Matrix Hormones TRT Clinic Review, Discount Code, Coupon Code!

Matrix Hormones TRT Clinic Review, Discount Code, Coupon Code! Matrix Hormones is a telemedicine TRT Clinic based out of Florida, who can treat men with low testosterone in all 50 states. Matrix Hormones TRT Clinic specializes in low testosterone in men. Matrix Hormones has a great business model in which you only pay for the medicine you need. They also allow you to use your existing insurance for lab work. Matrix Hormones also has many other treatments available such as, Vitamin infusions, ED related medicines and Peptide Treatments like TB-500 and BPC-157!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for watching
i want to let you guys know for the past
few months i’ve been digging around
and talking to a lot of different trt
clinics trying to find
some new ones for you that i can
recommend and someone’s with some
different options
different structures as to how you pay
how everything works
because options are always a good thing
i still like royal medical but i want to
give you guys some options
so today i wanted to talk to you about
matrix hormones
and their online telemedicine trt clinic
just like the other ones that are out
there where they can
you know you could be in wyoming they
could be in arkansas and
they can treat you as a patient and you
get your medicine mailed to you
by a compounding pharmacy just the same
but they do things a little bit
different and i think you’re going to
like this and i think this is going to
be an attractive option
for a lot of people out there the first
interesting thing about matrix hormones
is that they will run your labs through
your insurance so if you have insurance
they will give you the little slit to
get your blood test
and you go to lab corp requests or
whatever lab you go to
and you can get labs done and if you’re
a new patient
they’ll even take your old labs and it
can’t be too old you can’t have labs
from like two years ago and be like hey
these are my levels
but if you have recent lab tests that
you’ve gotten from your regular doctor
or through insurance
they’ll take them they’ll look at them
and they’ll figure out if you’re a
so i think that’s pretty cool because i
know a lot of other trt clinics
you know they have their proprietary
labs that they go through
and you pay the trt clinic instead of
the lab and it’s usually marked up a
little bit
you know you can’t hate you know they
have to make money they’ve got overhead
they’ve got lots of people they got to
deal with a lot of stuff so
you gotta make money somewhere
everyone’s gotta make money that’s just
the way life is
the other cool thing about matrix
hormones is that if you don’t have
insurance and you’re paying cash
they have a contract with lab corp where
you can get a full trt blood test
for 90 bucks that’s not bad i don’t even
think i can get a blood test with
insurance for 90 bucks
so that’s uh that’s pretty cool it’s
pretty uh interesting and
probably an attractive option for any of
you guys out there that
insurance is freaking crazy expensive
and you don’t have it because
it’s crazy expensive it doesn’t cover
anything anyway
moving on before i move on to the next
really attractive thing about matrix
is when i was talking to them i emailed
them and i said hey i’m a little tiny
youtuber you know i want to see if you
guys fit my with my subscribers and i
can recommend you
and they said sure we’ll have someone
give you a call so someone gave me a
set up a call for the next day and i’m
talking to this person about matrix
and within the first minute or two i
realized like i’m not talking to a
marketing coordinator
and i was like are you one of the
doctors there and he’s like yeah i’m the
head doctor here dr
ken and i was like wow really wasn’t
expecting the the head doctor there
at a you know a good size trt clinic to
just call some small youtuber
hey those are the kind of people they
are and i thought that was pretty cool
and i was impressed by that
and i can tell you from talking to him
that he knows his stuff
he knows a lot of stuff about peptides
about different vitamins they have a lot
of different stuff
we’ll get into that but we’re going to
jump into the next really cool thing
about matrix hormones
so matrix hormones has a little bit
different business model than you may be
accustomed to from trt clinics
there are no contracts there’s no
monthly fees there’s no auto order
there’s no
anything like that they only charge you
for the medicine that you use
so if you’re just taking testosterone
and that’s it
that’s all you pay for if you want
testosterone and hcg
that’s all you pay for and if you use
takes three months to use that up you
don’t pay anything to them until you
need to reorder
so basically you’re just being charged
for the medicine that you’re using
which is pretty cool so if you’re just
on tests you don’t want any ais you
don’t want hcg
then it’s just test and that’s all you
pay for i think that’s really cool and
it’s a really cool business model
now i know what you’re saying there’s
got to be some cash there’s got to be
some catch how would they make money
well maybe 100 honest with you their
medicines are a little bit more
expensive than you would normally see if
you got it from your doctor
but you’re getting it from a trt clinic
because your doctor probably turned you
away or your insurance won’t cover it
so that’s the rub so the only way that
they make money is from the medicine so
they do have to charge a little bit more
remember they have overhead they’ve got
phones they have websites they have
employees they have a facility
all that stuff so they have to make
money somewhere but i think once i break
this down for you
you’re gonna see this is a really
