Arimdex / Anastrozole Side Effects – Short Term and Long Term

what’s going on guys test levels here
thanks for watching today we’re going to
talk about Arimidex and its side effects
and we’re gonna see if remedy X is
really as bad as everyone makes it out
today before labonz you’ve managed
Arimidex has a lot of side effects just
like any other medicine whenever they
test medicines the people who are there
testing them on have to write down every
little you know side effect that they
get so I’m gonna put the list of the
side effects on the screen but I didn’t
want to focus on two of them and one of
them is a lot of people say that it
depletes your bone it makes your bones
less dense and your you know more likely
to get fractures and all that stuff and
the other ones joint pain so before we
get started you need to know a couple
things about these Arimidex studies they
were done on women with breast cancer
because there’s no Studies on our index
and men
these are women probably in an older
demographic who have breast cancers so
yes take that with a grain of salt the
other thing that you need to take into
an account is that most of these women
are taking 7 milligrams of Arimidex a
week so that’s quite a large dosage when
you compare it to trt where most people
take you know maybe a quarter of a
milligram to a 1 milligram you know per
week so you’re taking one milligram per
week on CRT this one we’re taking 7
times that and they usually take it for
five years so that’s just something to
think about not trying to sway you one
way or the other whether remedy X is
good or bad just want to lay out some
the information I found let you make a
decision on your own
so let’s jump in patients treated in all
the adjuvant large-scale randomized
trials with the nationís all letrozole
or eczema stain all a is clearly had an
increasing rate of skeletal disorders
particularly osteoporosis and bone
fractures even in trials in which they
were compared to a placebo in the ATAC
trial our thal gia which is basically
arthritis was a predefined adverse event
was recording as a grouping of a
thorough jia after itis arthrosis and
joint disorders significantly more
patients treated with anastrozole
presented with earth algea compared to
those on tamoxifen 36 percent compared
to 30 percent the median time through
the first event was
eighteen point nine months for master
Rahl and 17.7 months for tamoxifen an
interesting thing and the reason you’re
probably gonna hear tamoxifen a good
amount in this is because tamoxifen was
the second generation aromatase
inhibitor whereas anastrozole and exam a
stinging aromasin those are kind of the
newer generation so they’re comparing
the two together to see which one’s
better this study on 600 postmenopausal
patients concluded that neither
anastrozole nor tamoxifen had a
clinically significant impact on total
cholesterol other studies and metastatic
breast cancer consistent with the
analysis showed no significant change in
total cholesterol LDL HDL or
triglycerides furthermore there was no
change in theragen Acrisius use of total
cholesterol HDL and LDL after 12 weeks
of treatment of eczema stain and
anastrozole and no clinically
significant impact on total cholesterol
HDL LDL electric glycerides compared
with baseline anastrozole did however
show an increase in HDL whereas XM
instating showed a decrease in HDL so
that’s kind of good news because if an
Astra Saul or Arimidex had a negative
impact on lipids and we’re also taking
testosterone which is shown to you know
not be great for your lipid and your
cholesterol then that’d be the double
whammy but both of those said that
anastrozole had no issues with
cholesterol and and maybe raise your HDL
a little bit I doubt that it would do it
significantly but hey any little extra
HDL is good in my book no cardiac safety
issues were identified for any of the
AIS and the advanced breast cancer
setting so it’s good to know that at
least in these studies of women are
taking larger doses of AIS they didn’t
have any cardiac issues and there was no
increased risk so that’s good as well
mild neurologic toxicity was recorded
with an ask result in the ATAC study
consisting of parathe easia seem more
frequently than with tamoxifen 7% to 5%
so when you hear the word you know
neurologic toxicity it sounds super bad
but I actually looked up paresthesia and
basically it’s like a tingling on your
hands kind of like skin crawling I don’t
know anything about neurologic toxicity
so I’m not even an adventurer to guess
but paresthesia doesn’t seem too crazy
but it is something to consider high
blood pressure was more
frequent with an Astra solvers tamoxifen
in the eighth act strong 13% verse 11%
so one could make a case that an Ashes
all raise their blood pressure also
still consider though they’re taking
seven milligrams a week and they also do
have breast cancer so they’re probably
not exercising all that good stuff so
take with a grain of salt but these are
the only studies we have for really
long-term use of Arimidex therefore the
increase in fracture rates with an ask
result persisted only in the active
treatment period and did not continue
after treatment completion it is
interesting to note that although the
effects of an astronaut on tamoxifen on
breast cancer reoccurrence extended
beyond the sensation of treatment the
higher fracture rates on anastrozole
ceased after the five-year treatment
completion it has been noted that hip
fractures were little affected by
anastrozole in the study although there
is a 6 to 7% bone loss during active
treatment no patients with normal bone
density at baseline develop osteoporosis
after five years treatment so that’s
also interesting you know I see a lot of
different people say online that you
know a remedy X you know weakens your
bones and they turn them to dust and
it’s a poison and what this study showed
was that you know women taking seven
milligrams a week which is a high dose
for us on PRT you know saw six to seven
percent bone loss and what also is
interesting is that after they stopped
taking an Astra saw it seemed like it
