TRT Myths Debunked! Testosterone Replacement Therapy Myths!

In this video I explain and debunk the top TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy myths that people have been spreading for years!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here
today we’re going to cover some of the
top myths in trt i see these questions
asked all the time and bunch of
different groups
so i figured i’d make a quick video and
let’s debunk these myths
it’s all about humanity
so the first one trt is for life
and in general it is if you’ve done
everything that you can do
to naturally raise your testosterone
levels like
eating better losing weight getting more
sleep getting sun getting all the
vitamins and nutrients you need
then if you hop on trt you’re most
likely going to be on it for life
because coming off trt you’ve already
tried to do all the stuff to naturally
raise your testosterone levels
they’re not going to get any better and
if you’ve been on trt for a while and
you come off
they’re probably going to be either
close to where they were before or
lower than before so while most people
will end up being on trt for life
you can jump off trt bodybuilders
sometimes run
16 week cycles with you know a thousand
milligrams of test
and they come off using pct like clomid
hcg tamoxifen reloxafin
all that good stuff and they can get
their natural production going again
so if you were to hop off trt if you did
a really solid pct
in theory you should be able to get your
levels back to where they were before
myth number two you will be totally
infertile on trt
there is no way that you can get anyone
pregnant while you’re on trt
now while your chances of conceiving on
are significantly diminished when you’re
on trt
sometimes nature finds a way there’s
lots of bodybuilders wrestlers
athletes that have used testosterone for
and have conceived while on said
so you know don’t pretend like you’re
just shooting blanks
when you’re on trt uh it’s not true at
although your chances are very much
diminished but
when you’re adding something like hcg
you can remain pretty much as fertile as
you were before
obviously this varies from person to
person but you can definitely conceive
while on trt
myth number three sub q gives you lower
test levels than intramuscular
some men just don’t respond to sub q as
well as
others from what i’ve seen most people
respond very well to sub q
me personally my blood tests are exactly
the same sub q
or i am i’ve done both i get the exact
same blood levels
and uh i like sub q a lot better so
don’t be scared of sub q i mean
definitely give it a try
you know give it a try for a little bit
get a blood test and see where your
levels are at
most likely they’re going to be exactly
the same as i am unless you’re a poor
in that case you can do a little
shoulders or any other im and you’re
good to go
but if you respond well to sub q i
highly recommend trying it it’s my
favorite way to do trt there’s another
one i see a lot
guys think that because testosterone is
thicker than most other medicines
you got to use harpoons seen guys using
like 21
23 25 gauge 25 is not that bad but
you know 23 and you know they think well
testosterone is so thick because you got
to have this massive harpoon just to
draw and inject
that’s not true i personally use 27
and it draws really easy not this like
you know it doesn’t just flow right in
there you have to pull a little bit
further and let it drip
in but it takes me maybe 20 seconds to
load up half of
half a milliliter so you don’t have to
use these massive needles
you don’t have to use 25 23 gauge some
guys even use 29 to 31
granted it does take a little longer to
draw but it’s pretty negligible
so stop harpooning yourself guys get
yourself a 27 gauge which is my personal
half inch you can do a lot of different
spots with that give it a shot
this one’s popped up a lot recently as a
lot of trt clinics
that are unable to get hcg are switching
it out for clomid
and they for some reason these doctors
think that clomid is going to do the
same thing as hcg while you’re on trt
the problem with that is when you’re
taking outside testosterone
shuts down the little signals that go
from your brain to your boys
and clomid’s simply not strong enough to
override that
clomid goes in and attaches to estrogen
makes your brain think that it doesn’t
have enough estrogen so what it does is
it tells the boys to produce more
testosterone which will then convert to
but that whole process is turned off by
testosterone and clomid just can’t turn
it on
i also don’t like clement from a lot of
the side effects the main one being
visual side effects floaters
permanent vision issues so i do not
recommend taking clomid as a replacement
for hcg
nor do i like it as a monotherapy but
that’s for a different video
estrogen levels estrogen levels once
again estrogen levels
probably one of the most controversial
things in trt and you’ll see a lot of
people say that
you have to keep your estrogen in the
30s you know 30s is the sweet spot
that’s where everyone feels good
and you’ve got some other people that
say i just let estrogen get as high as
it wants to
it doesn’t matter you’ll have no side
effects it’s neuroprotective it’s good
estrogen is not a bad hormone but just
like anything else like
dht prolactin all that good stuff it
gets too high
not good you get symptoms it gets too
low you get symptoms
but what i’m trying to say with this is
that there is no set number
a range of estrogen where you’re going
to feel good or bad
it varies from person to person remember
on this channel
medicine is gray it’s not black and