attractive solution and on top of that
you’re most likely to be saving money on
your labs so a 10
ml bottle of testosterone costs 225
if you break that down it’s about 70 to
90 a month
so it’s really not bad if you compare it
to some other trt clinics which are more
expensive than that
they also offer hcg 6000 ius for 145
breaks down to about 48 a month so right
now you’re looking about
118 to 138 that’s out the door you know
you’re not paying any monthly fees
you know your labs or you can still do
them through your insurance or you can
pay them 90 bucks when you want labs
and there’s some other perks that’ll
come along with that which i’ll get into
a little later
but i’m going to go over some of the
other stuff that they offer which is
pretty cool they offer some stuff that a
lot of trt clinics do not
and they’re fluent in them they know how
they work and uh they can recommend
as you need it if you need it if you
discuss all the stuff your goals
any aches and pains some ed whatever it
may be
let them know all that stuff and they’ll
hopefully provide you some solutions so
they have numerous vitamin injections
uh their most popular is tremtropic
which is mic b
complex one two five six twelve and
they have straight b12 they have
ultimate aminos
branched chains amino acids glutamine
arginine carnitine
uh they have vitamin d vitamin c
tri-immune blends
uh lipotropic glands gluthalion
they also have numerous peptides and
that’s one of the things i asked the
i asked him just kind of see where he
was at do you know about
tb 500 and bpc157
he says he’s very familiar with it he
likes them and he uses them on his
patients when they need it
so that’s really cool you know you don’t
have to get it from other places you can
get right from your trt clinic
mailed to your door hard to argue with
that another interesting
thing with matrix hormones is they try
to avoid
ai as much as possible i know ai
huge controversy not getting into that
video but
they try not to prescribe it as much as
possible they also mention that they go
through some natural routes to try to
handle your estrogen if it spikes or
gets too high
i’m assuming calcium to glucorate dim
maybe some other stuff that i don’t know
about maybe i need to call up dr ken and
see what they’ve got cooking
but i thought that was pretty cool uh
you know it’s one of the few trt clinics
i’ve talked to
that really tries to keep the ai to a
they will prescribe it if you need it
obviously but i like the way they look
at that
they try to mitigate it without using ai
if you’re interested in talking to
matrix clinic or possibly joining
you can actually do a phone consultation
with them you put in all your
information on their website and i’ll
screenshot it and show me signing up and
they’ll give you a call and they’ll go
over it with you
they’ll see if they need to send you for
labs or discuss if you already have labs
and they’ll get the ball rolling and
that’s completely free
but if you just want to skip the
consultation you know you have low
testosterone you know you want to be
when they call you up you can say hey i
want to get started they’ll write you
the slip for your labs
it will either go through your insurance
or it’s 90 bucks through them
get the process going and get treated as
soon as possible that’s pretty cool
seems like they’re on the ball and
they’re ready to help if you’re a
so to start with matrix labs normally
it’s 300
bucks and i beat them down i beat them
and i got it so if you on that form i’ll
put this up on screen where it says who
referred you you put test your levels
they’ll give you 200 off so it’s 100 to
get started
you only pay for the medicine that you
need and the labs are either cheap
or go through your insurance and i also
mentioned that they have
so many other different vitamins and
peptides and
vitamins all kinds of good stuff i said
vitamins twice but that’s okay
because they have lots of vitamins i
think matrix hormones is going to be a
really good option for a lot of you
especially if you’re starting out they
definitely know their stuff
and i think that they’ll be able to get
you dialed in really quick
and you’re only paying for the medicines
that you need which is really nice
and if you want to have some other
issues you got some pain
got some issues down there whatever it
may be
they’ve got a bunch of different
treatments that they can recommend to
and get you started get you fixed up get
you back in fighting shape and
get back to being the man that you were
always meant to be
so that’s going to wrap it up guys
remember test your levels as a referral
you get 200 off that’s uh that’s good
and uh it’s gonna be it’s gonna stay
right in your pocket
so if you’re interested in talking to
them remember
you can get a phone consultation before
you start um just fill out the form put
your phone number your email who
referred you
obviously test your levels and uh get
the ball rolling
because i don’t know about you but i
would get real tired of dealing with
i dealt with it for a little bit and i
took matters in my own hands and now i
have anyway
if you’re feeling bad out there if you
have low testosterone you’re borderline
and your doc’s just not with it he’s old
he’s not dealing with hormones he’s not
writing tests
give matrix hormones a call i think
you’re gonna be pretty impressed
so thanks for watching guys um i hope
you found this interesting
and uh i’m just glad that i was able to
find another really good trt clinic
and get you guys some money off so that
you can get started and stop dealing
with all this other
bs and get the treatment that you need
so thanks for watching guys
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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