Greg Doucette’s Old School TRT Views, Clueless Endo, No TRT Clinics $10,000 Cycle

because when i was 25 i thought geez 45
you’re probably married have seven kids
and hate your life and you’re probably
on the third marriage i’m not married
have no kids and i have 14 animals
living in the house it didn’t go quite
the way i expected
it’s all about humanity
what’s going on guys thanks for watching
today we’re gonna do a video a little
bit different than what we normally do
we’re gonna do a video on greg ducette
as you probably already know from the
uh this is gonna be just a lighthearted
video i like greg ducette
um but he does like to nitpick at things
that people say
and then he comments on stuff that they
didn’t even say and uh
can do a video kind of like this um greg
recently did a video
reviewing anabolic docs review of his
video of how to beast
on trendy trt that’s not the video we’re
talking about we’re talking about greg
watching anabolic docs review and he
says some interesting stuff some stuff i
disagree with
some stuff i think he just said to be
sensational um
and let’s just jump into it if i need
i want an hrt a specialist doctor not
just somebody that took maybe
an hour of that kind of course
information in university
okay what do they do they’re giving
these doses of
one cc of sipinate in the rear end in
the glue
every two weeks to a month very true
seeing it all the time
testing and painstipionate for example
you don’t want to shoot that once every
two weeks three weeks four weeks it’s
not often enough
you won’t have stable blood levels my
general practitioner who sent me to my
who is a specialist in this area even he
wanted me to inject my testosterone
which was in an enthalated ester dela
testro every two
weeks i had to have a chat and say hey
don’t mean to be rude but
shouldn’t i be injecting it more
frequently to get stable blood levels
oh but you’ll have to inject every week
that’s that’s a lot of injecting
could you handle that
i’ve done shots every single day for
shows this is not a big deal
i’m off testosterone i’m off steroids
now i want to feel normal
and i don’t trust doing a shot every two
weeks okay okay okay
well you can do it once a week that’s
the kind of conversations you have to
have your doctor
so in that last clip greg called his
a specialist and later on you’ll see he
kind of rips on trt clinics
but greg’s endocrinologist prescribed
him a horrible protocol
he probably gave him i don’t know greg’s
on 140 milligrams a week he does it once
a week
that works for him no issues there not
sure what his doctor initially
prescribed him
but he goes on to say well i had to talk
to my doctor and say
well i want to inject once a week
because of half-lifes and
because greg obviously does no
testosterone he’s taking testosterone
he’s a bodybuilder
he’s won some strength competitions so
pretty uh
pretty strong dude got some good
genetics definitely does some dedication
to working out
and he knows the stuff but if you’re
gonna call your endocrinologist
a specialist and he’s giving a protocol
from like the 1970s
and he’s done zero research since she
graduated medical school
maybe you should hold off on calling him
a specialist he’s a doctor yeah but he
hasn’t done any research in probably
40 years since he graduated we’ll get
into the trt clinics part a little bit
later on in the video
but uh he’s almost kind of like bragging
like he went to i went to an
endocrinologist a specialist
and uh endocrinologist sucks there’s no
nice way to say it i know canada is one
really bad countries to try to get trt i
know they have
nationalized health care and they don’t
want to pay for it i don’t know the
whole situation
but that’s why there’s lots of trt
clinics there because that’s the only
way guys can get prescribed testosterone
when they have low testosterone
in america we’re not any damn better but
we’re a little bit more lenient
apparently toward trt
another thing that greg didn’t
explicitly say but he’s claiming you
know endocrinologists as a specialist
and you know you listen to your doctor
and all that
well think about how we’ve been
conditioned many people almost
everyone’s been conditioned to
believe anything your doctor says they
went to medical school
it doesn’t matter if it was 40 years ago
and they learned about hormones in the
uh we’re supposed to listen to them
that’s just how we’ve been conditioned
as a society
we listen to police officers we listen
to lawyers we listen doctors
because they’re smart they’ve been
trained yadda yadda
now this is a quote from george carlin
someone with average intelligence now
realize that
half the people are stupider than that
and stupider is a word
so imagine you’re a guy you go to greg’s
endocrinologist and you’re like hey i’ve
got low testosterone he’s like okay cool
we’ll give you some
here’s 200 milligrams you’re gonna do it
once every two weeks
and uh and we’ll see how you do bud and
uh best of luck
and a lot of people are just gonna do
that and they’re gonna realize on
day eight nine ten 11 12 i’m not feeling
as good you know i feel like
once i take that 200 milligrams i feel
really good i’m feeling good and then i
just slowly taper down
but always listen to your doctor don’t
do research on your own
you know i just he’s kind of just
holding this endocrinologist up as a
specialist and uh yeah and kind of
ripping on trt clinics but we’ll get to
and then you have guys micro dosing
really do you really need to take
that 0.1.2 injection
every other day and he talks about micro
