Vitamin B12 / Cyanocobalamin – Improved Energy? Improved Bone Health? Neuroprotective? Heart Health?

Vitamin B12 also known as Cyanocobalamin is a very important vitamin for the body. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal based foods. B12 is vital for energy levels, Bone Health, Brain Neurons and Heart Health. Up to 15% of the worlds population is deficient in Vitamin B12.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we’re going to talk about
cyanocobalamin sounds pretty crazy but
it’s just b12
let’s get started
so cyanocobalamin is a man-made version
of b12
and b12 does a lot of stuff in our body
it’s important for growth
cell reproduction blood formation
protein and tissue synthesis
keeps nerves and blood cells healthy and
helps make dna and cells all throughout
the body
so obviously those are some very
important things plant-based foods
offer no b12 so vegans are
very susceptible of getting b12
deficiencies which can cause a lot of
pretty much anything that comes from an
animal has b12 in it
meat dairy eggs all that good stuff
one of the issues that affect possibly
one to fifteen percent of the population
is they have a hard time absorbing b12
in their stomach
so even if they were eating all kinds of
meats and dairy and eggs
and they still may have a vitamin b12
even if they were to take a supplement
their body just can’t absorb enough of
it in their stomach
to get enough for their daily needs this
is where
cyanocobalamin let’s see if we can no
we’re not going to adjust
okay thank you camera but anyway that’s
where the injectables come in
most of the times they kind of titrate
you up a little bit
they’ll start with lower doses daily or
weekly and then they move you up to
a thousand micrograms per month
i’m personally taking 500 micrograms
every two weeks
same idea as i do with testosterone
twice a week i’m doing this twice a
just to keep the levels stable i’ll let
you know a little later on in the video
why i’m taking it and what effect it
gives me so b12 deficiency can cause
tiredness weakness constipation loss of
appetite weight loss
megalobastic anemia nerve problems such
as numbness and tingling in the hands
and feet
can also occur so lots of issues that
can happen
from vitamin b12 deficiency the majority
of the population is not b12
deficient but um i like it because it
gives me
a great benefit let you know in a little
bit b12 may support bone health and help
osteoporosis it may improve overall mood
and symptoms of depression it may even
benefit your brain
by preventing the loss of neurons and i
don’t know about you but
i need all the neurons i can get so it’s
a pretty good benefit for me
it also may improve heart health by
reducing homocysteine
high blood levels of homocysteine in the
body have been
linked with increased risk of heart
disease b12 also
helps with good hair good nails good
skin so
nothing wrong with that now all b12
are very instrumental in the energy in
your body
and how you get energy and how your body
uses energy
yet they do not provide energy
themselves and that’s what we’re
segueing into right now is the energy
aspect of vitamin b
now on paper in studies all the stuff
you’ll see
shows that vitamin d having more of it
does not give you more energy
but for me it does it may for you it may
not but for me
after i take these b12 shots by the way
you can do them subcutaneously or
i’ve done it in my delts i’ve done them
in my belly done them in my butt fat
and all worked just fine but for me
it gives me this i don’t know motivation
gives me this kind of like
energy this feeling in my chest like i
need to do something and
it’s really helpful for me and it’s
really cheap
actually so vitamin b12
there’s places that sell it online but
this is a prescription
so i actually went that route and
this bottle was the first bottle that i
got i’m sure my camera’s not gonna focus
but uh it has particles in it you’re not
gonna be able to see them but it has
particles in it
so that one was a no-go so i reached out
to the company
and they sent me another bottle and uh
it’s not gonna focus but
this expired in august so i don’t know
how long this has been on the shelf
and if you compare both bottles you can
maybe you can’t freaking camera that
different shades of red and uh that’s a
no-go for me
so got my money back and i was like you
know what this is a waste of time this
stuff is probably bootleg
so talked to my doctor and he wrote me a
prescription for three of these which is
a three-month supply
and they cost me a whopping eight
dollars and fifty cents with good rx
so three dollars a month under three
dollars a month
and uh yeah i really like the stuff
so i’m not telling you to jump on b12 uh
it’s just something that i like
i wanted to do a video on it to let you
guys know that it’s out there it does
some people really like it says it gives
them extra energy
i remember i used to watch that show
with hulk hogan and his family and him
and his daughter went and got b12
infusions which
is a little bit different than what this
is but it’s the same concept load up on
supposedly gives you more energy may or
may not your mileage may vary
but what’s interesting is that energy
drinks have lots of b12 in them
for example uh five hour energy is 500
micrograms which is over 8 000
of your daily value red bull has 2
at 83 percent monster has 200 percent of
the daily value and a 16 ounce can
so there you have it guys just a quick
video b12
they do sell them in supplements that
you can take orally that’s over the
my doctor told me that those will work
for the majority of people
but for some people it just doesn’t work
their body just doesn’t absorb enough
so if you have a b12 deficiency the oral
supplement is really not going to do
anything for you
so i definitely talk to your doctor
about possibly getting the injections
super cheap like i said under three
bucks a month for me
it gives me a crazy amount of energy um
it’s like i’m not up all the time you
i’m not saying it’s gonna make you
superman i have down days i have days
where i’m tired but
overall it gives me more energy and just
a feeling of more motivation
so that’s why i take it i’m not
deficient in it but
it seems to help me get more stuff done
throughout the day
so that’s it guys vitamin b12 i like it
maybe right for you maybe not but as
you’re awesome and get your levels

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