Testosterone Cypionate Vs Sustanon 250 for Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT and Cycles

In this video I discuss my personal opinion on whether Testosterone Cypionate or Sustanon 250 is better for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for watching
today we’re going to discuss scipionate
versus sustanon we’re going to discuss
for trt and for some other reasons that
people use it
so let’s get started it’s all about
if you saw my other video um where i had
to travel to
england to try sussinon you’ll know that
i do like sustanon
and before we jump forward the reason
that you can’t get sustanon in the
united states
is that it’s not fda approved
it’s approved everywhere else in the
world and it’s actually the preferred
testosterone for a lot of different
countries and a lot of different guys
so why did the fda block it hmm
well sustanon was made by a company
called organon out of somewhere in
and they tried to bring sussen on to the
united states nope but unfortunately for
all the big pharmaceutical companies in
are selling scipionate and enanthate so
they didn’t really want another
so so they kind of blocked organon
from getting sustained fda approved so
unfortunately if you’re in the united
states there’s absolutely no way that
you could get susan on it would be
and i don’t condone doing anything like
but i did happen to go to england i
tried sussenon and
uh let’s jump into what i think my
personal preferences are between the two
overall for trt i like susan on
i don’t get me wrong sipping 8 works
great i have no complaints about
that propionate that fast-acting ester
where it just gets into your bloodstream
i like it the day after my shots i feel
fantastic i mean i’m not saying that i
wake out of bed superman
every day but the day after the shots
i’m looking for the wife in the morning
just saying
but uh it just it gives me this it’s
this rush it lets me know
i am definitely on trt that day and it
carries over into wednesday
thursday i feel about the same as if i
would on scipion8
and then rinse and repeat rinse and
repeat i just like that
i just get that that rush from that
propionate and then the rest of the
esters just carry me through
but i also have heard lots of people say
that sustanon gives them lots of ups and
downs because there’s four different
there’s the short acting the short
medium you got the medium long and then
the long
the idea is to get your levels up and
carry you through till your next shot
but some people say that you know all
those different esters you know breaking
off and getting into the bloodstream at
different times
just kind of messes with their levels
and you know they just don’t really like
so let me know in the comments have you
ever tried sustanon do you like it
are you perfectly happy with sip and you
think there’s nothing could possibly be
better than sit because you just feel
like a million bucks on trt and you’re
a huge fan of the sip i still like
and uh if i were to do something
different than just trt
what would i use hmm so obviously
whether you like succinon or scipionate
it’s personal preference
me personally i just like succinon and
it’s it’s a damn shame that
you can’t get you know a medicine that
was formulated for trt
in the united states over you guessed it
cash money
gotta love it it’s funny in almost any
if you apply the follow the money you’ll
see what the real deal is it’s crazy it
works in almost everything
but don’t get me wrong i’m not saying oh
if you’re on sit
you got to try some sustanon this is
going to change your life no
it’s testosterone it works in a little
bit of a different way
but it’s not like game-changing
where you know trt is not going to work
for you on scipion8 but
if you’re just able to get your hands on
some sustanon which i don’t recommend
doing don’t break any laws
that your life is going to be you know
trt is just going to be so much better
and you’re gonna have everything’s gonna
be fantastic
but for me personally uh susan on does
give me that
that punch that punch i i do my shots on
monday thursday and i can tell you on
tuesday which is today
if you can’t tell i’m a little fired up
and uh tuesday and fridays
man feeling fantastic it’s more of
not so much energy but uh
you know what i’m saying yeah baby yeah
i just i just have that that drive to
yeah yeah but you know like i said
scipionate’s good
sustanon’s good they’re both good i mean
it’s crazy sussman’s popular all over
the world it’s just
the united states we just uh we couldn’t
make it happen we just for some reason
it couldn’t get fda approved
so if i were to do something
different than trt let’s just say we
were going to do
really high-dose trt where we were
perhaps uh taking in
500 milligrams of testosterone per week
what you’d call that what would you call
that i don’t know super high dose trt
trt on steroids anyway moving on
so if i were to do something like that i
feel that
scipionate would actually be the better
just because you know when you have that
much test flowing through your body
i mean do you really need that
proprionate to get in your system real
when three and a half days ago you threw
250 in your body
i don’t really think so i know
bodybuilders have used sustanon for a
long time and i’m sure it works i mean
there’s no doubt that you would
you get super jacked on 500 milligrams
of sustain
i just think as far as blood levels you
know when you’re running at
500 milligrams per week you know i mean
even your your troughs are going to be
well over 700
so you know it’s not like you know your
trough you’re getting down to four or
500 and now you need that propionate to
get you right back up into the 800s like
for trt
you know i mean with basically
you’ve got 200 and 500 you know
500’s up here your trough at the bottom
they get to
5 600 but your trough on 500 is like
i don’t know 1200 so you know you’re not
ever getting lower to where you really
need to get
you know you need to get that test in
your system really fast it’s already
you know you’re already at a super
physiological level right off the bat
so you don’t really need to get it in
there as fast so i think
sipping 8 would just keep the levels you
know nice and steady if you were taking
i don’t see the need for the propionate
you don’t really see the need for the
super long-acting esters either because
doing it every three and a half days and
you’re doing a lot of it
let me know in the comments have you
ever done a super trt
with either of these compounds cypinate
or sus let me know in the comments uh
which one you like better i’m interested
i’m always interested to see
because this type of stuff is so
personalized you know
some people they hate sauce and love sip
some people
hate sip and love sauce it’s crazy you
know these two different compounds
are just different variations of esters
but it can completely change the way
people like them the way their bodies
tolerate them
side effects all that stuff you know
like i said some people were saying with
sustanon they were just they felt like
their hormones their test was just going
up and down
up and down and they would have spikes
and they would get you know e2 sides and
they would get acne
whereas on scipione they don’t seem to
feel that or experience that because
it’s more of a stable thing it’s so wild
you know just a little bit different
variation on medicine can completely
change a side effect profile and how
someone feels
but uh yeah it’s pretty cool it’s pretty
wild how all these different
testosterone compounds work and
it’s just so different so personalized
and that’s why i always say
medicine is not black and white i hate
when people say this is what you have to
do this is what works because this is
what works for me
it doesn’t work like that you guys
there’s probably some guys yelling at
the youtube screen right now saying
freaking sustanon sucks i hate sussing
on this stuff’s garbage
gave me pip um i do susan on sub q
when i was in england and i never got
any nodules i’ve never gotten any bumps
i’ve never had any issues
um some people do some people will won’t
even touch
sustanon because it gives them pain
gives them lumps gives them all that
stuff and
then there’s some guys probably watching
in other countries like what the hell is
scipionate i’ve been using sustanon for
10 years this stuff’s fantastic why
would i ever try anything different
so just interesting how different
are blocked in the world kind of usually
in the united states for
some weird reason big pharma
but um but yeah guys let me know in the
comments if you’re new
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guys i’m going to go hit the gym it’s
leg day
i’m not feeling leg day but never skip
leg day
so that’s it guys as always you’re
get your levels tested and if you’re
ever outside the united states get some
cessna on see if you like it

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