dosing and he says hey i’ve been on this
stuff for 25
years doing a micro dose so for example
a 0.1 every day do you know all that
real quick it is not fun to inject
every single day maybe at first and
you’ve never done it before and it’s a
novelty oh yeah i like this
you’re not gonna like it forever and
dosing that frequently
you don’t need to so with your shots
he’s saying doing shots every day
every other day even every three days
yeah sure there’s nothing wrong with it
but do you need to you probably don’t
want to do this for the rest of your
life having to do a shot
to stab yourself poke a hole into your
every single day for the rest of your
life that’s a long life hopefully
okay so for me once a week he said hey
once a week
twice a week that’s good if you want to
do more
find some people they might get better
benefits from doing it
most people you’re good with twice a
week but the truth is
when you take testosterone so long you
really think you’re going to be dosing
on a daily basis or every two or three
day basis
it gets old do you really need to do you
need to micro dose so much on that
it’s man per man it’s man per man it’s
man per man some men
really do and there’s no question they
have to be watching it’s the best way to
go but most men
in the end take it maybe two times a
week to once a week
and you find the right dose so you just
saw greg
talk about micro dosing no one needs to
micro dose
okay maybe twice a week maybe three
times maybe four times but no one needs
to do it because
no one will do that for their entire
life there’s no way that a guy could
take a little insulin syringe
and go boop every day i mean it’s crazy
no one does that only guys that do that
are the guys that want to be cool
because everyone knows that micro dosing
is cool these guys
hopped on trt and they saw that all the
cool guys were micro dosing and they’re
like hey
i’m gonna do that too greg do you really
think that the guys from microdosing
just hopped on trt and just decided i’m
going to inject every single day
hell no these are guys that have tried
once a week that i’ve tried twice a week
that i’ve tried every other day
and for whatever reason shbg estrogen
whatever it is it wasn’t working for
them and they found
that micro dosing worked for them but
you say no one needs to do it
no one needs to do that it annoys me
when people talk about
medical treatments as you know not black
or white but
greg didn’t go that way but you know
this is
there’s no way that anyone needs to do
this you know there’s there’s no
reason that anyone would need to do this
and that’s not especially with trt
it’s not like that everyone’s different
do you think these guys like woke up and
they’re like
you know what i want to use 365 insulin
syringes every year
i want to use 365 alcohol prep pads i
want to inject myself
365 times no no one would want to
do that if they didn’t feel that it was
a better treatment for them and it made
them feel
better i mean am i wrong here
am i crazy i said these guys didn’t pick
this protocol because it was the most
and for most guys that i see on reddit
you know people actually in trt who talk
about it
they love micro dosing and they just say
it’s part of their daily routine
and a lot of them have been doing it for
10 plus years so
it’s hard to make generalizations about
a treatment that’s so different for
every single person
now do i think that every guy on trt
needs the microdose
absolutely not i’ve seen greg obviously
is feeling good on once a week
i personally do twice a week i know lots
of people do every other day and some
people microdose because they feel they
need to
but to say that no one needs to do it
nah kind of a dumb statement
trust me i’ve seen people walk out of
hrt clinics and has to pay 10
000 for a cycle
thousand dollars for a cycle
i don’t think it’s hrt when your doses
are five times higher than what i’m on
pretty sure that’s a freaking cycle oh
i’m on hrt
i don’t see i’m i’m all natty nope
you are not this is the one i think he
was just saying to be sensationalistic
i don’t know maybe he got some some more
viewers uh he does have some more
subscribers than me
his channel’s blown up this year he
found a good formula i’m not sure if
actually like this in real life but
whatever he puts out on youtube that
personality that character
people seem to like it i like his
informational videos more because he
does know a lot of stuff about different
i don’t really like the ones where he
just talks about other youtubers
and i don’t know not really for me but
hey you may like it
but he goes on to say about his starts
talking about trt clinics
and he’s like oh i’ve seen many people
have paid ten thousand dollars for a
cycle from a trt clinic
he doesn’t mention an hgh which is
actually expensive i don’t think it
would cost you 10 grand for a cycle
but uh he goes on to say like level’s
five times more than me
so what are we talking about 700 700
milligrams a week that’s a cycle
it is a cycle but what is that two
bottles of sip
three bottles of sip ten thousand
i doubt anyone has paid ten thousand
dollars for a cycle
if they did they’re an idiot and if
there was one idiot that paid ten
thousand dollars
for two or three bottles of scipione you
really think that
he knows greg and greg just ran into him
just oh hey jeff hey what’s going on
listen i just went to my trt clinic
and i got a cycle from them wow that’s
yeah they give me three bottles of cipy
and eight
don’t worry though i talked them down
from 12 grand only to 10.
