Why is My TRT Clinic is Switching from HCG to Clomid? Don’t Switch to Clomid!!!

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algorithm so today we’re gonna talk
about a situation that’s been going on
for about a month now and it involves
HCG and clomid and your trt clinic but
first we need to do a quick medical
disclaimer because we’re gonna be saying
some big words fall in the bones you’ve
managed so earlier this year the FDA
declared HCG what is called a biologic
and what this basically means is that
compounding pharmacies if they want to
continue to be able to make and sell HCG
need to get a special license and
they’re under more scrutiny and they get
inspected more often and all that good
stuff so what this basically has created
is less compounding pharmacies that can
produce HCG and it’s pretty much just
the big Long’s
there’s the really big ones is that you
know they make a lot of money from each
CGT and they want to continue to do it
so they pay for the license and they
deal with the extra scrutiny and life
goes on that’s all well and good right
doesn’t sound like a problem I’ve seen a
lot of guys posting saying my clinic
just told me that they’re switching from
HCG to Clement notice Clement any good
for keeping the boys the way they should
be in keeping the keep producing minimis
and all that good stuff and well it’s
not and I’ll tell you why but first I’m
gonna tell you the reason why TRT
clinics are doing this and this is
really weeding out the good TRT clinics
the ones that don’t know what they’re
talking about and the ones that are just
simply lazy or greedy so in order to
understand why a TRT clinic wouldn’t
switch from a compounding pharmacy to
another one that can make HCG we have to
look at the business side of this so
when a TRT clinic is negotiating with a
compounding pharmacy what they’re
propositioning is hey I’ll have a bunch
of patients that are all gonna buy the
stuff from you there
to get their testosterone there get the
HCG there are Rema dax clomid all that
good stuff and the compounding pharmacy
is like okay well what kind of quantity
can you do we have to figure out what
kind of discount we’re going to give you
a type of pricing all that good stuff
and so they eventually come to an
agreement and everything’s hunky-dory
so the TRT clinics depending on how
they’re set up whether you pay monthly
or whether you buy it directly through
them if they’re bought if you’re buying
it directly through them they’re making
a profit off of the difference but they
bought it for and then what they sell it
for if they’re doing it’s a monthly
thing and they just give me your
medicine well they’re getting a better
deal on that medicine so it cost them
less so their profit is higher pretty
simple so what happens when that
compounding pharmacy tells the TRT
hey we’re not getting that license we
can’t make HCG anymore so sorry but uh
you know we’re just not we just can’t do
it we’re not we don’t want to we’re not
going to we’re unable to whatever the
case may be so your TRT clinic has two
options they can start negotiating with
a larger compounding pharmacy that can
make HCG and they can make the switch
over to them but the pricing may not be
favorable to them and it may be less
with this other compounding pharmacy
because when you’re negotiating with a
much larger compounding pharmacy and you
have lower volume than someone else
you’re not gonna get the best pricing so
let’s say that you’re doing a monthly
thing where you send people HCG test and
Arimidex whatever just let’s just say
that’s the case and it cost you forty
dollars a month to send someone that
stuff well now with this other
compounding pharmacy it may cost twenty
bucks more they cost sixty so you got a
thousand patients an extra twenty bucks
a month that you’re gonna lose in profit
let’s just switch over to clomid you
know Clement works right we’ll just tell
the patients that were decided to switch
over to clomid clone it’s super cheap so
it’ll make a lot more money they won’t
know the difference
and we’ll go from there but here’s the
cloning works in a completely different
way than HCG I’m gonna tell you why
cloning does not work so you have this
thing called the hypothalamus pituitary
testes access or hppa as we will be
calling it from now on
and this is a system in your body that
starts at the hypothalamus part of your
brain and it sends a signal out to your
pituitary gland to interrogate gland
then makes LH and FSH and it travels
through your blood to your boys and
interacts with the late enigma Sarah
Tolle or sertoli cells probably
butchered that one and tells your boys
hey let’s make some more tests let’s
make some more minimis let’s do our
thing let’s get down with our bad selves
so that’s the little system now what
clomid does how clomid works clemens
actually a SERM which is a selective
estrogen receptor modulator and what
Clement does when it gets in your body
is it dissolves and it floats around and
it finds a little estrogen receptor and
it clings on to it and what it’s
basically doing in simple terms is its
masking some of the estrogen from your
brain so your brain doesn’t see as much
estrogen as you actually have in your
body and when your brain gets low on
estrogen it’s like oh wow okay we need
to make some estrogen let’s start this
