Celebrities on TRT Part 2 (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

what’s going on guys test your levels
here with Eddie Eagle and we’re doing
another episode celebrities on trt so
let’s hop in so first off we’ve got mr.
Chris Hemsworth also known as Thor if
you don’t know who he is I guarantee you
your wife or your girlfriend do and mr.
Hemsworth here he always seemed to be in
decent shape see he’s got some add ups
he’s got a little V going on and then
apparently when he was like 31 I’m
assuming this was a further movie role
he slimmed down a lot and now you can
see him thats Thor he’s pretty freaking
jacked this is a side view mr. Hemsworth
and yeah he’s still pretty jacked and
Wow I think you could get into this
physique level with pretty high dose TRT
I don’t think that’s what he did I’m not
accusing anyone in this video of
anything these are just personal
thoughts so don’t sue me please don’t
sue me come on got two more pictures of
mr. Hemsworth it’s got a pretty big
bicep right there definitely got the cut
it’s definitely a little body weight and
we’ve got one more of him doing the Flex
like this and he’s looking jacked
now I’ve explained this before in other
videos you know celebrities when they
have to get jacked for movie roles the
fastest way to get jacked you think
CrossFit dieting creatine yeah they send
these guys to doctors to say hey go see
something so they’ll get you a whole
program we’ll get you a personal trainer
and they’ll write them scripts for all
kinds of stuff if they even write up
scripts I don’t know but they get what
they need so we’ll move on to mr. Hugh
Jackman also known as Wolverine and in
this movie couple of these movies got
pretty freaking jacked you can see there
are some pictures of him before and he
looks just like a normal dude you know
it’s a good shape you know but he’s not
freakin jacks even in this one when he’s
lifting I mean he’s still pretty big
look at his quads quads are freaking
jacked this qualms with muscular but
they’re not very huge at least in this
picture and here’s another picture of
Hugh Jackman I mean he’s got some veins
he’s usually good shape but he’s not
Jeff let’s go to mr. Shi Jackman
Wolverine pretty jacked packed on a lot
of muscle and I actually heard him on
Howard Stern they’re asking him how he
got ready for all this and of course he
didn’t mention any supplements or you
know enhancements but he said they did
you know they had a bunch of crazy
protocols for him to follow and like a
day before shooting like he wouldn’t be
able to drink water and then like right
before he shot they would give him a cup
of like to space with pure sugar water
and what that does is it pumps up your
veins because your body is like oh wow
I’ve got all the sugar and water now I’m
gonna push it all through a body so
that’s how you get pretty big veins for
at least a short period of time on
camera they also send a lot of the shots
that he was in they would have him
likely you wouldn’t be able to see it
but he’d be holding 45 pound plates if
you never held 45 pound plates you
looked pretty you just looked like a
flexing give me your traps in there your
biceps emeriti look bigger so certs a
lot of camera stuff but this is actually
a picture from when he was really young
and you could see a dramatic difference
he just looks like a normal dude right
there pretty skinny and then we’ve got
Wolverine and he’s pretty jacked
so don’t know if he’s on any type of
supplements but you be the judge move on
to mr. Jason Momoa mr. Aloha I’m
assuming this is Baywatch or something
like that
normal-looking kid in shape that was a
little outline of a six-pack going on
you know good for an out of state of the
shape this is Jason Momoa now look how
skinny he is he is really looking skinny
he lost a lot of weight so no I’m just
playing this is that Super Bowl
commercial where he comes into his
office again and his hair and all that
and he’s super skinny let’s look at him
throughout the years so there he gives
is a normal kid you can’t really judge
muscles when your daddy on there he is
on Baywatch or whatever show he was on
and he’s a good shape and now you start
to see you know he starts to pack on
pack on that chest he’s packed on those
traps add a lot of muscle
in this picture right here I mean yeah
he’s he’s in good shape he’s in very
good shape and I know that he was
recently aquamarin or something like
and how they would like superheroes to
be freaking jacked and if they can’t do
it naturally I mean the guys in good
shape I mean I suppose you could get to
that level if you were like that was
your job but that’s not his job he’s an
actor so he’s got a bunch of different
places to go bucs takes a lot of hotels
you know he’s not it’s not his job to
work out so his job is to get jacked and
hacked so move on to Chris Pratt you can
see on the screen here Chris Pratt has
his nice little murica bathing suit on
he’s looking pale he’s not looking
strong kind of like myself but then he
got this other picture and he’s looking
a lot better a lot more jacked he’s got
the ABS show and he’s got the chest go
and he’s got the little vein and the
shoulder I’ve got that on the right but
not on the left I’m working on that not
very symmetrical now you can see an
older picture here where he was a lot
heavier and more recent one where his
loss was good about weight packed on
some muscle he’s uh yeah he definitely
did a pretty good job he definitely lost
the weight it doesn’t help that he looks
tan there’s another picture along the
beach just normal and he looks in pretty
good shape now I don’t think that Chris
Pratt juiced up for any of these role he
made a life change he started eating
healthier he started exercising going to
the gym all that good stuff and I think
his physique is natural I mean it’s not