no one’s paying 10 000 for a cycle come
you go to the biggest guy in the gym
talk to him get a bottle for
uh i don’t want to say that but i don’t
even know if i should put that in the
anyway no one’s stupid enough to pay 10
000 first testosterone cycle
didn’t happen sorry greg you don’t know
anyone that’s paid ten thousand dollars
for a cycle
that’s just common sense i’ve been
preaching this for years if you come out
of your hrt clinic and you got your
testosterone you need it hopefully yeah
but you also got hcg a bunch of ai’s
clomid every other thing and under the
you went in for tests and you walk out
with five things
how much money did they make selling
that think about it
do you actually need it ask them
ask another doctor do some research
maybe have a phone call song with coach
craig or another doctor
people out there they know a little bit
more than you you can learn from them
i’m not a doctor but i can certainly
tell you what i think
i can tell you what questions to ask
your own doctor
and then you can make an educated
decision as to
why are they telling you to take all
this [ __ ] so you just saw greg
not a fan of trt clinics they try to
give you all this stuff
charge you so much money i think he says
how much does this cost you
some endocrinologist even though you
found the best one in canada that
provides once every two week protocols
until you
educate him isn’t that scary that i
as a normal person could go on reddit
and just look through posts
just maybe 10 posts and someone’s going
to mention
in the frequency of injection and
someone’s going to say
two weeks is horrible once a week is
probably the minimum twice a week is a
little bit better
a regular ass person could go online
and do some research and do some some
really intense thinking
and could put together a better protocol
than your endocrinologist
and probably a lot of other
endocrinologists and urologists
and general doctors that’s the scary
part just because someone has an md next
to their name and they’re an
doesn’t mean they stop doing research
about 40 years ago after they got their
medical degree
it’s pretty crazy would you really trust
greg would you trust your
who hasn’t kept up on testosterone if
you had a really complicated pituitary
or thyroid issue
would you really trust him i wouldn’t so
you saw
greg talking about trt clinics and they
try to give you all this stuff and they
charge you all kinds of money i mean
you know maybe they hint that if you
want to do a cycle
it’s only 10k he says oh how much did
this cost you oh they’re just trying to
rip you off
are there bad trd clinics absolutely are
there tons of good ones
absolutely so let’s talk about these
extra medicines that they’re trying to
get you to pay for
first one being hcg or canary
well why would they prescribe that
they’re both fairly expensive
but why would they prescribe it to men
on trt hmm
maybe guys who are concerned about
fertile or conceiving while on trt
i wonder if someone walked into anabolic
docs walked into his office and
got a 200 test level and he said i feel
horrible i
you know i just feel really bad i want
to do trt and my numbers are low
but i still want to be able to have kids
anabolic doc’s going to look at and be
listen man i don’t want to give you hcg
i feel like i’m ripping you off
you know hcg is expensive it works it’s
gonna keep you fertile
but it’s too expensive so just to be
just gonna do tests greg seems to think
just because he doesn’t want kids no one
else wants kids
you know just because he wants and has
14 animals living in his nice brand new
probably destroying it and making it
stink but just because greg wants 14
animals that’s what everyone wants
no other guys want kids you know there’s
no other guys out there that have
a 200 test level and their wife still
wants to have kids
so yeah no one needs hcg there’s no
reason for it trt clinics just do it to
make money
it’s the bottom line really simple more
more money greg also mentions remidex
nice trt clients are giving out a remit
x and i do
believe that aramidex is over prescribed
but that’s not really what we’re talking
about here
why do trt clinics give ai to their
a lot of reasons first reason they
wouldn’t be giving them a remidex if
these patients felt bad on it
i know there’s long-term health concerns
we don’t really have studies on it in
