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what’s going on guys tester levels here
wanted to come at you with a little bit
of a different video today we’re gonna
be talking about cryptocurrencies
and why it is a very good idea
to at least know how to acquire it and
use it if you’re on trt
now i’ll get into the whole spiel about
why you may need to use cryptocurrencies
at some point
but uh this is not financial advice this
is not investment advice and this is not
medical advice
i’m just letting you know about
cryptocurrencies why certain merchants
online use them they almost have to
and uh yeah so let’s jump in
so unless you’ve been living under a
rock you probably know what bitcoin is
and bitcoin is the biggest digital coin
it’s the original
uh interesting fact the guy that created
uh no one knows exactly who he is he
only is
known by an online alias of satoshi
and no one knows who he is in the world
and he currently owns about 1 million
and he’s never moved them so as you can
see the current price of bitcoin
as of today which is friday the 27th
black friday
is 17 000 roughly and you can see the
history of
bitcoin uh in the price this is when it
went crazy
and then it was down for a while and now
it’s back up going crazy
so if you’re buying bitcoin right now
you may be buying it a high
it may never go this low again and may
jump up no one knows
cryptocurrency is pretty crazy so i’ll
give you a brief overview about bitcoin
and how it works
i’m not going into a whole detail about
this if you want to learn more there’s
tons of good videos i recommend uh
youtube channel the vos coin
and the youtube channel red panda mining
they both have some really good stuff on
but long story short the person wants to
send money the transaction is
represented online as a block
all these computers all around the world
specialized hardware
uh they mine this and they verify the
once everyone’s in agreement they add
that block to the block chain which is
where blockchain comes from
and the money moves from a to b now
you’re probably wondering
why wouldn’t i just pay with a credit
card credit card’s easy i type it in
boom it’s done
well certain merchants you may not know
this but if you run an online store
you have to use a basically a money
verifier company
someone that processes your credit card
and that’s all well and good yeah okay
so i’m selling trinkets
not a big deal but lots of websites
where people build websites like a
company called shopify which is the most
used because it’s very easy to build a
they basically tell you what you can and
cannot sell so if you were to sell
something like
sarms or peptides or even testosterone
that’s a no-go so you can’t use them now
if you build your own website now you
have to look for a supplier or a
to verify your credit card transactions
these companies they don’t want risk
they don’t want to be associated with a
lot of the stuff
i know a lot of people in the gun
industry have had issues with this where
they can’t accept credit cards or banks
shut down their accounts
and uh so what do they do well some
uh like rats army for say uh they use
cryptocurrencies and the reason is
you don’t need a middleman you don’t
need someone to process this
the bitcoin network does this for you
so if i’m someone who’s selling
something that’s a perfectly legal but
in a gray area
and people don’t want you know credit
card payment
processors don’t want me to use their
service well i can just use something
like bitcoin and circumvent that
customer a wants to order this they boom
they send me the bitcoin transaction i
verify i got the bitcoin
and now i send them their products very
now just another little infographic on
how it works this is kind of
i’m going to show you the next slide is
going to be a company called coinbase
and they basically are all of this you
sign up with an account
you get a unique address you connect
your bank account to them
and they have a you know know your
customers so they’re going to check you
out and make sure you are who you are
you purchase bitcoin they put it in your
wallet and boom now you have it and now
you could send it to someone like rats
army or anyone else in the world
and there’s no international fees
there’s no wires there’s no
waiting three to four days for the money
to clear boom i want to send someone
money in russia and bitcoin boom i type
in their address
click send in a matter of minutes it’s
there and it’s pretty impressive it’s
cool it’s a very cool technology
so we’re going to jump into coinbase
coinbase is probably the largest
uh company where you can buy and sell
and trade
cryptocurrencies uh they’re based in the
united states
they’ve been around forever they’re ogs
in this game
so it’s not like a sketchy site where
you know it’s dodgy they could be gone
they’re the real deal so you get an
account and i’ll have a link
in in this link uh it’s a referral link
if you sign up for coinbase and for
whatever reason need to do a transaction
or you just want to start
acquiring some bitcoin if you buy a
hundred dollars worth of bitcoin
they’ll give you an extra 10. if you buy
100 worth of bitcoin
they’ll give me another 10. so it’s a
win-win for both of us
you know you go through the whole signup
process and in the end of the day you’ll
end up with
a bunch of different cryptocurrencies
that you can buy and it’s very simple
it’s just like
getting a transaction you just say buy
100 worth of bitcoin
boom they do it you get 100 worth of
this already went into a little bit of
why certain merchants
you know use cryptocurrency so i know
