Estrogen Studies in Men Part 1 – Good, Bad, Both???

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button there so today I want to talk
about estrogen estrogen is a hot topic
and TRT and there’s some people that say
you should just let it go too however
how it goes there’s other people that
say you should control it there’s other
people say never take AI say eyes or
mantle anyway it’s all about you man
what I did is take excerpts from a lot
of different studies of estrogen levels
in men and one thing I want to mention
before I start is that as you can see
all these different studies they say
different things and how easy would it
have been for me to cherry pick all of
the good ones and make a video saying
estrogen levels are great don’t control
your estrogen or on the flip side I
could show you all the ones that were
bad and say high oestrogen levels are
bad you need a rim attacks if your
estrogen levels are above 34 or whatever
my point is that we still don’t know how
a lot of these hormones in our body do
different things how they interact with
other hormones it’s still a growing
science and it’s in the early stages so
just keep an open mind and also keep in
mind these studies are not on men on TRT
some of them are older men some of them
are younger some of them are obese
healthy don’t take one particular thing
that I say on one of these studies and
take it as you know God’s Word there are
also the links in the description to all
of these studies so if you want to do
some more research on your own just
scroll down below click on that
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you want to read about so let’s get
decreased testosterone is clearly
associated with low libido and males in
men with diminished testosterone the
administration of exogenous estradiol
has been shown to increase libido in a
unique case report of a male patient
with aroma taste efficiency and
hypogonadism both estrogen and
testosterone required to increase libido
whereas neither hormone could achieve
the effect alone suggesting that
estrogen plays a necessary role in
libido in the setting of low
testosterone what that’s basically
saying is that you pretty much have to
have both testosterone and estrogen in
order to have a healthy
beat up so if you take too much of an AI
and you crash the restroom levels your
libido is probably gonna suffer and it
can also happen the other way too which
we’ll get into later on one study with
continuous estradiol administration and
men who had normal testosterone levels
showed decreases in libido and
directions in contrast a randomized
double-blind study conducted of 50 men
ages between 20 and 40 years
demonstrated that libido is unaffected
so right there you have two different
studies that showed two different things
but if you wanted to make a video or
write a post about one or the other you
could basically lead people into
thinking hey this study showed this
while leaving out that this other
studies showed that it’s just one of
those things where kind of like the
Bible you can grab one section of the
Bible and you can analyze it and you can
preach that that’s the true word of the
Bible forget all the other stuff and
just focus on this one little thing and
that’s how people get in kind of
dangerous areas so I always say keep an
open mind most things in life are not
black and white
they’re usually Greg and I think TRT is
definitely gray and it’s man to man in
addition to influence on structure
estrogen has a significant influence on
penile vasculature
a case-control study of male outpatients
with Edie with venous leakage showed
that the only difference between the men
within without Edie was an increased
estradiol level the authors concluded
that SRL increases venous vascular
permeability via VEGF and has a
detrimental effect on a rectal function
through increased venous leakage the
effects of estrogen on evey function
discussed above largely occur as a
function of its ability to decrease
circulating testosterone in addition
increased severity of Edie in men with
low testosterone levels is worsened with
high estrogen levels implying an
additive effect by the two hormones
however while low testosterone increases
the incidence of ET elevated estrogen
levels do as well so that was pretty
interesting now that one was kind of
about a specific reason for Edie but it
could suggest that if you had that
specific reason for having Edie and you
just let your estradiol levels go crazy
high that that would make it worse and
you probably wouldn’t know in addition
we’ll test the estrogen ratio of greater
than ten has been associated with
decreased swimmer parameters an
administration of an aromatase inhibitor
normalized the ratio and improved
swimmer concentration motility and
morphology targeting estrogen levels has
clinical value when optimizing swimmer
retrieval rates and men with
non-obstructive azoospermia so that’s
something showing that you know if you
get your estrogen levels out of whack
compared to your testosterone it can
have an effect on your boys and if
you’re trying to have a baby
that can be something to think about
there is evidence suggesting that
estrogen in inhibits the LH effect on
leading cells and that excess estrogen
exposure reduces serum testosterone
levels BIA this inhibition the
subsequent reduction of testosterone in
turn reduces the number of viable
swimmers for this study the research
team enrolled two groups of
approximately 150 men aged between 20
and 50 who had normal reproductive
functions the researchers assigned one
group of men to receive daily doses of
testosterone gel at 104 dosages or a
placebo gel for a period of six weeks
men in the second group were required to
have the same testosterone doses but
alongside an aromatase inhibitor which
was responsible for suppressing the
conversion of testosterone into estrogen
all men had the body composition and leg
strength assess at beginning of the
study and were required to complete
monthly questionnaires and blood tests
throughout the study period the results
of the study revealed that men who did
not have estrogen production block
showed increases in body fat similar to
what would be seen at mild level of
testosterone deficiency that’s
suggesting that if you’re on trt and
your estrogen levels get too high that
it can promote some weight gain similar
to having low testosterone so it’s just
something to think about
estrogen see instance can be good and
bad men with naturally high levels of
the female hormone estrogen may have a
greater risk of developing breast cancer
according to research by an
international collaboration this is the
first time a link between estrogen
levels in the blood and male breast
cancer has been identified
despite its connection to breast lumen
