How to Fix Your Cholesterol on TRT – Raise HDL Cholesterol, Lower LDL Cholesterol

what’s going on guys tester levels here
welcome back to the channel today we’re
discussing cholesterol levels
and if you’re on trt and you’ve done a
little bit of research
uh you should probably know that when
you take trt
most men’s ldl which is the bad
cholesterol goes up
and demands hdl which is the good
cholesterol goes down
and according to everything that we’ve
been told our entire lives
that’s a really bad thing and we would
need to
take supplements make lifestyle changes
in order to try and reverse that
but there is some research and we’re
going to touch on this toward the end of
the video
showing that cholesterol may not be that
important for our overall health
but here’s a quick medical disclaimer
and then we’ll get started it’s all
about humanity
so you’ve been told your whole life that
you need to keep your cholesterol low
mainly your ldl cholesterol and you need
to try to keep your hdl
up and i’m going to discuss with you
some ways that you can do that
through lifestyle changes and through
the medicines that doctors prescribe
patients in order to keep their
cholesterol under control or
to lower are called statins and they’re
very highly prescribed medicines and is
a very lucrative business
and i don’t not against statins or any
way but i’m going to try to show you
some ways that naturally you can help
get your cholesterol levels
in a better range so we’ll start off
with lifestyle changes
reducing saturated fats most saturated
fats are found in either processed foods
or fattier meats also you want to avoid
trans fats and this was a big thing a
few years ago
and they’re still doing some research on
it but overall if you’re trying to get
your cholesterol levels in a better
you should probably avoid trans fats now
the two basic ones which pretty much
anything to help get your body healthier
is to exercise and lose weight
us as americans we’re not very good at
that got bad food
everywhere and we don’t get enough
exercise so
after you’re done watching this video go
do some exercise cook yourself a healthy
let’s get into some foods that can help
balance out your cholesterol levels
help lower your ldl and help raise your
we’ve got beans avocados nuts
especially almonds and walnuts fatty
fish such as salmon or herring
whole grains especially oats and barley
fruits and berries dark chocolate and
garlic pretty much any vegetable
tea green tea dark leafy greens
extra virgin olive oil whey protein
which is something that i take a good
amount of so
that’s something flax seeds red wine in
anything citrus and also soy
if you noticed there were no brands
there was no processed food really
except for soy
there’s really nothing that’s man-made
on there except for whey protein and red
and those are both derived from dairy
and from grapes
so if we had to take one thing away from
we would probably say that the less
processed foods that we ate
and the more vegetables and meats and
and all that good stuff that comes from
nature is good for our bodies
it’s pretty basic but when you feed your
body better and you feed it the stuff
that nature provides
you’re going to be overall healthier and
in this case it should help
get your cholesterol into a better range
so the next one is triglycerides so what
can we do to help lower our
to lower triglycerides we can reduce our
sugar intake
you can also try the low carb diet eat
more fiber that’s actually something
that i’m doing i actually went out and
bought some metamucil and let me tell
you that stuff is potent and it
definitely works as
advertised fatty fish is on here again
for triglycerides
salmon herring any fatty fish with a lot
of omega oils
unsaturated fats these are good fats
found in avocados
olive oil you know mixed nuts all that
good stuff
that’s uh unsaturated fats and that’s
supposed to help with triglycerides
and probably overall cholesterol as well
let’s say you switched up your diet and
you’re eating a lot more healthier stuff
stuff from nature
but you’re still having issues getting
your cholesterol levels to
flip-flop lower ldl and higher hdl
well here’s a whole list of supplements
and i’m going to list all these
supplements in the description
uh so you can take them do some research
if you want to purchase any of them
there’ll be a link right there we’ve got
fiber psyllium psyllium husk which is
what is basically metamucil is ginger
flaxseeds fish oil fenugreek
garlic extract google which g-u-g-g-u-l
not g-o-o-g-l-e curcumin
coenzyme q10 red yeast rice
red yeast rice which is the interesting
one that’s what my doctor
recommended that i try because remember
when we were talking about the statin
almost all of them are made from red
yeast rice
i don’t know the entire process and what
they do to them but
the base is red yeast rice so he says
if they’re making all these medicines
from this then taking the actual stuff
is probably good for your cholesterol as
well but be careful and talk to your
doctor before you
try red yeast rice if you choose to it
does have a mild statin built into it
so you have to talk to your doctor to
make sure that you’d be okay with that
artichoke leaf extract ginseng
and plant sterols also known as beta
cytosterol and beta-satostrol there’s
actually a supplement
on amazon somehow they figured out a way
to get all these plant steriles
into a little pill to try and help you
with your cholesterol
so i’m going to do a video on this and
i’m going to do a lot more research but
i was watching a documentary called
fat fiction and basically what they said
was that when the food pyramid was
it was created to get people eating more
carbohydrates so they put the scary
fats and fatty meats and all that at the
top and then they got like dairy
and vegetables and carbs and
america produces a lot of carbs a lot of
a lot of corn so the their theory
is that the food pyramid was kind of
to get americans eating stuff that
america makes
therefore strengthening the economy and
they were talking about how
back in the day we basically ate fruit
berries vegetables and meat so they were
you know how over millions of years you
were we eating fatty meats and all that
you know stuff that we think of as bad
how come it’s suddenly bad but now that
we’re eating tons of carbs and processed
it’s supposed to be healthy for us but
we’re more obese and sicker as a
so that’s just something i found
interesting and i found some studies
i’m not going to call them conclusive
but they kind of
support that idea so they did a test in
like 4 500 people
between 31 and 65 years old who are free
from cardiovascular disease and cancer
under the age of 50 cholesterol levels
were directly laded with 30-year overall
and cbd mortality overall death
increases five percent
and cardiovascular death uh nine percent
for each 10 milligram dl that your
cholesterol goes up
but what’s interesting is this study
said that after 50 years old
higher cholesterol or lower cholesterol
really doesn’t make a difference
after age 50 years there is no increased
overall mortality with either high or
low serum cholesterol levels
so that’s an interesting one and i’ve
got another one for you high ldl is
associated with mortality in most people
over 60 years
this finding is inconsistent with the
cholesterol hypothesis
that cholesterol particularly ldl is
inherently dangerous
since elderly people with high ldl live
as long
or longer than those with low ldl our
analysis provides reason to question the
of the cholesterol hypothesis moreover
our study provides the rationale for a
revaluation of guidelines
recommending pharmacological reduction
of ldl and the elderly
as a component of cardiovascular disease
prevention strategies
researchers chose 30 studies in total to
28 studies looked at the link with death
from any cause
12 found no link between ldl immortality
but 16 actually found that lower ldl was
linked with higher mortality risk
the opposite of what was to be expected
do you need to monitor and actively try
lower your ldl and raise your hdl
i don’t know but i do know that i do
like to try and keep as many parameters
of my blood tests within normal ranges
were we designed to eat fatty meat and
whatever our cholesterol
level is as long as we’re following a
you know diet of a normal
human through evolution where we had to
hunt and gather
i don’t know either cholesterol is one
of those interesting things where we’ve
been told one thing for so long
do we know if it’s true i don’t know but
i’m going to dig in and do more research
so if you’re new to the channel and
you’re interested in stuff like this
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i appreciate you guys watching i just
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i love the support you guys have given
me and i hope to continue to keep making
videos and
give you guys some information so thanks
for watching
and as always you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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