel a little a little more
tired than i would today
but i’m starting to feel a little better
it was about four or five hours ago i
donated blood
but it’s not a big deal guys it’s super
easy keep your american levels glow
you won’t look all red my chest was red
i’m gonna put that on the screen
i’ll probably take another picture
tomorrow to see if it lightened up even
but it’s real simple and just don’t need
some blood guys
so that’s about it i’m gonna try to keep
this as short as possible
thanks for being here if you’re not a
subscriber click on that subscribe
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested
and then donate blood

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