ovarian cancers in women men with the
highest levels of estrogen were
two-and-a-half times more likely to
develop breast cancer than men with the
lowest levels of the hormone – is kind
of an interesting one you know male
breast cancer is very rare
100,000 men but their studies showed
that the higher estrogen levels in your
you had a greater risk of getting breast
cancer which no one would want new
research suggests that estrogen also
plays a role in migraine prevalence
among men a study of 39 men found that
those affected by migraines have higher
levels of estrogen than those without
migraines compared to controls men with
migraines had higher levels of estrogen
between migraine attacks testosterone
levels were similar among both groups
which resulted in a lower ratio of
testosterone to estrogen in between
migraines for the test subjects notably
testosterone levels did increase 24
hours before a migraine attack and men
who indicated pre migraine symptoms such
as changes in appetite difficulty and
fatigue so that’s just a little
interesting tidbit showing that men who
had just overall higher estrogen levels
and also had migraines had a higher
prevalence of migraines so see what I’m
saying here there’s so many different
things saying good bad this that effects
this it doesn’t affect that it’s hard to
tell we’re in the beginning of stages of
this and we’ve all let me doing a
hormone replacement for like 34 years
and when you look at civilization from
where we started that’s just a little
blip it’s just a little blip in the next
10 20 30 40 years and we have a little
bit more but for now we don’t know a
whole lot so we have to do studies and
interpret what their site uses our
stroke is the third leading cause of
death and leading cause of age-related
disability abnormal blood clotting and
the cerebral blood vessels is the most
common cause of stroke excess estrogen
promotes abnormal blood costs and a
study published just last year blood
levels of estradiol were measured in a
group of 2200 men aged 71 and 93 older
folks adjustment for age hypertension
diabetes all that good stuff were made
during the course of follow-up men with
the highest blood levels of estradiol
had a 2.2 fold greater risk of stroke
compared to those who estradiol levels
were lower this study revealed that
estradiol blood levels greater than 34.1
resulted in this more than doubling of
stroke incidents and a study published
two years ago blood levels of estradiol
were measured in
13 men whose average age was 58 the
carotid artery thickness was measured at
the baseline in the three years later
after adjusting for other risk factors
men with higher levels of estradiol
suffered a worsening thickening of the
carotid artery wall this led researchers
to conclude circulating estradiol as a
predictor of progression of carotid
artery intermedius thickness in
middle-aged men I’m gonna do a part two
of this video it may seem like some of
these are the more negative ones but I
assure you there’s a lot more positive
ones to I’m not one of those people
that’s just telling everyone hey tank
your estrogen I don’t have stock in
rimma Dex that’s way above my pay grade
so I’m not telling you to run out and
get an AI I’m not telling you to run out
and get an AI I’m not telling you just
let your estrogen levels creep up to
wherever they want to be
I think it’s on a man-to-man basis and
you need to work with your doctor a
study published just last year compared
blood levels of testosterone and
estradiol and men suffering a heart
attack with those who previously
suffered a heart attack sex hormones
were measured in patients presenting
with acute heart attack patients with
old heart attack and patients with
normal coronary arteries the results
showed significantly higher levels of
estradiol in both groups of heart attack
patients compared with those without
coronary disease as would be expected
from numerous prior studies heart attack
victims also had decreased testosterone
levels so one of the main things that
people say about estrogen is its
neuroprotective and this study this one
particular study you know basically they
found that men who had heart attacks
previously had higher levels of estrogen
you know that’s not to say that they
didn’t have that before that’s not to
say their testosterone levels are good
just Sam in a study conducted a year
later by another research group
angiograms were used to measure the
extent of coronary big-word in a group
of men with stable coronary artery
disease the findings showed significant
positive correlation between estradiol
levels and other known big word risk
factors the scientists concluded from
their study stating our results indicate
a possible role of estradiol in
promoting the development of big-word
lipid Malou and men with coronary artery
disease the participants consisted of
three thousand men with peripheral
artery disease who averaged 75 years of
age after factoring and aged all that
good stuff and body mass the findings
showed that low levels of testosterone
independently and positively associated
with peripheral artery disease
as were high levels of estradiol the
doctors who conducted this study
concluded this cross-sectional study
shows for the first time that low serum
testosterone and high serum estradiol
levels associate with lower extremity
peripheral artery disease in elderly men
so I’m gonna end part 1 on that one and
that’s basically saying they have low
testosterone and higher estrogen levels
from getting older from probably being
overweight and that contributed to heart
disease we all know that having low
testosterone can cause lots of issues
one being heart issues I’m not gonna
give my thoughts on this just yet I’m
gonna wait till apart to give a little
more detail but I thought this was
interesting that I could go on Google
and I could find snippets of studies
showing that high estrogen is good and I
could find snippets of high estrogen
were bad and flip-flop vice versa all
that good stuff if I really wanted to I
could lean toward one side and just only
post stuff like that and tell people
that high estrogen is bad high estrogen
horrible or you know you need to keep
your estrogen in control you have to do
that if you don’t you’ll feel bad but on
this channel I like to present
information to you and let you make your
own decisions and I just think that uh
we don’t know yet so it’s hard to take a
hard stance when we really don’t know a
whole lot of hormones just yet and the
grand scheme of things so thanks for
watching guys I really appreciate you
being here if you’re new click on that
subscribe button if you’re a subscriber
you’re awesome and as always get your
levels tested

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