Cardarine / GW501516 Review, Benefits, Side Effects, Studies! Exercise in a bottle?

Cardarine / GW-501516 is a research chemical developed by glaxo smith kline in the early 1990’s as medicine in a bottle. Cardarine / GW501516 was designed to help with cardiovascular issues, Diabetes, Cholesterol and fat loss. Cardarine / GW501516 was abandoned in 2007 after some negative studies done with rats. Cardarine / GW501516 is a very interesting compound that is normally grouped into the SARM’s category. However it is not a SARM at it. It is actually a PPAR Agonist.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we’re going to talk about a
compound called carterine
which is kind of lumped together with
sarms but it’s not actually a sarm
and it’s a very interesting compound so
let’s jump into it it’s all about
carterine is a very interesting compound
and the chemical name for it is gw501516
if you want to do your own research so
it was actually a
joint venture to and create and
investigate this compound
by pharmaceutical called ligand which is
also done a lot of other sarms
and glaxosmithkline they started doing
this in 1991.
the idea behind carterine was to
create a medicine that would help people
with pretty much poor lifestyles
obesity cardiovascular issues diabetes
low hdl and high ldl it’s pretty
but uh it came into some it had some
and we’ll get to that toward the end of
the video if you have an idea of what
carterein is or you’re familiar with it
you’ll know exactly what i’m talking
about has to do with rats
but i’m going to jump into a little bit
of the science of cartering
and then i’ll let you know what people
experience with it
side effects and all that good stuff so
as i said before carterine is not a sarm
it’s not a selective androgen receptor
it is a ppar agonist cartorin is
classified as a
peroxisome proliferator activator
ppar delta it is a type of agonist that
functions by the activation of the ppar
delta pathway in the body at certain
receptor sites
the initiation of ppar delta is linked
with greater energy
burning of fat muscle growth greater
endurance reduction of lipids in the
carterean starts up ppar delta simply by
connecting to it
it just just connects to it just like
because ppar delta is already present in
muscle cells
is the main reason that it stimulates so
many genes that are essential for energy
use and production
now what’s interesting about carterine
and a lot of people call it
exercise in a bottle and the idea is
in simple terms what it’s thought to do
is kind of change your metabolism from
on carbohydrates into running on fat
and oxidizing fat so that’s why a lot of
do research on their rats who are
overweight to help their rats cut
it’s also like i said been shown it’s
been proven
to lower your ldl cholesterol which is
the bad cholesterol
and raise your hdl which is interesting
and if this
compound was approved for human use i
see great use for it for guys that are
on trt
what’s also interesting in the studies
is that they did some 12-week studies on
and they saw the hdl go up and they saw
the ldl
go down but during those 12 weeks they
never saw a plateau
so it didn’t like you know raise hdl 10
and then just plateau it just kept
raising it kept raising it
and lowering the ldl and lowering the
but it never hit a point within those 12
weeks where that stopped
now that’s one of the longest studies in
humans that we’ve ever seen
with cardarene but it’d be interesting
to see what that plateau is
you know how much of a better lipid
profile could someone have
if they took carterene for a long time
another interesting thing about
carterene is in the 2008 olympics in
pretty much every endurance athlete was
taking cardarene
and it was so prevalent that in 2009
just the year after they actually
developed a test for it
uh they banned it you cannot take
carterein in the olympics
but in 2008 they really didn’t know what
it was
and all the endurance athletes were
taking it talking the bike
the bike race guys the sprinters
long runners marathon owners anything
that has to do with endurance
they were taking cartering and i’m
actually doing some research
on cartering right now with squeakers
and he is noticing a crazy amount of
endurance it’s pretty wild
he’s telling me that he is like doubling
and tripling his cardio
and he doesn’t feel winded he can just
keep going
pretty wild a very small human study
less than 15 subjects examined carter’s
fat burning effects
in that particular study the subjects
were men who had high cholesterol
and a significant storage of belly fat
cartering was given to the subjects at a
dose of 2.5 milligrams per day
for a period of six weeks at the
conclusion of the study the subjects had
lowered their levels of triglycerides
fatty acids and vldl a low density
lipoprotein similar to ldl so it’s
pretty wild you know 2.5 milligrams you
know the common dosage
that that a human would take in a study
or if you know
someone else was doing research uh
scientist of course no one at
home is normally 10 milligrams a day so
these guys were only taking 2.5
milligrams and they
lost belly fat and improved their lipid
profile another interesting thing about
carterine is it may reverse
metabolic abnormalities in obese people
and people that are pre-diabetic
so it’s a it’s a very interesting
compound but
like i said there were some issues with
it and i’m going to tell you that toward
the end of this video
so there are no large long-term studies
on cartoons in humans the only
long-term test they’ve ever done is on
rats and
what’s interesting is the studies that
they have done on humans
have not shown any side effects from
granted these are shorter studies and
very small amount of people in these
but they haven’t shown any side effects
from carterein ever in humans
but they did in rats and we’re going to
get to that another interesting thing
