Let’s Talk About ED Part 2- Foods to Eat, Supplements the may help Ways to Fix Erectile Dysfunction!

what’s going on guys texture levels here
coming at you with part two of the ed
and if you watched the first part i went
through a lot of different foods that
could possibly help with ed
and we can continue on with that trend
and i’m also going to give you
what i would personally do diet wise in
order to
fix that or try to fix that as best as
and also a little uh snippet that i saw
about a doctor’s opinion on
ed so let’s do a quick medical
disclaimer and then we’ll jump right in
it’s all about humanity
so we’re going to start with flavonoids
and flavonoids are compounds that are
found in lots of different types of
fruit and vegetables
interestingly enough norengine which we
use to help keep our hematocrit
low or lower is a citrus bioflavonoid
grapefruit so you can see that
flavonoids can be pretty powerful
a 10-year prospective study of 25 000
males in middle age
indicated that those who consumed the
most flavonoids had a 9 through 11
reduced incidence of ed compared with
those who consumed the least so that
study was 25 000 men
and it showed that the ones that ate
more fruits and vegetables had about a
10 percent less chance of having ed
than the men who consumed the least
amount of them the authors observed that
the chance of ed
being reduced by up to 19 percent in
those who ate the following
six flavonoid-rich foods and drinks
strawberries blueberries red wine
apples pears and citrus products the
authors of that study saw almost a 20
reduction in ed when these men ate
all six of these or a combination of
them so
according to this study it seems pretty
solid that the more fruits and
vegetables you eat
the less chance you have of developing
ed as long as it’s a physical issue and
not a mental issue
the next compound we’re going to talk
about is l-arginine and it’s used in the
body to make
nitric oxide and nitric oxide plays
a huge role in lots of the different
body systems and all that good stuff
they used to sell supplements from
nitric oxide and claim all kinds of
and while it is definitely important and
good i don’t think it lives up to some
of the claims that the supplements were
trying to have you believe
l-arginine the body uses it to make
nitric oxide
nitric oxide is a molecule that widens
and relaxes blood vessels
increasing blood flow to your boy some
research suggests that l-arginine levels
are lower in males who have ed
foods that are a good source of
l-arginine include poultry
red meat fish nuts and dairy products
what i found really interesting when
making this video you know i wasn’t
looking to say oh well just take
viagra or cialis i was looking for
natural ways that
you could help reduce or get rid of
having ed and from what i’ve seen and if
you saw part one and you’re watching now
i mean it’s eating stuff from nature and
i said it in the last video get down and
eat mother nature
eat everything that she puts out you
know everything within moderation like
red meat and all that
it’s almost as if eating fruits
vegetables nuts and meats
uh working out and doing cardio it’s
like that’s the way we were designed to
live and our body rewards us when we do
by doing all the things that our body
can do including your boy
and things that you do with your boy
you’re my boy blue
so let’s move into nitrates and nitrates
are also used to form nitric
oxide nitrates are compounds in certain
foods that can increase nitric oxide
according to a 2018 study the research
that they may also reduce blood pressure
and inflammation
foods that contain higher levels of
nitrates include arugula
spinach lettuce radish beetroot and
chinese cabbage
once again more fruits and vegetables
do good stuff for our body including
giving us nitrates which helps with
nitric oxide
which helps the blood flow better and
helps relieve blood pressure
and inflammation move into some
supplements now i’m not saying rush out
and go buy all these supplements and
just start stacking them
but you know look into maybe certain
levels low in your body or your blood
test shows that you’re lower on dhea
and you may want to supplement with that
once again i’m not a doctor
i’m just expressing my personal opinion
on what i would personally do if i was
facing this issue
dhea some evidence shows that dhea
increases libido in women and helps
erectile dysfunction in men
l-arginine we already covered some
evidence shows that taking high doses
improves erectile dysfunction by
stimulating blood vessels to open water
and improve blood flow
do not take l-arginine with sildenafil
also known as viagra you’re gonna have
two different compounds that are trying
to do the same thing and you can overdo
it so don’t do that that’s a little
one study of panax ginseng showed it
certain types of function in men with ed
vitamin b9
folic acid maybe a lack of folic acid
may be the cause of high
homocysteine levels which can impair ed
supplementing with folic acid may
increase nitric oxide
which may help with getting your boy to
stand at attention
vitamin d maybe a significant number of
men with ed have a vitamin d deficiency
however this does not prove causation
