RAD-140 Testolone Benefits! Neuro Protective? Prostate Health? Muscle Gains & Bone Health!

what’s going on guys destro levels here
thanks for watching
today we’ll be talking about a really
cool sarm this rad 140
also known as test alone and this is a
really cool compound it’s been shown to
do a lot of good stuff in clinical
it’s still in clinical studies and we’re
going to dive in
a little bit into how it works what it
does and where you can get it
it’s all about humanity
so first off right now rad140 is a
research chemical that is not fda
so while you can get it from reputable
sources like rats army and umbrella labs
you can’t take it yourself so you can
only do research with this
on your rat or your little pet lemur
monkey so don’t go taking this
even though it has some good benefits
just stay away from it just a research
chemical for right now
so rad 140 is an investigational
selective androgen receptor or
sarm developed as a future substitute
of ex-john ex-on-agis exomogis
testosterone replacement therapy it’s
really interesting
rad140 was initially designed to be
replacement for trt
as we know when you take outside
it shuts off your normal testosterone
and it’s replaced by testosterone and
the testosterone
grabs onto those engine receptors does
all kinds of other stuff
the idea behind rad140 is because it
targets androgen receptors is that
instead of the testosterone filling
those up you take the rad 140
it’s going to fill up those antigen
receptors and do most
or not all of the things that
testosterone does
now it does not seem that rad 140 is
continuing to be researched for this
so obviously it didn’t do as well as
they thought it did
but it’s currently being investigated
for some other stuff with promising
some of the benefits under investigation
are for the treatment of conditions such
muscle wasting and bone wasting so
people who have
any disease such as maybe hiv cancer
whatever it may be where they’re
losing muscle or losing bone mass
they’re testing rad 140 to see if that
can help them
and so far it seems very promising
rad140 is currently under the
development by radius health
for treatment of breast cancer and
postmenopausal women
we should have results by the end of
this year probably not but hopefully so
they’re testing rad140 on women with
breast cancer and what they found is
while rad140
acts as an androgen receptor in you know
bone muscle all that stuff
when it comes to breast tissue and also
for men prostate
it acts as an agonist so it kind of does
the opposite so it helps grow muscles
but helps
not allow breast tissue cancers
prostate to grow so they’re testing it
in women with breast cancer
to see if this can be an effective
treatment normally they would take
something like
seven milligrams of arimidex a day now
what they’re doing in these studies are
they’re giving women 100 milligrams of
rad 140
and they’re seeing if it helps and
hopefully it does and we have another
alternative to help
you know help the ladies out who get
that horrible disease
this one’s interesting according to a
study conducted by researchers at the
university of southern california
rad140 appears to be safer than
testosterone replacement therapy in rats
further research is required to
determine if rad140 is also safer than
trt and human subjects
that’s interesting but trt
every day almost every day i see
articles showing that
you know trt really doesn’t cause
prostate cancer it really doesn’t cause
heart attacks it really doesn’t cause
strokes you know the higher hematocrit
is really not an issue on trt for the
most part
obviously consult your doctor so
is trt safer than rad140
i don’t know but it’s interesting that
they found it to be
pretty darn safe another great thing
about rad140 is it has high oral
bioavailability and what that means is
that you don’t have to inject rad 140 to
bypass the stomach and the liver and all
you know some compounds you take them
orally they just get destroyed by the
stomach and the liver
aka testosterone that’s why i’m not a
big fan of jatenzo which is the
undecanoate in the little pills
testosterone’s never really been shown
to have good oral bioavailability hence
we inject it so being able to take
something like this and just a pill
and have your body be able to use it
very well is a definite plus
so they did some studies on monkeys and
in this study a mean weight gain of
greater than 10 percent
in just 21 days of dosing was achieved
at a dose of just
0.1 milligrams per kilogram with a
similar effect
observed at the 1.0 milligram per
kilogram dosing group
so what they’re saying there is that
well hey these monkeys got jacked and
juicy from taking rod 140
but you can see that the same group
that got point one and the other group
that got one milligram
per kilogram of body weight achieved
very similar results
and what that means for rad140 is that
there is a law of diminishing returns
if you saw my video that i did on my