about carterine
is it’s not a stimulant it doesn’t
stimulate the nervous system at
all it does not make you hyper it does
not give you energy it’s not like coffee
or ephedrine or any of that stuff
so it’s not a stimulant and it’s one of
the only
kind of fat loss compounds that we’ve
ever really seen that’s not a stimulant
in any way it’s not like adderall or
caffeine it doesn’t give you
any energy it just it kind of
changes up your metabolism and gives you
extra endurance
so why do people do research on rats
that are either overweight
or are just looking to kind of cut lose
some weight
well i mean we’ve already talked about
some of the things that cartering can do
such as you know switching up your
metabolism to burn fat
instead of carbohydrates which is
interesting in itself
it has fat oxidative processes which is
kind of
you know burning more fat and also the
what some people will do with their rats
is when their rats are trying to cut
they will take carterein which
supposedly does have some weight loss
lots of people swear by it that the rats
lost you know the fat just melted off
i’ll let you know if that was the case
with squeakers when i make my next video
so if you’re not subscribed click on the
subscribe button but
when people are trying to get the rats
to cut they’ll throw in
10 milligrams of cartering and this
cartereen allows them
to do way more cardio
i’m not really sure exactly no one’s
really sure the mechanism behind it
but people that do research on rats with
carterene say that
their rat’s endurance is just through
the roof like superhuman
never felt anything like that before
these rats can do cardio
for a long time they don’t seem to get
winded their muscles are tired but they
just don’t really feel it it’s really
it’s it’s wild it’s something that
squeakers has never encountered before
it’s pretty interesting
so now we’ll get into the reason that
carterine is not approved for human use
so when they did a study on rats i don’t
know exactly how many rats but that i’m
male and female rats and they’re called
like hans winslow rats or han solo rats
i don’t know some [ __ ] like that there’s
some type of hans windsor
some weird-ass rats but they took these
right and another thing you’re gonna if
you start looking up carter and you’re
gonna see a bunch of people throwing out
figures as to how much
they gave these rats the equivalent to a
human dose
a lot of people said it’s like 400 or
500 milligrams
every day more plates more dates he
talked to someone he did a video
he did a revision video from his first
video and he did the calculations and i
trust his numbers
he said they were given the rats the
human equivalent of about 43.2
milligrams per day
which is about four times what
uh will use on when they’re taking
carterene these hans wins are rats
their average lifespan is 30 to 36
months so they live
you know two and a half three years
here’s something else interesting about
these rats
they almost always die of cancer for
whatever reason
these rats they’re just they die from
cancer it’s been well documented that’s
just what happens to them
that’s their genes that’s how they
evolve whatever
so they gave these rats 40 milligrams
43.2 milligrams of cartarene every day
for 104 weeks so two years
roughly 66 to 75 percent of their life
they were taking carterein and guess
they got cancer so
when they found this out after the study
they pretty much just scrapped carterine
they were like
nope these rats got cancer even though
they basically get cancer anyway they
didn’t like that they didn’t think they
get through more trials and they just
kyboshed it so they didn’t think they
could make it through human trials
and they never did and they pretty much
just abandoned carterene
which is a shame because it’s a really
cool compound i mean
imagine if carterine or future better
you know got approved by the fda so
you’ve got you know
jim bob who’s you know 75 200 pounds
it’s kind of a big jump 75 to 200 but
jim bob’s
overweight he’s pre-diabetic uh he
doesn’t have good endurance so he can’t
do a lot of cardio and imagine a
compound where he could take 10
milligrams a day
and he start burning more fat it could
help with his pre-diabetes he could do
more cardio and get in shape
maybe one hell of a medicine and i bet
you they make a crap ton of money on it
so the pharmaceutical companies could
probably make a lot of money
selling something that would help fix
people’s diabetes
their lipid panel their endurance and
fat loss
but would they make more money than the
cures or treatments slash subscription
that go along with diabetes and lipids
and all that
i don’t know i don’t know maybe they
know chlorine is a very interesting
uh like i said they gave you know a
pretty high dose to these rats for
70 let’s just say 70 percent of their
life and they got cancer
and these rats almost always get cancer
we don’t know we don’t have the human
studies the human studies that we do
show they have no side effects and
didn’t have any cancer so obviously i
would never tell you to do research on
your rat with carterene
but i would definitely i would
definitely do some research
look up the studies there’s some
information on reddit
make the decision for yourself i’m going
to do a follow-up video on
some research with squeakers in a few
weeks if you want to see that and you’re
not subscribed
click on the subscribe button but uh
i’ll let you know
what happens with squeakers and if
cartering was something good to research
and we’ll let you know if squeakers dies
from cancer so that’s it guys
not going to dive too deep into the
science just wanted to give you a
general idea of cartering
why it’s not approved and uh let you
do some more research on your own and
see if you think it’s good
but as always you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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