I Stopped Taking all AI for a Month. This is what Happened!!! TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

what’s going on guys texture levels here
thanks for watching so a little
background if you’re not familiar with
this channel or you haven’t watched all
the videos I take 200 milligrams of
testosterone sippy 1/8 every week and I
also take calcium deep blue curry which
I feel or at least for me really helps
control over estrogen and it keeps me
pretty level without having to use rim
attacks now before we get all fired up
and start firing away comments at me
telling me you’re hardcore stance on AI
or REM attacks I’m not pro AI I’m not
anti AI I think it is a case-by-case
situation between a man and his doctor
and I will not be replying to any
comments about it so don’t waste your
time but you can click on the like
button if you liked the video I recently
did a home test through let’s get
checked and there’s a link in the
description if you want to check out
some of their tests and you want to see
where your levels are at for whatever
reason I’m not judging and my estrogen
was at 50 and I was just taking calcined
igloo curry and I didn’t have body acne
I wasn’t having any estrogen symptoms
and I was feeling good and my ball ran
out and I thought to myself maybe I’ll
go for a month without anything at 200
milligrams to see how I feel and report
back so that’s what I’m doing in this
video so let’s get started you’re all
about you manage
so the first thing and I knew this was
gonna happen this happened when I first
started TRT on my own and I was at 200
milligrams got body acne I don’t know if
you can see it but that’s on my shoulder
and you’d see the chest and more chest
and that happens whenever my a stream
gets hot and that pimple on my chest
there that’s been there since it came it
came like out of two weeks into this
little test and it just will not go away
I’ve tried to pop it only a little bit
of whatever comes out and then it just
stays there and these this was actually
a little bit worse this was actually a
lot worse and it’s cleared up since I
started taking calcium D blue Krait
again so that’s the main symptom that I
get from it I get acne and that’s not a
bad thing and it’s not great but it’s
not gonna kill you so you know it is
what it is for me oh my extra gets high
I break out so let’s move on to how I
felt no I didn’t feel very different it
wasn’t anything crazy noticeable but I
did get more emotional at stuff you know
things would make me more sad when no
movies would make me more sad I didn’t
cry at all I swear but I’m seeing
something that’s sad like a dog dying in
a movie or Bambi getting shot it makes
me feel more sad it makes me feel more
emotional overall I’m not going crazy
and punching holes in walls or anything
like that it’s just overall I feel a
little bit more emotional with my
estrogen creeps up higher and if I had
to guess what my level was at it was 72
and I was just on sibian 8 and now I’m
on sibian 8 and 500 high use of HCG I
would guess with no AI or anything I
probably guess it’s in the 80s somewhere
if for all you guys leave me comments
about you’re an idiot you need to get
blood work this and that listen
blood work doesn’t go on trees so I call
my doctor every month and ask him to
give me a blood test he’s gonna be like
what the heck are you doing so anyway
I’m going to get blood soon I’m gonna
donate blood soon and then I’m gonna
bulk up soon and we’ll cover
in a later video now there’s one symptom
that I noticed that I have never noticed
before and it was very interesting one
and you might see this a good thing I
don’t see it as a good thing so toward
the end of the month the last two weeks
there were three or four times where I
was hanging out my wife and we were
doing wife/husband things and I couldn’t
complete the situation if you will if
you guys don’t understand what I’m
yeah you don’t I’m saying so I just
couldn’t you know get to the end and
that’s very interesting for me and if
you guys know I don’t really like to do
cardio I like about ten minutes of
cardio and then I like to be done with
cardio so you know it’s I know it’s a
little consisting of that as a good
thing but when you can’t it just won’t
happen it’s very frustrating on both
ends and you know and your wife’s like
wrap it up wrap it up be know the sign
is real simple be it’s just wrap it up
you know it’s it’s not a great situation
so I did notice that not the hugest a
deal’s not gonna kill you but you know I
didn’t get I didn’t get gynecomastia I
did puff up a little witless water
weight and what’s interesting is so the
last week of that little test
I was waiting about 2:17 grana this is
Korea buyers quarantine so I I gotta
getting two pounds so that’s not bad
I’ll take it
but what I did after this test was overs
I got myself another bottle of calcium
Teague create from Amazon there’s a link
in the description and I really liked it
it’s the best thing that I’ve taken for
estrogen outside of remedy acts so what
I did to kick-start you know get my
estrogen back to where it was
I took one milligram of Emma Dec split
into two dentists ages for that week and
I started taking the calcium igloo crate
and that was about a week ago and I can
already tell this is starting to clear
up a little bit this is starting to
clear up hopefully I don’t that’s
probably a scar that kind of sucks but
it is what it is and my back started to
clear up a little bit too I have a
picture of my back I’ll put on there it
was just interesting to see the
difference and how I feel and I just
want to report back I don’t have really
bad high estrogen sides
I mean being emotional and giggle acne
and having a couple instances where you
had an issue and yeah is is not you know
it’s not life-changing it’s not gonna
kill me but it’s definitely kind of
and I wasn’t super happy about it but it
is what it is and I just did a little
test bring you how I felt on it on few
hundred milligrams of sift which is a
higher dosage that a lot of Ghassan trt
so I’m gonna get real blood work I’m
gonna let my hormone levels balance out
a little bit probably or two weeks from
now and I’m also gonna donate blood and
this is something interesting the place
near me it’s called one blood and
there’s lots of different blood banks
all around the you know the country but
give your local blood bank or a couple
of them a call because my blood bank is
actually once I donate blood they’re
gonna test my blood for the corona virus
antibodies for free and I applied give
me a shirt and probably
giftcard – so instead of going out and
paying for it I would give them a call
see if they’re doing that and if they
are and you’re gonna donate blood anyway
hey we still know if you had the Rona
because I got sick in January and it was
very mild I was sick for about two days
not even really sick just kinda like
feeling like I was getting sick so it’d
be interesting to know my wife got sick
around that time – a different time in a
different sickness she actually got sick
it’s interesting to see if I have any
buddies so that’s not it guys just
wanted to let you guys know how I felt
and the symptoms I encounter with a
higher estrogen level and I just wanted
to bring that to you and also your
mileage may vary so just because I
didn’t get a symptom doesn’t mean you
will and as always work with your doctor
but that’s it guys thanks for watching
you’re awesome and as always get your
levels tested and share like this video
and subscribe

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