saying it is but you could definitely
achieve this physique without the use of
juice so I don’t necessarily know if
he’s on anything you can definitely do
this on his own but we do know that a
lot of guys and their 40s are on CRT and
if you want to be at your peak all the
time and you have lower testosterone
levels the rtt that’s what a lot of
these guys take he’s got to see
Hollywood doctors they see you know hey
you know my other famous friend goes to
this guy he’s really good hooks you up
with what you want and if he says hey I
want to get back in shape I’m a little
that I’d like to pack on some muscle
they may throw him on trt I don’t know
if you smell what The Rock is cooking so
this one yeah I put this one on here
because it’s no secret that the rock
juices he was in wrestling
he doesn’t say anything about it on
social media because he’s real popular
now he’s like the family guy he’s like
the new Hulk Hogan kind of John Cena all
that good stuff and he works out all the
time he’s dedicated he’s got a personal
chef he’s got a personal trainer but he
cannot get this physique naturally I
don’t think that’s a stretch to say I
mean he was in fantastic shape his
monsters beast and his dad was also a
football player so he had not judging
from this picture he have the best
genetics but you can see those wide
shoulders and he’s definitely filled out
this wide shoulders so I’m assuming he
had good genetics here he probably
wasn’t working out but he still has that
wide frame and built it up with a heck
of a lot of muscle good for him let’s go
with a classic
Sylvester Stallone it’s no secret that
Sylvester Stallone used a lot of
different stuff
I mean he’s freakin Rambo he’s Rocky he
had to be a physical shape and he can’t
be on-screen as a boxer the trains all
day does cardio and be chubby and not
have any muscle and so you know the
story and it’s also I don’t know if he’s
actually come out and said that he’s on
but I know that he takes growth hormone
he said that before so you know he’s an
enhanced actor it’s all good not hating
on him at all you know you got paid to
look shredded and jacked and you get
paid a lot to looks redder than jacked I
don’t know about you but I’d looks
rather than jacked and have a doctor
read me scripts for whatever I want
nothing wrong with that there’s a
picture of him here and you know he’s
he’s older he’s in like a 70
so he looks pretty damn good for being
in his seventies you know he you can’t
have the super tight skin like you were
when you were younger but he’s got a lot
of muscle on there he’s he’s pretty lean
so good for him I mean I don’t really
have too much experience with growth
hormone but a lot of people like it some
people say it’s super overrated it was
very expensive but hey this is what it
you got the money to do it and you like
it let’s move on so we’ve got mr. Vin
Diesel we got a picture of mr. Vin
Diesel here looking a little potbelly
and then he looks like he cleaned up and
tanned up and put on some muscle I don’t
personally think Vin Diesel is he’s not
he’s not super jacked I’ll show you the
pictures he’s not super big I mean his
muscular or what he wants to be do I
think that he’s on crazy cycles now I
don’t I think he probably on PRT if he
is I don’t know but you know just
judging from his job stress all that
stuff and being older take a stab about
50/50 but I don’t think he ran crazy
cycles they maybe he did for whether it
was a Riddick or something or whatever
one we was fighting aliens and stuff I
mean maybe you know do a 16 week cycle
I’m gonna cut for a few weeks just to uh
you know look a little better on camera
even though they could probably CGI for
that these days so we’re looking at one
more person and this is gonna wrap up
the video mr. Mark Wahlberg and we can
see I’ll throw up a change from him he’s
he’s gotten in a very good shape lately
and he wasn’t always like that he’s
never been you know tubby or fat or
anything like that but you know he
wasn’t always as bulky and cut as he is
Mark Wahlberg at least in this picture
you could definitely achieve that
physique naturally definitely and I’ve
heard that he wakes up at like 4:00 a.m.
and he works out that I don’t know
specifically why he does that but
supposedly he wakes up at 4:00 a.m. a
lot of people like put out videos like
being like the mark Whalberg workout we
could before I am all that but he could
definitely get that physique let’s see
this one yeah you could definitely get
that physique there he’s starting to get
a little bulky right here on the right
you can see trapped pop up a little bit
but this chest is pretty wise backs
pretty wide I mean maybe he’s taking
some stuff I don’t think he’s you know
trying to be a bodybuilder it get crazy
big like the rock but he’s pretty big do
I know if he’s on TRT I have no idea
there he is looking pretty jacked it’s
that’s not a photoshopped picture I
don’t know his face looks kind of funky
but his arms are pretty damn big looks
like he’s rocking too deep just or a
submariner but on this arms look pretty
on big I don’t know I don’t know if I
can mess with Marky Mark yeah he’s
looking pretty jacked and juicy they’re
good for him I don’t think he’s on crazy
cycles it could be on T or T I don’t
know so anyway guys that’s gonna wrap up
the video I hope you enjoyed these
videos I have fun doing them it’s all
white pardon I’m just making my personal
opinions remember celebrities don’t see
me I know lots of you watch my channel
not really but anyway still don’t see me
so thanks for watching guys that’s it
if you’re new here click on that red
subscribe button if you found the video
entertaining a like is always
and if you’re a subscriber you’re
awesome as always and get your levels

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