Double Standards Males Deal with in Society! Part 2

what’s going on guys welcome to part two
of double standards that
men deal with on a regular basis uh in
the first video the first one that i
touched on was men being portrayed as
idiots in normal tv shows movies all
i just want to kind of expand on that
one just a little bit to start off
you know we’re portrayed as idiots
bumbling fools
messing everything up can’t figure out
life can’t figure out situations
but you know what somehow when someone
gets a flat tire
um when someone needs uh some plumbing
uh someone needs some electrical done uh
someone needs a sprinkler head fixed
somehow we’re we’re kind of smarter than
that we were able to like
fix things and put things together
you know we’ve invented a few things
here and there like
you know the automobile and planes and
different things like that but you know
on tv we’re a bunch of freaking idiots
and that kind of annoys me and i think
it’s grown
a culture of men who kind of feel
inferior to women
another thing i wanted to touch on was
the phrase and i’m sure you’ve heard it
happy wife happy life how about happy
couple happy life
why is it if only the wife is happy that
the man is going to be happy as well
just because the wife’s happy and not
mad at him
it’s a happy life well that’s not
reality let’s say happy wife wants to
buy a fifteen hundred dollar purse
and that’s gonna max out your credit
card um well
no unhappy wife means we get all the
bills paid
we don’t get our house foreclosed on and
uh we can go on leaving a
pretty happy life without the purse i
don’t know how he got to this in a
that in a marriage as long as the wife’s
and not yelling at you you should just
be happy and this is spreading a lot of
weak men who let women control their
and you know around the coffee at work
in the water cooler it’s
oh you know happy wife happy life you
and i don’t agree with that i think that
everything should be equal in a
if one person’s not happy then i don’t
feel that’s a good relationship
i think both people should be happy and
they should work together
to get a better life save money so they
can retire early save money they can go
on vacations
um you know just it comes into all
factors of a marriage
one person being happy and the other one
not being not feeling bad because
they’re getting yelled at that’s not a
healthy relationship and i don’t think
that’s uh
i think a lot of men have fallen into
that where they can’t say no to their
i know some people like this they can’t
say no to their wife
it’s the kind of it’s the guy that when
you’re going to
an adult club with other guys he’s the
one that
tries to get like all the other guys to
lie to their wives because he’s not man
enough to stand up to his wife and say
hey i’m going this place with my buddies
and uh yeah but it’s bred a lot of men
that are scared of their wives they
can’t say no to them
no honey don’t worry you know that
fifteen hundred dollar purse i know
you’ve had your eye on it for a while
we’ll just have to always have to pull
some overtime so that we can
keep the electricity on and buy
groceries for the kids
um that’s not a healthy relationship and
i think that’s very
lopsided and i think that if you’re in a
relationship like that where you just
say yes to your wife so that you don’t
have to deal with anything
you’re probably not very happy and she’s
probably not happy either because she
has a pushover as a husband
so women are able to reject men based on
how they look
or the car that they drive without being
viewed as shallow
if you go up to a girl at a restaurant
you try to hit on her or talk to her and
you’re not the most attractive man
that’s creepy that’s creepy what a creep
but if you walk over there looking like
brad pitt
it’s a little bit of a different story
so women have the ability to reject men
saying that they’re creepy or what a
creeper that’s gross
we’re having dinner but if men do the
same thing
if men’s if uh if a girl that’s a little
comes up and approaches you at a
restaurant or a nightclub
and you’re like sorry i’m not interested
that’s not really my preference
your view is shallow all you want is the
skinny girls that’s all you want is the
skinny girls
you know she’s a little thicker so you
don’t like her you’re kind of shallow
that’s rude
and so women can just reject men
for whatever reason and men
it’s viewed as shallow if we reject them
for whatever the case may be and that’s
definitely a double standard so if a man
unfaithful in a marriage he’s obviously
a jerk he’s a philanderer
you know this the poor little wife is
sitting at home
and this guy’s out you know just being a
and you know he’s doing all this stuff
and he’s just uh you know he’s a jerk
what a what a jerk
but if a woman does the exact same thing
what’s the first thing that comes to
mind oh well husband wasn’t taking care
