What is Blasting and Cruising on TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy

what’s going on guys test your levels
here thanks for watching today we’re
gonna be going over what blasting and
cruising is throwing a bone shoot them
so first off I’m gonna say this right
off the bat I don’t recommend doing this
but people do it and I’m not trying to
turn this into a steroid bodybuilding
channel but people on the TRT community
do do this and I don’t recommend it so
if you’ve heard of people taking
steroids cycles what they’re basically
doing is these are guys that are not on
TRT and what they do is they’ll maybe
run 500 milligrams of tests and probably
some other stuff too and they’ll do that
for 12 16 20 weeks and then after that
what they do is called PCT post
psychotherapy so they’ll take something
like HCG clomid Nova Dex and what
they’re trying to do is because their
testosterone will be so high their body
stopped producing it so this post cycle
therapy is to get the boys working again
and to try and get their bodies back to
a natural testosterone level
unfortunately doing this over and over
is why a lot of men are on TRT and
that’s why bodybuilders probably have to
be on TRT for the rest of their lives
because that constant shutting off
turning on shutting off turning on it
damages the body and it makes it so it
doesn’t produce testosterone anymore now
here’s a fun little fact a lot of
bodybuilders talk about cycles in
reality real bodybuilders are always on
testosterone and I’m going to tell you
why in a little bit most average guys
that run cycles they will puff up about
20 30 pounds well most of its water
weight and they’re feeling great they do
build some muscle but when they stopped
and that PCT cycle their bodies are not
producing testosterone and when their
bodies on a producing testosterone
what’s the first thing you think they
lose they lose their gains pretty much
right back where they started a lot of
guys let’s say they’re mentioned 2:25
they’ll jump up to 250 to 65 and then
after they get off they’ll basically
just every time they go into the gym and
do bench they’ll be down 5 pounds
they’ll be down 10 pounds so that’s why
I say bodybuilders are always on
testosterone so what is blasting and
cruising blasting and cruising
is when you taking normal trt dose just
like that you normally do and then
you’ll run a cycle for however long and
when you come back off that cycle you’re
still taking your trt dose so instead of
starting here
blasting the cycle and then coming back
down further and having to work your way
back up in a blast and career situation
you’re here jump up and you’re right
back where you started so in theory and
it’s not really a theory it’s real you
keep the gains that you build from this
cycle so what guys will do is they’ll
usually run like two blasts a year so
TRT blasts for 16 weeks
TRT blasts for 16 weeks and guys have
pretty good success with this I don’t
recommend it I’ll tell you why later but
all the big dudes in your gym they’re
blasting and cruising they may do
crazier cycles and a lot of other people
that are blasting and cruising but if
you see big super jacked dudes at the
gym they’re blasting and cruising I can
almost guarantee it cuz bodybuilders
don’t want to take all kinds of crazy
stuff and then lose muscle and then have
to do it all over again
so blasting cruising sounds cool you do
your normal trt and then you blast and
you build some muscle and then you go
back to trt and you hang on to most of
that muscle and you rinse the repeat you
get super jacked and juicy all the
ladies are all over you it’s awesome now
here’s the issue with that I know a lot
of you guys I know a lot of guys want to
Reddit and Facebook they’re having
trouble just dialing in their TRT dos
can you imagine
tripling your testosterone and then
trying to manage that you know you think
you’re having mood swings now you think
you’re dealing with bad acne now you
think you’re dealing with some bad edy
issues try tripling your testosterone
and see what happens your body freaks
out now I’m not gonna tell you that 500
milligrams a week is going to kill you
or anything like that but it makes a lot
harder to stay dialed in I mean you’re
not really dialing it at this point
you’re just going at a super
physiological level and you may have to
start using more AI you may not you know
there’s just lots of things you’re gonna
have to look at all the symptoms that
come with injecting testosterone are
only multiplied when you’re doing
glass or a cycle and if you jump over to
the our steroid subreddit you see a lot
of people with side effects
it’s just name of the game it’s why
bodybuilders usually die in their 40s
and 50s because their hearts are all you
know used up and enlarged because
they’re sort of jacked and they’ve taken
so many different medicines that affect
their liver and prompt all that good
stuff once again I would highly suggest
that you not do blasting and cruising
but I just wanted to put this video out
there because it is a real thing people
in the trt community do it you know
obviously it’s your life you can do
whatever you want I was just letting you
know what it is why it works better than
cycles and all of the risks that come
along with it and all the side effects
and possible long-term health issues so
do not blast and cruise I would never
ever blast and cruise but you should
definitely not and this is not medical
advice I highly recommend against it so
thanks for watching guys if you’re new
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awesome and as always get your levels

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