white everyone’s different
so some guys personally myself i run in
the 60s and 70s
i feel fine some guys they feel good in
the 20s some guys do feel good in the
30s and 40s
so it’s not about hitting a particular
number it’s about
getting your estrogen however way you’re
doing this whether it’s ai
lower your dose dim calcium deglucorate
it’s getting that estrogen to the level
that makes you
you as a man feel good not some guy on a
reddit forum not some guy in a facebook
group who’s preaching to you about what
the best estrogen level is for everyone
it’s a personal thing everyone responds
differently so that’s part of getting
dialed in is getting your estrogen
to whatever level makes you feel good
and that’s the only thing that matters
the number is completely irrelevant only
has to do with how good you feel
this is a myth that’s popped up in the
past year or so
and revolves around testosterone going
bad after 20 days after you use the
bottle for the first time
this is something that has never been an
issue for the past
40 years for the past 40 years
everyone was on trt and who bought stuff
from wherever to do
whatever with testosterone got 10 ml
and they last for more than 28 days
think about the guys that are running
cycles they’re running 500 a week
so they’re using what they’re using a
bottle in six weeks
and somehow it still works for them
testosterone can last for a very long
it’s a very stable solution it’s
testosterone suspended in oil with
preservatives preservatives and
antibacterial stuff that keep it sterile
so 28 days your test is still good
now why have they suddenly started
saying this well conveniently
they sell little 1ml bottles that are
roughly twice the cost for the exact
same amount of medicine
huh it’s weird that for the past 40
testosterone seems to last for a very
long time
but now they’ve come out with these
little 1ml bottles which
i think are a pain to use and also are
twice as expensive
why would that happen that’s so crazy
such a coincidence
huh anyway come to your own conclusion
but for real call your doctor make sure
he writes
110ml bottle find a pharmacy that has
110ml bottle and when you call in your
prescription or bring it to them tell
them that you want
one 10 ml bottle walmart still screws
around with me
i mean this is like the third time where
i i walk up to the pharmacy
and they get it ready and there they go
and they hand me my bag and it’s like a
big bag it’s like this big and i’m like
here we go again and i’m like so just
let me guess that’s 10 1ml bottles for
80 bucks and they’re like
yeah i’m like well my doctor wrote it
for 110 ml bottle which is about 40
so how about you fill the prescription
like my doctor wrote it
not like you guys wanted to write it so
whatever if you’re happy with the 1ml
that’s cool i hate them i like the 10ml
that’s the way tess has always been done
that’s the way i like to keep it the
last myth
in this video revolves around hematocrit
and red blood cell count
now you’ll see on your blood test that
most labs
pin the high marker of hematocrit about
and guys will get up there 51 52 and
they’re freaking out and
you know they go and donate blood twice
in a month and their ferritin levels
and you know they’re super freaked out
because you know high hematocrit equals
uh equals heart attack makes your blood
super thick you get strokes
all that stuff well it’s not necessarily
a myth
high hematocrit and high red blood cell
count can cause some of those issues
but it’s normally when someone who’s not
on trt
has those same elevated hematocrit and
red blood cells
due to lifestyle or whatever else what
newer research has found
is that higher hematocrit and red blood
cell count from trt
is not on the same danger level as
someone who just
has high hematocrit from lifestyle or
from whatever else
it seems that when your hematocrit and
red blood cell count goes up
just because you’re taking outside
testosterone it’s not as bad
as if it was from lifestyle people who
live at high altitudes have higher
i mean some of these people they’re in
like the 60s 65s
and they don’t have any issues because
the reason they’re inadequate and red
blood cells are high is because they
live in a higher elevation
and their body adjusts because there’s
less oxygen in the air
the body needs more red blood cells in
order to move oxygen throughout the body
and to get more oxygen from the air
it seems that when your red blood cell
count and hematocrit goes up
because of just testosterone it’s way
less bad than if it was from lifestyle
genetics or anything like that now i’m
not saying just let your hematocrit just
you know go up
wherever i’m just saying that don’t
freak out about it as much
talk with your doctor about it monitor
it donate blood
if you need to i personally donate blood
about every four or five months
not necessarily because my hematocrit’s
high i do it just because hey it’s a
good thing to do
and b it makes it so i don’t have to
worry about it and
i just know that my hematocrit’s at a
pretty good level and my blood tests
show that
so guys thanks for watching just wanted
to debunk a few myths i see a lot of
these questions asked by people on
groups so
i figured i’d put it out there in one
video so as always
thanks for watching you’re awesome and
get your levels tested
and like and subscribe and leave a
comment if you uh well you’re probably
not going to like some of these myths
and i’ll probably get some comments in
there but
hey is what it is leave a comment let me
know if you agree disagree
so have a good one guys

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