research with squeakers
i’ll put it up here nope over there over
there okay i’ll put it up here
that’s kind of a funny video i did where
i outlined uh
what happened to squeakers when he took
10 milligrams of rad 140 for eight weeks
but they’re saying that the more
rad 140 you take it’s not gonna like
stack like testosterone you know
you take 200 milligrams of testosterone
and 500 you’re going to achieve
different results whereas if you take 10
milligrams of rad 140 and 100 milligrams
you’re not going to see much of a
difference probably just a higher side
effect profile
most people who do research do research
at 10 to 20 milligrams
20 being on the high side most people
10 milligrams is really the sweet spot
it’s different for everyone clinical
chemistry indicated that expected
lowering of lipids
ldl hdl and triglycerides despite the
rather dramatic increases in body weight
over such a short time
there was no elevation of liver enzyme
transaminase whatever that is levels in
any animal
and that’s an interesting point um you
know round 140
it has been shown to lower your
cholesterol which isn’t great when
you’re on trt
but you are only on it for eight weeks
so you could possibly
combat that after with carterine or red
yeast rice or whatever else for
helping your cholesterol but one of the
things a lot of people say
bro science-wise is that rad140 is
slightly liver toxic and
they’re saying here that they’re not
really seeing that or
to a high degree that would concern
these doctors that are doing research
given the well-established relationship
between oral androgen use and liver
we were quite pleased that at a dose
tenfold greater
than the fully effective dose we saw
minimal liver enzyme elevations
so let’s say someone’s rat was taking 10
they’re giving
what whoever in the study 100 milligrams
and they’re really not seeing too many
liver enzyme
issues they’re really not seeing them
elevate much at all
so that’s good to know so this is what i
was getting into when i was talking
about how
rad 140 is selective it goes to bone and
and grabs on or attaches to the androgen
receptors and helps trigger some growth
hopefully but it doesn’t just go and
attach to them everywhere
like it doesn’t seem to like kind of
with that with the prostate and with
breast tissue
so this may be something that later on
down the day
later on down the day later on down the
we could see implemented in men whose
maybe their psa is creeping up
or men with breast cancer or as a
preventative treatment
for prostate cancer or for shrinking the
so i’ll read you what this says here
upon oral administration psarm rad140
acts as an agonist in select tissues
such as skeletal muscle and bone
where it binds to and activates androgen
in the prostate and breast rad140 acts
as an antagonist
and blocks ar activation and the ar
mediated cellular proliferation
this agent may improve bone formation
and muscle mass and strength
and may inhibit both the growth of the
prostate in males
and ar dependent breast cancers cancer
proliferation so i might kind of
explained what that said but that’s
that’s really cool and i really hope
that it works out and proves that that
is really what it does and i’d like to
see this uh
hopefully be a a medicine that’s used to
help lots of different people another
couple of facts about rad140 and then
we’ll wrap this video up
uh little to no aromatization to
estrogen so
you don’t have to worry about rad 140
spiking your rats estrogen levels you
know if you’re already dialed in on trt
and you know you’re worried about
estrogen don’t have to worry about that
like you would with hcg or you know some
other stuff
it is shown to be neuroprotective in
rats we also covered that
so helps build muscle strength bones
it’s neuroprotective and could possibly
be used
to treat prostate issues and breast
pretty cool compound i’m glad they’re
still doing research on this one
a lot of these sarms that have been
shown to do really really good stuff
like cartereen for lipids and mk677
you know for a bunch of stuff it’s nice
to see that they’re still doing research
on these because some of these they just
they have one bad study and they just
cut it off let’s move on to something
when looking at the clinical data
available it has been shown to be more
potent than other compounds such as
lgd4033 and mk2866
especially in the building mass and
strength department
now what’s interesting is when i spoke
with the owner of rat’s army he told me
he likes lgd-4033 is more of a bulking
whereas rad140 is more of a body recomp
compound they kind of the nickname for
rad140 is trend light
it’s not just a huge mass builder but it
packs on hard dense muscle
it doesn’t add water weight can add to
vascularity and endurance and strength
but it’s not just like a pure bulking
agent it’s just interesting to see
different people’s point of views on
these compounds
now the half-life in a study recently
they found the real half-life of rad140
