Wes Watson | Natty or Not | From Prison to Driving a Mercedes G Wagon!

Wes Watson is a popular Youtuber and Social Media Celebrity! Wes Watson is best known for his in your face motivational speaking and inspirational messages. Wes Watson has an amazing physique built by dedication and intensity. But did Wes Watson achieve his physique naturally or is he enhanced? Wes Watson, Natty or Not?

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today i’m going to do my first natty or
and apparently if you’re into the
testosterone world you pretty much have
to do natty or knots or else you’ll end
up with
4 600 subscribers it’s all about
i’m doing my first natty or not on a mr
watson and i know what you’re saying
more plates more dates already did this
and i know i’m not trying to copy him or
bite on his stuff
but to be truthful i don’t really follow
all these little instagram fitness
wes watson’s actually someone i’ve
watched on youtube so
what greg ducette’s doing all these guys
that i’ve never even heard of from
i thought i would do mine on someone
that i actually watch on youtube and
actually find interesting
not taking away anything from those
instagram people i just don’t know who
they are and i don’t
don’t follow them so introduce you to
wes watson wes watson was a normal dude
living out in california skateboard guy
part took in a little bit of the uh the
devil’s lettuce
and long story short he got involved in
a drug deal that went bad
and he got sentenced to nine years out
in california
and he served his time and he got out of
but while he was in prison he’s his
mentality changed a lot
you know he saw people get weak he saw
people get soft saw people make excuses
for why they
weren’t working out why they were you
know taking drugs
all that stuff and he would write a lot
of this stuff down
really fell in love with working out in
prison and i’m going to show you some
pictures of him
pretty much from what i can see from
when he started in prison
to closer toward the end and i’ll tell
you why i think that
moving forward and before we get into
this natty or not
i’m not sure of his legal status of
parole so
this is just hypothetical west would
obviously not do anything or take
anything that would
you know jeopardize his like his freedom
so if anything he’s just taking sarms so
they’re perfectly legal
so if you’re wes’s parole officer
nothing to worry about here
nothing to think carry on leave wes
like i was saying he got into you know
this whole mentality of just
not giving up just don’t don’t lie to
yourself don’t let people out around you
lie to you
and tell you everything’s good when
you’re not doing what you need to be
doing when you’re not being the man that
you need to be
and so what he did when he got out of
prison he started making youtube videos
um about his experiences in prison his
views on life and all this stuff and he
kind of became a motivational speaker
and when i say motivational speaker i
mean he yells and curses at you a lot
and some people like that motivation he
also does online coaching
he’s seen some pretty good
transformations on his page on his
instagram as well
so he went from a guy that you know just
a normal guy
and then he got into something bad stuff
and went to prison for nine years
came out started making youtube videos
kept working out
started coaching people and now he seems
pretty successful
he’s got a g wagon mercedes that he
drives to the gym every morning
pretty inspirational guy changed his
life could have came out of prison and
uh you know decided to return to crime
and drugs and all that but he didn’t
he took his new mentality and working
out and staying motivated
turned it into something so very
inspirational and i
i really like stories like this so let’s
get into it
let’s get into wes see if he’s natty or
not of course he is because
he could be on parole and we don’t want
i’m not snitching on wes wes is
he’s pretty he’s a beast so let’s get
started all right so here’s a picture of
when he i’m assuming it’s early in his
prison stint
um and the reason i can tell you that is
because of the tattoos on his stomach
he’s got the it says [ _ ] on there and i guess that’s something for san diego that’s his that’s his clique that’s the city uh that’s who he reps if you will and you can see he’s not in bad shape at all um he’s in pretty decent shape um nothing wrong with his physique at all and i’m going to start showing you some pictures here where you can start to see the progression and remember guys he’s in prison so you know he’s probably not getting creatine he’s probably not getting you know protein supplements whenever he wants he’s not eating steak and you know all that good stuff you know he’s eating what’s available in prison now are steroids available in prison sure they can be i’m sure it’s happened but i doubt it’s like a constant flow or you can just take stacks you know you can just you know so pretty impressive this change over time and you’ll see it’s got pretty good genetics as well as a lot of dedication so we’ve got another picture of his back and you can see he’s got got the nice y you can see he’s got some some definition on the triceps um not huge on the traps i’m assuming shrugs are kind of hard to do in prison um but uh yeah but he still has a good physique but he’s not nearly as big as he starts to get this is another more kind of in the middle picture from what i can gather uh you can see he’s got some more ink around that [ _ ] and he’s got his
boy here [ _ ] and his buddy’s got an interesting tattoo on his stomach but you can see so he’s got some ink on his stomach and in a lot of his videos he mentions that you have to earn your ink in prison you don’t just go there and find a guy with a little you know recorder gun and a little guitar string and uh just be like hey i want to get some ink like you got to do stuff you got to put in work for your crew all that good stuff so i’m just assuming that this is a later on picture i’m not exactly sure but you can tell he’s definitely getting a little bit more definition he’s getting more definition in his chest you can see that little cut on the right side of his tricep and uh yeah so he’s obviously working out getting bigger slowly i would assume he’s natural at this point definitely working out you can see that chest popping a lot more uh it’s got the bigger bicep bigger tricep forearms even bigger he’s definitely putting on some size and that’s impressive that’s in prison you know he’s not going to gold’s gym and then drinking a protein shake and some uh you know some amino acids after that i mean he’s eating what’s available at prison and he’s working out you know with prison stuff i don’t know if at the time or anytime during his stint he was uh able to use actual weights i know most of the prisons have taken them out because they kill each other with the weights and uh so like for shoulders he does like uh he does overhead press but he’s upside down doing shoulders that’s pretty wild you know that’s so you have to be