I Tried Sustanon 250 for One Month! Is It Better then Cypionate?

what’s going on guys t yl here a little
bit of different kind of video
but before i start uh probably be a few
weeks from now when you see this video
just hit 4 000 subscribers on my channel
thank you for everyone that supported me
really means a lot to me
tiny little youtuber or a niche topic so
thank you if you’re watching this and
you’re not subscribed
click on that subscribe button it’s all
about humanity
so to show my dedication for these 4 000
i took a trip over to england for
exactly a month
and i didn’t go there to sightsee i
didn’t go there to see big ben
or have fish and chips none of that i
went over there to try a medicine that’s
not fda approved in the united states
for a couple reasons and that is
sustanon 250
which fun fact you can buy it at walmart
in mexico
but in the united states sustanon 250 is
fda approved i’ll give you a quick
little backstory a company called
organon made a sustainable testosterone
and so they called it sustainable
sustanon sustanon 250 sustanon 250 has
four different testosterone esters in it
the first one is propionate
and the thought process behind this
propionate has a very short half-life
like two to three days maybe four days
and the idea is to get the men’s
testosterone level up
really quickly the second ester is
called phenolpropinate
and it has a half-life of about four to
five days so
the propionate is the short ester to get
your testosterone up
the phenolpropinate is kind of an
intermediary to try to steady your
levels a little bit
the third ester is called isolate and it
has a half-life of about seven to nine
so you can see what they’re trying to do
here got the short acting propionate the
phenolpropinate kind of in the middle on
the shorter side
then they have this third one which is a
little medium to longer
ester to help keep your levels steady
and the fourth and final ester
is decanoate which has a half life about
15 days give or take and that one is the
long-acting one
so their thought process is we’ll get
these guys testosterone levels up
quickly so they feel good
and they will include these long middle
and long acting esters to keep their
levels steady
until their next injection it sounds
really good
it’s one of the most used testosterones
in the world
but it’s not fda approved in the united
states for some odd
reason what happened was uh when organon
tried to bring sussinon to the united
they probably did not realize that our
is more or less run by pharmaceutical
companies and
uh so organon marched in and like hey
we’ve got this really cool
ester we think it’ll be good for you
blokes in america we think that this
will be good
you can do in theory less injections
and your guys are gonna be feeling
better and
uh the pharmaceutical company was like
fda organon
no they’re uh they’re not selling on my
and uh if if you’ve grown up in
different places or seeing different
things if you try to sell in someone
else’s corner
things don’t always go your way so
sustanon has never been fda approved
even though it’s so
widely used in the world it’s widely
used in bodybuilding for the exact
reasons that i lined up with those
bodybuilders want a very level
amount of testosterone in their body at
all times so their muscles
can grow peak check so i flew
over to the uk and i met with a good
doctor who will remain anonymous because
i would never do anything
underground and you know it’s not
approving the united states there’s no
way i could conduct this experiment
inside the united states so with that
being said i met with this doctor
so he said that i could break up my dose
to 125
and 125 which would be 250 milligrams
and i was like my subscribers know that
i trained natural
and that i would never deceive them or
lose their respect
by getting my testosterone levels above
what labcorp says they should be
based on the blood tests that they do on
unhealthy and obese men in the united
so i stuck with 100 milligrams
twice a week the exact same dosage that
i do with scipione
so that i could compare apples to apples
what the differences are
and now let’s jump into those so i
really wasn’t expecting too much out of
this i wasn’t expecting a big difference
you know i see a lot of these guys
online and they’re like oh you know i
only did 80 instead of 100
and now you know my whole world’s
crashing down or
i accidentally took an extra 20 and i’m
you know i’m feeling all anxious and
you know i’m not really like that you
know i’ve done once a week injections
i’ve done twice a week
you know for me i feel good on trt all
the time doesn’t really matter what i do
i’m very lucky in that so i didn’t
expect much
and i didn’t even think i would notice
anything but lo and behold
i did and i have to say i really did
