Double Standards Males Deal with in Society!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
coming at you with a video a little bit
different than what i normally cover
but uh there’s only so many compounds
you can test at one time
and there’s only so many scientific
based videos that i can do
so today we’re going to come at you with
some double standards that men deal with
and it’s pretty extensive list
pretty extensive so it’s probably gonna
be a part two to this
so the first double standard that’s
pretty much just
a formula at this point for sitcoms is
stupid dad smart mom stupid son
smart daughter it’s pretty much just a
formula these days
uh remember the simpsons homer dumb
march smart bart stupid lisa smart
maggie kind of iffy because she’s a baby
but uh
she’s pretty crafty and then you got
family guy
peter dumb lois smart you know it’s it’s
just kind of a formula these days that
the men are just bumbling idiots and
they always make a mess or they can’t
figure out how to deal with the
and then the wife fixes it or the wife
you know
really you know talks them tells them
what the you know the right thing to do
is and solves the problem and
i just think over years and years it’s
kind of made men
seem and feel stupid because everyone
who’s on tv
who’s supposed to be in the same kind of
situation as them kind of the family
is portrayed as stupid the only sitcom
that i can really remember
that was kind of a little bit different
was married with children
but that wasn’t a whole that was a whole
show is a whole different ball game
um you know everyone was kind of stupid
in that show but they did reverse
kelly and bud so kelly was the less
intelligent one and
bud was the smarter one so it got me
you know if if men are so stupid i mean
how have we been able to do such great
and i’m not taking away anything that
women have done
but um i mean if they’re so much smarter
than us and we’re so stupid and we’re
just bumbling idiots that screw up
i mean how did we found countries invent
the automobile
you know how have we been able to do all
this with
you know our so much lower you know
genetics it’s crazy to me that we’ve
been able to accomplish so much
with so little another very common one
if a man dumps a woman girlfriend
wife whatever it may be you know he’s
has cold feet you know he’s just
he’s just not a good husband he’s not a
good person you know he just
he left this girl and you know she’s
gonna be in such a bad spot and
just a bad person he just couldn’t make
it work there’s gotta be something wrong
with him
but when a woman dumps a boyfriend or
gets divorced it’s
go girl there’s more fish in the sea he
was a loser
don’t worry about him you know girl
you know it’s it’s a common double
standard and before i even get further
there’s lots of double standards for
women as well there’s lots of them trust
me i
i see that uh this isn’t just a
one-sided argument but
98 of people that watch my channel are
men so i figured covering the women one
would uh not get very many views when it
comes to certain body stuff
certain parts um
male mutilation common uh it’s even
basically a religious practice um common
and accepted in all parts of the world
the opposite
is basically illegal everywhere except
for like i don’t know a couple countries
in like central africa
and that’s even controversial now i’m
not saying that
anyone should be being mutilated but
it’s just interesting to see that around
the world
for men it’s a common practice it’s
normal but for women crazy illegal
taboo yeah so if a man makes a woman
angry it’s his fault you know 99 of the
time it’s his fault
he’s doing something he’s being stupid
he messed up something
he said something wrong it’s his fault
but if a woman
is getting mad at a man it’s also his
he did something stupid he messed
something up i mean it’s
it’s a pretty crazy double standard you
make a woman mad
your fault woman makes you mad your
fault as well
so on to physical issues
mainly in relationships um i mean i know
that it is more common
for the man to be not being so nice to
the woman
it’s obviously more common but what goes
under the radar and it may be more
common than you think is women not being
so nice to men
you can look up articles on this where i
you see the pictures of these guys mug
shots where these guys are
you know they’re beat up really bad and
but they’re in the mug shot because they
you know maybe they went overboard i
don’t know i’m just talking generalized
but you know maybe they defended
but another this rolls right into
another one
with you know police get called
for physical altercation in the home
i mean do i even have to say it i mean
99 of the time
the guy’s going i mean all the woman has
to say
is he did this and sir can you put your
hands behind your back
and that’s just kind of the way it is
but that’s definitely a double standard
now i don’t condone that from anyone in
any situation that should never occur
but just something i’d like to bring to
light this next one
is a large social stigma so if a man
is a stay-at-home father who takes care
of the kids takes care of the house the
laundry the cooking
soccer practice all that good stuff
they’re probably just a loser who
couldn’t get a good job and be the
that’s just kind of how they’re viewed
and it’s a big social stigma
but when you have a woman who is the
homemaker and does
all that stuff she’s you know a strong
empowered woman
taking care of her family it’s viewed as
praised whereas
the men doing it there has to be
something wrong with them you know why
they go out and get a you know a solid
200k marketing job
you know why is their wife have to do
that what’s wrong with them and what’s
interesting about that
is in a lot of like you know blogs and
social media
you know women have created memes and
articles about
you know taking care of the home and
taking care of the kids of cooking
that’s a 40-hour job and that’s that’s a
full-time job doing that
and i agree it does take a lot of time
but when a man is doing that same
40-hour job taking care of the family
and doing all that other stuff
there’s something wrong with him why
wouldn’t he be out working so another
is i’m sure you’ve seen in the news
certain teachers
that spend extra curricular time with
certain students
people high school and younger
when a female does that
the chargers are almost you know usually
like 10 times smaller than if it was the
roles were reversed
um and then you’ll get the social stuff
people be like oh that kid’s lucky i
wish something like that happened to me
in high school
oh brush it off he’s a boy he’ll be fine
not a big deal but if those rolls are
i mean it’s a whole different story a
whole different story complete 180
and obviously i mean any of that going
on is horrible
but the fact that it’s so lopsided and
it’s viewed different socially
is a big double standard another one is
showing feelings and this is ingrained
in us from a very young age
if you’re a kid you’re on the playground
someone smacks you with a toy truck
you start crying you’re told to suck it
up be a man
you know walk it out stop crying
and this goes on through our entire
lives our entire lives
you know anytime something bad happens
to us we’re told to suck it up
[ __ ] up man be a man about it you know
it’s uh it’s an interesting thing i mean
was i know that you know it’s it’s a
cultural thing
but you know it goes on through our
entire lives you know i mean
soldiers with ptsd you know i mean it’s
it’s starting to change a little bit
but the overall theme is still you’re a
man suck it up
it goes from you know physical injury to
mental health to you know jobs i mean
everything in our life we’re just told
to suck it up
you know you’re not supposed to have
feelings you know you can’t cry
you know everything that happens to you
you just need to put it behind you
keep on moving forward power through it
you’re a strong man
um but you know on the flip side it’s
it’s a lot different it’s a lot
different you know it’s there’s a lot
more sympathy for females than there are
for men
we’re these big strong people with no
emotions and we just you know
power through it and do all that but you
know we’re human just like everyone else
and everyone needs a shoulder to cry on
you know everyone needs a little
reassurance a little
tlc but
it’s just kind of the way society is
we’re viewed as the strong ones women
are more viewed as the weaker ones so
you know if if we have emotional
problems or we’re going through a tough
we just gotta power through it man
perseverance power through it be strong
be a man
so i think that’s all for part one guys
i hope you found this interesting
once again not taking any away from
female double standards because there’s
tons of those
but not very many women watch my channel
so it’d be kind of pointless for me to
make a video
and i’d probably be called sexist for
making it so
with that guys as always you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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