creative and uh let’s see another picture this is wes watson uh definitely looking a lot bigger here big difference and chess looks a lot bigger i mean look at the traps traps got a lot of development there shoulders are big um and look at the veins starting to get some serious veins i mean he wasn’t ever overweight but i mean to have a vein like this at the top of your chest and you know right on the side of the shoulder these squiggly things starting to look like google maps over here so definitely pack it on some size and when you’re in prison you know you’ve got you’ve got a lot of time to work out but you also have to have the dedication and you can’t eat like garbage and a lot of the food in jail is garbage you know they have ramens and you know tasty cakes and all that so he’s obviously not eating any of that stuff to get you know veins got popping like that now let’s see wes getting bigger and bigger so right here i mean he’s just he’s getting big you can see he’s lifting weights right now he’s lifting uh doing some got some kind of bag either full of water or whatever it is but he’s curling right now and you can see he’s he’s getting pretty jacked that’s impressive that’s comes down to good genetics and just putting in the time let’s look at uh wes watson now what does west look like let’s see if i can find a smaller picture first no i can’t dude’s pretty jacked all around so here we are this is wes watson pretty recently i mean you can see i mean look at the veins on this guy look at that he’s he’s freaking jacked he’s got massive forearms he’s got the traps going on shoulders popping off got the squiggly lines in his shoulders and now we’ve got even more i mean even more veins i mean look at the veins on this dude this guy walks around i mean he’s like he’s a month out from being show ready pretty much you know a hardcore diet some diuretics uh he’s pretty much ready to compete i mean he walks around this cut all the time and that’s when i get into what things i would think that he would take to be able to stay this shredded all the time most bodybuilders don’t look like this year round not even close you know in the off season they bulk up you know eat extra calories they’re still going to have veins but not like this i mean not you know striations across the top of your chest that’s a nice upper peak check right there i mean look at this massive snake going down his arm i mean he’s freaking shredded and uh here we go look at wes’s forearms got his massive forearm that dude shredded shredded he’s all the time shredded let’s look at this one in the white shirt i mean look at the veins on the sky and like i said he’s always looking like this well i’m going to tell you what i think what i would take to look like this year round because there’s certain compounds that just don’t work when you’re trying to look like this and you post on instagram all the time so it’s not like he takes three months off and then you see him and he’s you know looking shredded like this this is 24 7 for mr watson so hypothetically what i think a person or wes watson would take to look like this and to stay this ripped year round obviously all this is photoshopped so there’s no way that he’s taking anything he’s definitely natty in that way obviously to look this good photoshop you need a test bass and if i had to guess i don’t think he’s on a crazy amount of test because tess will bloat you up i mean unless he’s taking a lot of tests and also an ai at the same time pretty heavy dose of ai you know because you don’t want to get that water weight on you because you’re not gonna you’re not gonna look as ripped you’re not gonna have those pythons running down your freaking upper chest shelf so i mean my guess i would probably say he’s running two to four hundred milligrams of test a week um i would definitely say i don’t know if wes watson would take trent i mean i don’t know because i mean he’s not he doesn’t do drug drugs anymore he doesn’t drink anymore and i just don’t know if he would if he would break trend because it’s got so many side effects mental and physical but i don’t know i mean if you were making like 10 grand a month on online coaching and you want to look like this is it worth taking tran to him i don’t know my guess if he’s not taking tren i would say something like anavar i would definitely say anavar i mean just to get those hard gains those dry gains and possibly winstrol i don’t know i don’t obviously know what he’s taking but you know definitely on a test base there’s no question about that i mean i’ll put a little video up him working out blatt’s looking huge i mean he’s freaking got like an eight pack he’s got whatever the heck’s called on the side of the ribs i mean he’s looking freaking jacked got shredded well i’m not here to convince you that wes watson’s natty i mean come on the only thing i don’t like about more plates than uh videos and greg do sets is on some of these guys that they actually even like pretend like they’re doing natty or not like these guys are jacked out of their mind and they’re like are they natty i like both those guys but just in those particular videos like you know it’d be like doing natty or not and ronnie coleman like no [ _ ] like
really is there anyone even questioning
that ronnie coleman is natty
not a single bet but my guess is some
combination of anavar
tren winstrol probably even rad140 i
mean rad140 they call it trend light
and redmi 40 is some pretty good stuff
too i mean
squeakers gained three pounds on rad 140
and that was in eight weeks
so imagine what this guy with his diet
and how hard he works out imagine what
he could do with a you know a little
eight-week cycle of rad140
and pretty definitely see some gains so
that’s about it guys i’m not here to
talk 20 minutes whether this guy’s natty
or not
this guy’s a freaking beast this guy
puts in the work he’s got his diet on
and uh those are just the compounds that
i think he would take because he doesn’t
want to look bloated
there’s no off season for wes he’s on
instagram and youtube
all the time so there’s no off season he
doesn’t have a chance to bulk up for six
months and then
cut weight for a show like i said he’s
basically show ready
but that’s about it guys wes watson
pretty inspirational story
you know went to prison did his time did
nine years came out
blew up on youtube he’s coaching people
he’s got a freaking mercedes g-wagon so
pretty cool story in my book and uh
seems like a nice guy he’s definitely
and i would definitely check out his
channel just be prepared he’s gonna yell
at you
on his instagram too he’s gonna yell at
you to get your [ _ ] straight so that’s about it guys my first nattie or not feels good to get it out of the way on the path to 100 000 subscribers if you’re not subscribed click on that [ _ ] sub button come on
hook a brother up 190 videos
i need some more subscribers anyway guys
thanks for watching as always you’re
and get your levels tested

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