No Arimidex Challenge Part 2! How do I feel with no AI for a Month and taking Calcium D-Glucarate?

what’s going on guys test your levels
here today we’re doing part two of the
no Arimidex challenge or no AI challenge
and if you miss the first one because
you’re new here click on that subscribe
button so the no remedy X challenge is
basically replacing Arimidex with
something called calcium deep blue curry
if all the bones you managed someone in
a Facebook TRT group actually
recommended this to me and so they took
it and it helped keep their estrogen
levels in check so I said ok let me look
into this so I looked up calcium D glue
crate and it seems like it has a lot of
other good benefits as well as well as
possibly lowering estrogen so I ordered
myself up a bottle and I’ve taken it for
a month but I have not taken any red X
scouts honor
so I’m not gonna draw up this video too
long but overall I feel exactly the same
my acne is not done crazier it’s been
pretty much exactly the same I don’t
feel any more emotional I’m not getting
hot flashes I’m not getting any of that
stuff so in my head I feel like calcium
deep blue Krait is doing a good job of
controlling my estrogen I know a lot of
you guys commented do blogs new blogs
new Bloods I’m going to I actually have
a home kit that I have and I’m going to
do that on Monday and I know that the
finger-prick ones are not the most super
accurate but if my estrogens in the 70s
or my estrogens in the 20s it’ll do this
kind of an idea as to whether this
particular supplement works for me I’m
not recommending that you change your
protocol or anything like that and just
rush out and buy one of these bottles
because test your levels said it’s
working for him
everything works typically for everyone
and some people need a I but do not make
any changes without talking to your
doctor first so I don’t want to draw out
this video and make it long for no
reason but I feel calcium to Glu cray
it’s pretty good on paper it has a lot
of good benefits like filtering out
toxins and it says something where it
binds to toxins and makes your liver
able to process them and so you can
excrete them it seems pretty good and so
barks easy working pretty well for me so
I’m going to continue taking this
calcium igloo crate a thousand
milligrams a day and I’m gonna do this
home blood test that tests for
testosterone free test estrogen and shbg
on Monday and once I get those results
in then I will make another video share
what those results are compared the home
tests to what I’ve gotten on LabCorp
tests before and we’ll go from there as
I said I’m not suggesting that anyone go
out and buy this but if you’re someone
that is terrified of AI but you’re
having high estrogen symptoms or you
have is trijet I wouldn’t say that it
would be a bad choice to give that a try
not a doctor not medical advice in any
way you’re saying it worked well for me
it may well work for you I actually have
links in the description to the stuff
that exact stuff that I’m taking so if
you click on that and you do bio will
get a tiny little like 3% of a think it
was like 15 bucks but anyway guys that’s
about it don’t want to make this video
too long
calcium D glue crates working for me
haven’t taken a run at X in a month have
no Bloods to show you but will soon so
thanks for watching guys if you’re a
you’re awesome if you’re not you can
become awesome by clicking on the
subscribe button if you liked the video
give it a like and as always get your
levels tested

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