Intramuscular INjection Tips and Tricks for TRT

what’s going on guys test your levels
here today were going over some tips of
how to minimize pain when you’re doing
intramuscular injections of testosterone
so let’s get started before labonz you
manage so one of the first things and I
think a lot of people don’t know this is
that the pain receptors are not actually
in your muscle they’re in the
subcutaneous layer of your skin and most
of the pain comes when some of that oil
gets back into that subcutaneous layer
through the spot or the needle in it I’m
gonna give you two different ways that
you can help minimize that later on in
the videos so stay tuned so one of the
first and most important things is to
keep them also relaxed when you’re doing
your injection whichever muscle you’re
doing position yourself so that you’re
in a good spot where that muscle can be
relaxed I know it’s a little difficult
when you’re doing your glute I really
don’t like to in glute shots
I might even huge pain to deltoid shots
I have a hard time kind of kind of
anyway another tip is to briefly put
some pressure on whichever muscle you’re
going to inject I don’t know why this
works but I saw it on a couple different
sites so I’d say it’s pretty sound that
this could work but you do have to
remember to be sanitary you can’t do the
alcohol and then apply pressure so I
would apply the pressure first to
whichever spot you’re doing you know if
your shoulder pressure on your shoulder
right here put some pressure on it then
do the alcohol then do your shot and go
along with your day a lot of guys will
actually warm up the injection site and
idea is to relax the muscle a little bit
more get the blood flowing there used to
be a wrestler a couple different
bodybuilders if they would take hot
showers on the butt and they would make
the water pretty much as hot as it could
go and just sit there for a few minutes
and they said the needles just sliding
like butter and they wouldn’t feel any
pain the next day so I don’t know
something you could try it’s kind of a
hassle just for one shot but hey if
you’re having you know pain when you’re
doing your shots give it a shot see if
it helps another tip is to warm up your
testosterone before you do your shot you
know if you’ve got your muscle of 98.6
and your oil is at 73 74 there’s a
temperature difference and that could
cause some irritation and some trauma to
the muscle which in turn causes pain the
next day so you can hold your
testosterone bottle on your hand for a
few minutes mine
to be very sanitary and not touch the
top or you could like fold a heating pad
over your bottle and let it sit there
for a few minutes on lower medium just
to try to make the oil as close to the
temperature of your body as possible so
there’s the least amount of trauma
possible and hopefully if the least
amount of pain this one’s touching some
people say don’t ever do this some
people say that it works fantastic and
that’s massaging the muscle after you
inject I personally did that when I was
doing it for muscular injections long
long time ago I’ll have to do a video on
that but isolate the idea of kind of
moving the oil around kind of massage in
the area get the blood flowing it just
seems like a smart idea for me
personally you guys may think I’m an
idiot you may tell me that’s the worst
possible thing you can do you’re going
to irritate it more but everyone’s
different I think feel like it worked
for me even though I still did get some
injection pains when I used to quads but
different dosages different story
different video so here are the two
different methods that a lot of medical
places use to reduce injection pain the
first one is called the airlock
technique so they’ll draw the amount of
medicine they want to inject and then
they’ll pull in an extra like 0.12 point
30 milliliters of air and then when they
inject they turn the needle over and the
air bubble will be at the back so be
behind the medicine so when they do the
injection do their and then you pump
that extra air into your muscle the
thought process is that air-gap why it’s
called the air gap process that air gap
blocks the testosterone from coming back
out of the muscle through the needle
pole and getting into that subcutaneous
tissue and that’s where you get a lot of
the irritation me personally I haven’t
tried this technique because I do sub-q
but if I was doing intramuscular I would
probably do point 1 ml I don’t know I
don’t personally like the idea of an
injecting air but hey medical place to
do it all the time so it’s probably not
going to kill you
so the next technique is called the Z
trap technique this one’s pretty
interesting it accomplishes the same
thing as the airlock without the air
this one’s also done by a lot of medical
facilities so if I wanted to inject
right here I would pull the skin back I
would do the injection with my other
hand which I can’t do right now I would
do the injection with it pulled like
this and then after I
pulled the needle out I would release
the skin so the concept is is that when
the needles in there the skin stretched
when you’re done with the injection you
let the skin go back that layer goes
back over it where it was so needle was
over here and your subcutaneous layer
was over here and now and you take a
needle out that subcutaneous layer goes
back over where it was on the muscle and
prevents the oil from coming back into
that subcutaneous layer because remember
that’s where all the pain receptors are
so if you’re having some issues with
pain when you’re doing intramuscular
shots I would definitely look at some of
these give some of these to try find out
which one works for you because
everyone’s different I’m a massage my
leg and it may help you may massage it
and it may not feels good it may hurt
worse so go through all these try them
one by one see which one’s worked for
you see which ones don’t and then you
find the proper combination and
hopefully you won’t have any more
painful injections or sore muscles the
next day so that’s gonna do it for today
guys if you found anything in this video
helpful egg like it’s always appreciated
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