vitamin d is a super important vitamin
that our body needs
it’s not even an actual vitamin it’s a
pro hormone
and you get it from the sun but just
like you
i’m sitting here in a closed off room
with no direct sunlight
so many men and women all over the world
are very vitamin d deficient because
they don’t get enough sunlight
and one way that you can take care of
this is by taking a vitamin d3
so if you’re deficient in vitamin d i
would personally
take vitamin d3 supplement it’s also
shown to do tons of other great things
in the body
it was actually recommended to me by my
first trt clinic
so if you don’t have that i think that’s
a staple that vitamin c
multivitamin are like the bare minimum
of supplements but that’s just my
vitamin b3 niacin yes niacin may help
erectile function in patients with
moderate to severe ed
c absorbic acid maybe it supports the
biochemical pathways leading to nitric
oxide release
which is essential in increasing blood
flow and achieving
a standing boy a standing boy
that doesn’t even sound right i mean so
overall i know
the whole mental side of ed we kind of
covered that in the first video
and we touched on a lot of foods and
it’s just become
pretty clear to me that you know outside
of living the best lifestyle we can
you got to eat a lot of different fruits
and vegetables or at least supplement
you know with some type of supplements
our body craves these vitamins these
micronutrients and we don’t even
understand how some of these nutrients
but we do know before we were just able
to go to the grocery store and just
get whatever we want and all these
processed foods we lived off the land
we ate fruits vegetables meats nuts
we ate all that stuff and although we
didn’t live that long because medicine
wasn’t really advanced
and we you know you could stub your toe
and get a little cut and die from an
but overall obesity was down diabetes
was down cancer was down
i’m sure ed was down testosterone was up
i mean just gotta eat from mother nature
just eat mother nature and i’ve actually
been doing that myself
i’ve been i cut out rice not that rice
is bad but i’ve been eating cantaloupe
avocado apples bananas blueberries
just trying to get you know carbs from
all these different fruits and
vegetables instead of just from you know
plain old rice
so i saw this little snippet on a
website and it was someone interviewing
a doctor about
e.d and they asked them what about
herbal supplements
could that help at all and i’ll tell you
what the doctor
said and it kind of kind of shows you
what the
medical system thinks about herbs and
natural supplements and i’m sure some of
them are overstated but
you know in chinese medicine they use
all kinds of herbs they give you
you go there doctor does a full thing
ask you what all your different symptoms
sends you home with a bag full of like
10 15 different herbs
tells you how to make tea out of it and
uh the chinese have been doing pretty
good they’re pretty smart people so
i think there is definitely something to
herbal supplements and fruits and
vegetables nuts
meats all that good stuff question i
have used prescription medication for my
but have seen herbal products advertised
to help with ed do they work
the doctors answer despite heavy
advertising of pills to improve your
love life there is no proof that most
dietary supplements which include
vitamins nutritional additives and
herbal products are effective
the mechanism to improve ed is to
increase blood flow to your boy
prescription medications like viagra
and stendra whatever that is do this by
blocking an enzyme which enables
your boy to fill with blood and stay up
long enough for you to do what you need
to do so the doctor didn’t say anything
like oh
maybe the patient could lose weight
maybe we could do a blood test and see
if they’re deficient in any vitamins and
minerals or anything else that might
look off on their blood test
he didn’t say maybe the patient could
change their diet to include more fruits
vegetables nuts meats
and then on top of that he didn’t say
anything he basically said that
supplements herbs none of that works
they don’t do anything in the body
what we use to treat ed is prescription
we’re not worried about treating the
cause of the problem but
we’re just going to treat the symptoms
so according to this doctor
you can be 400 pounds eat nothing but
mcdonald’s all day
and they’re just gonna throw a viagra at
you to mask the symptoms
instead of telling you hey you need to
get an exercise program we need to get
your blood work
you need to start eating healthier you
need to get exercise you know
and that’s kind of a theme in today’s
medical system
when you cure someone of a disease they
are no longer a customer
but if you give them a treatment that
masks the symptoms
then they’re a customer for life that’s
all i’m going to leave you guys with
as always you’re awesome if you like the
click on the like button if you’re new
here click on the subscribe button
would love to have you back it’s free
and you can change your mind at any time
so guys thanks for being with me and
get your levels tested

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