they used to think that rad140 was about
24 hours
so guys were taking you know more than
10 milligrams to
try to keep it in their system all the
time but recently they found that the
half-life is actually 50 to 60 hours
so if you take your rat takes 10
milligrams per day you know you’re going
to get that gradual build up and it’s
going to stay it’s going to be a real
constant in your body which is good we
like constant we don’t like
peaks and valleys peaks and valleys so
rad 140 does have some side effects
not everyone will experience them but i
want to make you aware of them just in
case you’re doing some research and
you notice your rat complaining these
are some things to look for
headaches my rat did get some headaches
the first two weeks some people say
that’s pretty common
some people say that’s because that’s
the liquid that it’s dissolved in which
is peg 400
they’re the one dry joints my rat
definitely experienced this and we had
to supplement with
some red gatorade zero he really liked
the red flavor
lemon lime was his second favorite but
after a few weeks he started feeling
dried out
his joints were achy you know you get
those little twinges and those little
pains when he was running on his
exercise wheel
so that’s one definitely to look out for
so if your rat’s taking
rad 140 make sure their water bottle is
of red gatorade zero or water at all
so make sure they’re very hydrated
suppression of hormones
different sarms will suppress your
hormones different
degrees rad 140 does seem to be
suppressive it’s not the most
oppressive but if your rat isn’t on trt
you may experience the side effects of
low testosterone
and your rat would probably have to do
some post cycle therapy with something
like tamoxifen
hcg all the normal pct stuff
so don’t think that just because your
taking this that it’s not affecting your
hormones you got to keep an eye on this
our bodies are all intertwined and
apparently when all your androgen
receptors are filled up with rad 140
your body doesn’t really see the need to
make as much testosterone
which will in turn lead to lower
estrogen levels and all that other good
stuff that comes along with low
nausea my rat did not get this but some
people report it
aggression my rat didn’t get it but some
people report it
for most things with aggression like
with testosterone
what i’ve personally found is that if
you got a short fuse
or you’re kind of a dick in general
anything that
testosterone or rad140 may amplify that
i consider anabolics and this other
i consider them to be personality
whether that be good or bad so keep an
eye on that
hair shut in a lot of guys are obviously
concerned about this
because male pattern baldness sucks my
rat definitely did notice this to a
certain degree
i think i said in my squeakers video
if you normally saw like two or four
after like you know shampooing um
he may notice four or five definitely be
i mean it doesn’t seem to be permanent
it seems to slow down after you stop
taking this but definitely keep that in
mind there’s no free lunches and rad 140
is no different
so you know if you’re already losing
your hair this may not be the compound
for you
or if you’re worried about it you may
want to get some minoxidil some rogaine
and supplement that while doing this to
kind of counteract the
hair shedding and the other last one is
fatigue and a lot of people
they end up feeling fatigued toward the
end of doing research
or the rats do at the end of the
research and
usually what this is attributed to is
suppress testosterone levels
so for the first five six weeks you’re
feeling good
but your body’s turning off that
testosterone a little bit by a little
and by week maybe five through eight
your uh
testosterone levels are lower than what
they should be and you’re gonna start to
feel tired and you’ll start to
low t symptoms so keep an eye on that if
you’re not on trt
you know this is you have to make a
decision of whether you want to do stuff
this because like i said there’s no free
lunch be careful out there guys when
you’re doing research with your rats
i’ve used for my research i used
umbrella labs
and but then i found rat’s army and i’ve
such good reviews on rat’s army from so
many different people that
i actually went out and got four
different bottles from them and
they smell great i haven’t researched
with them yet
but i will keep you posted on that so i
links in the description with discounts
rats army i believe is 20
off and umbrella labs is 10 off uh
they’re both legit
both seem like good companies to deal
with so
that’s about it guys so that’s rad140
really cool compound really hope the
research continues
and uh maybe we’ll see this uh at the
pharmacy one day
for a bunch of different stuff and
hopefully it can help humanity out a
little bit
so thanks for watching guys that’s
rad140 as always
you’re awesome and get your levels

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