of her husband probably wasn’t paying
her enough tension
um you know he wasn’t giving her enough
of his time so
you know she’s justified in doing that
because he wasn’t putting enough effort
into the relationship or he
couldn’t take care of business whatever
it may be you see the double standard
man goes out he’s a creep what a jerk
a woman does the exact same thing and
somehow it’s the guy’s fault
divorce laws divorce laws and child
custody child support all that stuff
super lopsided on the female side
men get the short end of the stick and i
don’t know what percentages but a good
amount of the time
i remember seeing some of these these
basketball players that have gotten
and their wives are getting like 50
grand a month 50 grand a month it’s just
based on his income
and the justification behind it is that
well she needs that 50 grand
to live the lifestyle that she was
accustomed to
i mean noah needs 50 grand just to live
and no one needs 50 grand a month to
take care of a child or two children or
10 kids no one needs that amount of
i find it baffling that through this
talent hard work determination all that
stuff he’s gotten himself into a
where he’s a celebrity and a big sports
star and he’s making a ton of money
and just because he was married to this
and she lived in a nice house and drove
a nice car and he provided her lots of
nice stuff
because he’s pretty rich that she gets
to live that lavish lifestyle
for the rest of her life or until the
kids are 18.
i mean that’s just mind-boggling to me i
mean i’m not saying that like
she should just be left high and dry but
i mean 50 grand a month
that’s six hundred thousand dollars a
year six hundred thousand dollars
who needs six hundred thousand dollars
to you know live a certain lifestyle
and granted he’s making more than that
but why does getting married and then
getting divorced meaning that this woman
who may or may not have worked may who
gets to live that type of lifestyle that
he was providing her
for 18 years or for the rest of his life
i mean that’s crazy
i mean don’t get me wrong i don’t think
that you should just leave them high and
but i mean maybe five grand a month i
mean that’s enough to
live a really nice life five grand a
month that’s not bad
but 50 grand that’s a little excessive
i don’t know if i was super rich and
like a
football player or basketball player or
movie star
man i would have a hardcore prenump and
i would be wrapping it up
for real it says wrap it up wrap that
[ __ ] up
so we’ll wrap this up with a famous
phrase that they say on
ships and you’ve probably seen it from
the movie titanic
when the boat starts going down it’s
women and children first
so boats going along it’s all good
we’re cruising in the north atlantic sea
lots of icebergs
everyone’s good everyone’s life is equal
at that point
it’s all good men women children we’re
all equal
we’re just humans but as soon as that
boat hits an iceberg
and starts going into the water somehow
at that point in time
my life is worth less than theirs i’m
okay with the children i’m okay with the
children i get it children i’m not
saying throw children into the atlantic
but and it’s just interesting i know
that’s an old phrase and i know it’s
from a different
world but you know it’s just interesting
if you really break it down is
boat’s good everyone’s equal
votes going down men’s lives are worth
like i said in the first video there’s
tons of double standards on female side
they deal with a lot of stuff too
i’m not taking away from that in any way
but women don’t really watch my channel
this is for all you guys we have a lot
of messed up things that happen to us
you know i mean just for another example
if you get a girl pregnant you have no
no say in what happens to that child
i get it it’s her body but it’s just
another example of
you know guys are out drinking
having a good time you get back home
maybe you forgot to wear something it
says wrap it up
she said she was taking something she
wasn’t whatever the situation may be
as soon as that little pregnancy test
comes back positive
you have no say at all no say
so you can have the kid you pay for it
you may want the child
she doesn’t so yeah so you have zero say
in it
and child custody that’s a whole other
thing i mean
obviously children need to be taken care
of but when you start getting attorneys
involved and
you know the woman’s not happy with you
you’re not happy with her
money gets involved for the next 18
years or so
it gets ugly and a lot of guys kind of
get the shaft
and just kind of is what it is but
you know we’re just a bunch of bumbling
idiots like homer simpson
and al bundy and uh yeah
just a bunch of bumbling idiots until
you get a flat tire
but thanks for watching guys as always
you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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