little HPT a thing going on I’m going to
send the signal to pituitary gland he’s
going to send the cylinder the boys
we’re gonna produce more testosterone
which will then aromatize into estrogen
so on its own clomid does work I
wouldn’t personally want to take clomid
mono therapy for trt because of the side
effects but in essence it does work it
tells your body to start that cycle
which produces more testosterone and
keeps your LH or FSH up and all that
good stuff so why does clomid not work
to do that when you’re taking
testosterone which if you don’t trt and
add a trt clinic it would be assumed
that you’re taking outside testosterone
while clomid kind of tricks your brain
into starting that whole process and
producing more testosterone when you’re
taking outside testosterone that HPT a
thing gets shut down and it gets shut
down because your body is saying wow
we’ve got plenty of testosterone that’s
gonna already aromatize into estrogen so
we don’t need to do anything that’s why
your boys atrophy that’s why you have
less minimis and all that because that
process is shut down so if that process
is shut
down how is clomid gonna go in and make
it work
clemens method of function is to
basically mask certain amounts estrogen
from your brain so it will restart that
but 99% of the time
testosterone overrides that and keeps
that HP ta shut off so your brain saying
not–we’re turned off we’re good and
close like in the corner like kind of
like whispering like hey could you turn
on just a little bit could you turn on
just a bit just a little bit for me but
99% of the time the testosterone wins
because testosterone always wins because
it’s awesome and it’s a male hormone so
would you want to take something where
there’s basically a 1% chance that you
would respond to it for the rest of your
life that has no side effects with
vision and can possibly harm your eyes I
personally would it and as a doctor I
would not prescribe that to anyone there
would be no reason to take clomid the
only thing that it would do is make my
patients feel like they’re still getting
the same benefit from HCG and it’s
costing me a lot less and I don’t have
to explain to my patients that I don’t
want to switch compounding pharmacies
because we have a good working
relationship and I’m gonna be more
profitable by staying with them and
think about this if you’re doing a if
you’re doing a monthly thing like the
way Royal Medical Center works with a
ship out all your medicine you just pay
them a monthly fee make how much money
they’re saving by going from HCG to
clomid HCG is like you know 60 or 120
bucks somewhere in that range includes
like a dollar a pill if that guarantee
you it’s not but I think if you probably
go to the grocery store with a
prescription it probably close to $1
pill let me know in the comments if I’m
wrong about that I’ve never gotten a
prescription for Club it taking clomid
never gotten a prescription for it I
luckily didn’t have any side effects
from it but I only took 50 milligrams
for 14 days
I’m not taking however much for the rest
of my life
with the belief that my boys are still
gonna be doing what they’re doing
and I’m thinking that clomid is gonna
beat testosterone in the brain and it
just testosterone just shuts it down and
clomid doesn’t have the power to
turn it back on so there’s a few people
that respond to it but 99% don’t so if
your clinic is telling you that they’re
switching from HCG to clomid that’s kind
of a red flag
but either don’t know what they’re doing
they’re lazy and don’t want to create a
new contract with a different
compounding pharmacy that laziness is
highly doubtful it really comes down to
money they don’t want to switch to
another compounding pharmacy where
they’re gonna have to pay more for
medicine and they feel that clomid is a
better option for you and I went over
how Clement works but here’s how HCG
HCG when it gets in the body it bypasses
the hypothalamus it bypasses the Tutera
gland and it mimics luteinizing hormone
and follicle stimulating hormone so it
mimics that and once against your boys
that mimicked LH and FSH interact with
the lead egg and the sertoli or Sarah
totally cells and they tell your boys to
keep working keep work and get back to
work guys we got stuff to do you better
start producing but Clubman works in a
completely different way which I already
explained so they’re two completely
completely different medicines yeah
these clinics are just trying to just do
a little slippy swap you know what you
know teen HCG we’ve got Chloe now you’re
good don’t worry
doesn’t matter that they work in
completely different ways but we’re
saving some money we’re getting some
extra profit doctor so-and-so is getting
a new four-hour 84-88 I just got a
Bentley coupe we’re good but your boys
are not good ah so that’s gonna wrap it
up guys if your TRT clinic is trying to
switch you over to clomid it’s be time
to look for a different clinic i do have
a deal for royal medical center in the
description you $45 off for the first
six months and they will give you HCG
because they do know what they’re doing
and they’re not being cheap so thanks
for watching guys as always you’re
awesome and get your levels tested and
try to stay away from club if you’re on

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