enjoy sustanon
literally the day after the first time i
injected it
in england i uh i woke up
and i noticed that there was a
urge a drive if you will
i’m dancing around it but you know what
i’m saying
and i was like uh probably just a you
know placebo effect you know it’s
saucing on instead of recipient i’m in a
whole new country
you know i’m eating different foods so i
figured that it was just
a uh just a placebo but lo and behold on
thursday when i injected again i went to
sleep and i woke up and
whew i had a very strong drive
you know i really wanted to tackle the
day you know just really
get behind the day and tackle it you
know what i’m saying
just yeah and uh i was like wow you know
that that propionate
that’s so that’s some pretty good stuff
even though it’s only 30 milligrams out
of you know
15 out of 100 because splitting the
i mean that stuff gets in your system
quick real quick and uh
i definitely notice a difference 100
notice the difference
i mean it’s not i’d say it’d be like
80 to 100 i’m not saying you’re going
from 80 to like 250 but
you know like a a healthy boost a
healthy boost
and the other thing i noticed um you
know on scipione
you know let’s say i do my do my shot on
you know thursday it’s probably not my
strongest day it’s not the day where i’m
just like
waking up ready to attack the world and
i’m like okay it’s thursday okay it’s
shot day
you know good to go take care of that
feel like an animal on friday
and i did notice with susan on i didn’t
feel that as much
on one of the thursdays it was like 9 30
i’m watching tv and i was like oh snap
i’ve got to do my shot i forgot
i usually don’t forget i’m pretty good
about that monday thursday monday
thursday monday thursday
i do think there is something to this
formula i mean it sounds good on paper
now the standard protocol is complete
it’s it’s trash it’s just like sipping
eight standard
you know once every two weeks trash
sussinons once every three weeks they
feel because they have some
some longer acting esters in there
that’s good trash
you’ll see it online you’ll see it in my
facebook group which i’ll link to in
this video
uh if you look up trt testosterone
placement therapy
my group will pop up so if you want to
join that go check it out
but the formula on paper it makes a lot
of sense
you get that initial that boost it gets
you right back up there that little kick
and then you’ve got the medium one
keeping you good and then you’ve got the
longer acting ones keeping you good
and i gotta say i’m pretty impressed i
mean i
think i could even go once a week with
sustanon i’m not going to
because i can’t because i’m in the
united states and it’s not fda approved
but if i were to ever happen upon some
sussanon if it you know fell into my lap
whatever i would i’d say i could
probably do it once a week
but i’d still do it twice a week overall
see why people really like sustanon and
it is a shame
that money basically blocks dustin on
from being approved in the united states
so we can only do scipione and enanthate
which which is better than a decanoid
don’t don’t get me i’m not complaining i
feel bad for you guys over
australia australia what happened to
man when i grew up i thought you guys
were like such a strong country you know
crocodile dundee
that’s not a knife here’s a knife but
you guys banned firearms your band’s
i mean you can’t really get trt and if
you do it’s a decade
you have to go anyway i think
australia’s a cool country but y’all
getting a little soft
but anyway guys i just thought i’d bring
this to you a little
research that i did um you know flew all
the way over to england and all that
good stuff
and i’m gonna say i’m really impressed
with sustanon and not that any of you
will ever get to try it compared to
scipionate so you just have to take my
word for it
but it’s uh it’s a pretty good pretty
good testosterone
pretty impressed with it i can see why
bodybuilders outside of the united
use it and enjoy it because it gives you
pretty darn stable levels
and uh yeah and i forgot to mention
i did do it sub q i tried it in my
stomach i tried it on my
cheeks and uh i didn’t have any issues
i was told by the doctor that some
people do experience uh subcutaneous
issues when they when they use sustanon
i didn’t have any issues i mean i know
intramuscular you’re not gonna have any
issues but
sub-q i didn’t bruise i didn’t get any
nodules or bumps
it was smooth and i enjoyed it and uh
yeah if i’m ever traveling to other
parts of the world
i will definitely hook up with some
doctor and
get some sustain on while i’m there but
always i’ll leave it there obviously of
so thanks for watching guys as always
you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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