their bones went back to normal or
pretty close to normal I think that the
bone density and you know it’s gonna
ruin your bones and you get osteoporosis
I think that’s a little overblown just
for reading the study I’m not saying
that it could happen but I do think that
it’s one of the main things people go to
and they tell you don’t take REM attacks
because it’s gonna crush your bones and
you’re gonna you know be frail and all
that and here’s another thing about that
as well if you use a remedy X and it in
itself lowers your bone density but you
use too much of it and you crash your
estrogen that’s another common side
effect of low estrogen is the bone
density thing so it could be you know a
double sided sword where you’re taking
the rim attacks lowers your bone density
and makes you more prone to fractures
and stuff and at the same time you crash
your estrogen which does the exact same
thing so it’s a double whammy just think
about how powerful run it axes
taking one milligram that’s one one
thousandth of a gram and it can
completely tank your estrogen so it’s a
very powerful medicine so just be
careful I don’t personally have a
problem with people taking a room and
acts on trt but you have to be very
careful not to crash your estrogen very
powerful this study suggests that a I
related joint symptoms are more
prevalent in the real-world setting than
what has been described in clinical
trials where arthritis are reported in
20 to 35 percent of the patients treated
with an AI so 20 to 35 percent of these
women in this study had some form of you
know arthritis or joint pain or
something like that but still keep in
mind there take a 7 milligrams we’re
taking way less long term follow-up data
from the ATAC trial
confirmed the efficacy of an masters all
as a juvett treatment for postmenopausal
women hormone sensitive early breast
cancer provide evidence of a carrier
effect the safety profile of anastrozole
is also confirmed to be favorable with a
predictable pattern of estrogen
deprivation symptoms Vasa motor symptoms
joint symptoms and bone loss which
clinicians need to recognize and manage
according to local guidelines some of
the side effects especially joint
symptoms may also predict a decreased
risk of reoccurrence this could help in
reassuring women and improving
compliance so what that basically said
is that overall Arimidex is fairly safe
it’s fairly safe medicine yes there are
some joint issues and some bone stuff
but overall it’s considered a pretty
safe medicine what they also said was
that if you do have those joint issues
some I guess a higher percentage of
women who have those issues have less
chance of getting breast cancer again
but did you hear the last sentence to
help with compliance they’re basically
using you know the fact that some women
who have the joint pain to have lower
reoccurrences of breast cancer to make
the women be in compliance and take
their medicine so I thought that’s
interesting it’s kind of weird how they
would say that you know try to really
nudge your patient into compliance and
take their medicine but whatever
following at Nash’s all treatment the
lumbar spine medium increased by 2.3 5
percent and 4 percent X near 6 & 7 while
total hit mean in BMD decreased by 0.7
and 0.5% anastrozole treatment-related
bone loss did not continue into the off
treatment follow-up period the recovery
and lumbar spine BMD in absence of
further locks at the hip is consistent
with the reduction in the annual rate of
fracture observed after treatment
cessation in the main attack trial
that’s just another part of the study
that basically showed that yes you do
get some bone loss and we can already
till the cows come home on how much and
how bad it is for you at the lower
levels that men take on CRT but it seems
after you come off it it all pretty much
goes back to normal so that’s good so if
you have taken an astronaut for a few
years and you want to get off it if you
did have any of those issues with joint
pain or you know bone density whatever
there’s a really good chance that
everything’s gonna go back to normal
once you stop taking the rim attacks so
it’s good to know that it’s not
permanent so while these women with
breast cancer they take em attacks to
completely take their estrogen so they
can survive breast cancer and while
they’re taking you know seven milligrams
which is a crazy high dose for trt but
only taking it for five years where
someone who’s taking trt let’s say they
started 30 they live to 65 they’re gonna
be taking a rumor now 65 let’s go him 75
60 puzzle a young so someone sorry TRT a
30 and they live to 75 they’ve been
taking REM attacks for 45 years and we
have no idea if a quarter milligram a
week would give you any bone loss but if
you’ve never stopped taking a remedy X
then we don’t know what would happen at
age 75 it’s just interesting that the
studies show women taking a super large
dose for five years whereas a man on trt
might take you know one seventh of that
which is on the higher end for trt but
for the rest of their life so we just
don’t have Studies on this we don’t know
there’s a really good chance that they
will never do Studies on REM attacks on
mend because it’s written off-label
remember tax is only fda-approved for
women important breast cancer it’s not
approved for men trying to lower their
estrogen on trt so we may never know my
personal opinion is that Arimidex is a
little more overblown than what a lot of
people say you know I think that yes
ai’s do cause bone loss
you know albeit probably a small amount
and worst thing you may get could be
some you know stiff joints or something
like that
take from that what you will always
discuss everything with your doctor
don’t change anything because of the
video on YouTube I just wanted to
present you some studies that I read on
remedy X and it’s the best studies that
we have for the medicines so that’s
about it guys I appreciate you watching
if you’re new here click on that
subscribe button if your subscriber
you’re awesome and as always get your
levels tested

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