men for trt
i get it but it’s also a little bit of
see here in america we’re very litigious
so if you go to the doctor should go
phone up your lawyer now let me tell you
these trt clinics are doing so a
they’re dealing with people that have
never taken testosterone before so these
clinics have no idea if they’re high
uh if they’re prone to gynecomastia
or any other symptoms that higher
estrogen can cause
so what they do is they start off their
on ai to make sure that their estrogen
doesn’t spike up and cause symptoms
because the more symptoms a patient has
the more they’re going to call
the more time it takes and uh here’s the
so greg so let’s say that your doctor
gives you
some brand new patented medicine from
for whatever you know it’s a newer
medicine it’s gotten the fda approval
all that good stuff they give it to you
in the normal dosage they already
checked to make sure there’s no
issues with giving it to you for
whatever whatever other health stuff you
have going on
and you get some crazy side effect right
doctor had no idea
what happened it just happened who’s
that person going to sue
are they going to sue their doctor for
prescribing an fda medicine where all
the guidelines were followed
or they’re going to sue the
pharmaceutical company because whatever
that medicine did mess them up
they’re going to go to the
pharmaceutical company now here’s the
thing with testosterone
it’s generic right so let’s say a trt
gives a guy testosterone and a month
he’s got gynecomastia like crazy because
his estrogen spiked
and they didn’t give him an aii are they
going to go and sue the guy that
discovered the ester forcipion8 70 years
no they’re going to sue the doctor
because testosterone is very well
documented we know what it does
we know what it can do so if a trt
clinic or a doctor
prescribes you testosterone and they
don’t give you any estrogen blockers or
aromatase inhibitors
whatever and you get gynecomastia you
get some other bad side effect
they’re coming after the doctor because
is generic so greg’s up in canada
beautiful country
he’s got a beautiful house he’s pumping
out videos he’s crushing it on youtube
this is this isn’t like a trying to
knock or get into like some argument
with greg
just pointed out some stuff that i don’t
necessarily agree with what he said
now if you want to knock trt clinics
here’s the thing i know in canada it’s
really hard to get trt because you have
national healthcare
i don’t know how it all works like i
said but those trt clinics are sometimes
men’s lifelines you know there’s guys i
see it all the time
oh my test level is 250 but my docs said
that the range is 245 to
800 so they’re not gonna give it to me
you know i was
275 and the test says 266 is the lowest
so my insurance won’t cover it for me
you know they see this every single day
and canada is not the best for this and
the united states we still have issues
but sometimes these trt clinics they’re
men’s last chance
to get the treatment that they need why
because testosterone is a class iii
whatever and it’s scary and it’s
steroids and roid rage and all this
and you know doctors are scared to
prescribe it but
don’t knock trt clinics man they help
people out
like sure there’s gyms that are ten
dollars and there’s also gyms that are
150 dollars
are you gonna knock 150 gym just because
it’s more expensive
i mean do they provide more are they
better at what they do
do they give you all the stuff you
actually need and the knowledge to do it
do they monitor you sometimes you get
what you pay for and a lot of these guys
are run with bad protocols from doctors
possibly like your endocrinologist you
just haven’t done the research
so while there are some predatory trt
clinics like the ones that make you go
there once every two weeks for a shot
and charge you like 50 bucks for it
but come on you can’t just knock trt
because of a few bad apples when trt
clinics have literally helped save guys
saved their health and probably
protected their health in the future
because we now know how bad low
testosterone is for your body overall
so anyway guys greg not trying to rip on
you or anything just kind of do a video
kind of like yours point out some things
you said uh
i’ll still watch your videos man but
anyway guys
as always you’re awesome and get your

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