rats army i’ve talked with the owner a
few times
um they’re always getting their payments
shut off
all their payment processors they’re
good for a little while then they get
shut off
so they’re just playing it’s an annoying
all this stuff is perfectly legal that
they sell but because they’re in a gray
the payment processors they either they
don’t want you at all or they’ll take
you on
you know being nice to you and charge
you huge amounts of fees
so you’re less profitable so what do
they do oh you can just click on
go to they use coinbase like i said
coinbase is a massive company
and boom now we’re at coinbase so i
could click here and i could log into my
coinbase account and pay
them or i could just straight up pay
them with bitcoin
this is their address it’s condensed and
most apps
they have a little qr code so i would
just scan the qr code boom
it registers this address i click send
the amount of bitcoin that i want to
and i’m good to go very simple pretty
let me show you this other website i’m
not going to be able to show you the
actual url
for obvious reasons as you’ll see but
let’s say that i wanted to order
something like this
do not do this it’s illegal in most
countries i don’t recommend doing this
at all you can get a lot of trouble so
do not do this do not break any laws
but if you were somewhere in the world
where you can order testosterone online
then you could come to a website like
this and oh look
you can either pay by moneygram western
or by bitcoin and they also accept other
and look at this they even give you a 10
discount just for using it because they
don’t have to deal with a bunch of
they get their money quick they ship
your product out quick they’re willing
to give you a 10
discount uh ignore the shipping that’s
just because it’s from two different
if you have any interest in learning
about other sites something like this
follow me on instagram but uh i’m not
gonna tell you
yeah just follow me on instagram i’m a
little less vanilla when i’m on
instagram and not youtube because the
overlords the youtube overlords they’re
very cautious they don’t seem to like me
very much so
anyway let’s keep on going that’s the
wrong button
that’s the right button all right so i’m
just going to show you
these are some of the machines that mine
bitcoin all around the world
there’s their specific machines that’s
all they do is my bitcoin you can see
this is a
massive farm i believe this in russia uh
it all comes down to how much
how much power how much money you pay
for power that
changes how much profit you make you can
see i mean these are crazy just rows and
rows of these machines
nuts and these things run hot each one
of these things uses like 2 000 watts of
so that’s why you see these massive fans
because produces a lot of heat
and so we’re back on coinbase another
really cool thing about coinbase
they’ll actually pay you to learn about
cryptocurrencies so you can earn up to
121 dollars in cryptocurrencies
they usually do like three or four
videos and for each video they ask you a
question you get it right
so you could start a cryptocurrency
portfolio of 121 bucks
and if you end up buying 100 worth of
bitcoin you get another 10 bucks free
so it’s pretty cool you can do a lot of
stuff with coinbase
you can you can basically swap for
different cryptocurrencies
you can do recurring buys this would be
considered dollar cost averaging
uh where you know you buy in every week
for 10 bucks let’s say
so you know you’re just you’re buying at
different times when bitcoins at
different prices to try to get an
average uh they’re super safe you know
they’re regulated by the government
cryptocurrency is really cool if you
want to go down a rabbit hole
and check it out there’s a lot of crazy
stuff going on some of the cool coins in
my eyes are bitcoin
ethereum which has smart contracts where
you can set you can create programs that
do certain things
when other things happen it’s all
automated pretty cool
another one is monero which is
completely private another thing i’ll
touch on
bitcoins not private it never has been
the government can check it out
they can see transactions they could
follow them they have tools to do it
so it’s not private but monero is
there’s lots of cool blockchain
you know cryptocurrencies all around but
just having an
idea of how this works and you know you
can get an account and not buy anything
and if it comes to
a day where you’re like okay hey i wanna
i wanna go to rat’s army and i want to
you know get some sarms or i want to go
on this website
i’m going to buy some peptides or
whatever it is whatever it is you want
to get
and you need to use cryptocurrency to
pay for it it’s good to have an account
it’s good to know how to use it
if you really find cryptocurrency super
cool you can let your friends know about
it and your family
and uh you can help with mass adoption i
know uh
sarm’s info on instagram he’s big into
more plates more dates actually put out
an instagram story saying that
he’s a big fan of bitcoin and has been
for a while
and we’ll end up end off this video i
actually learned about bitcoin when it
was about
seventy dollars a bitcoin seventy
it’s even before this chart even goes
back that far
my buddy’s brother uh he was actually
mining bitcoin on his computer just a
regular computer because back in the day
you were able to do that
and he was telling me about bitcoin and
i was ripping on him like
oh yeah your little computers you know
doing little math problems to try to
earn fake internet coins
and i was ripping on him and he’s like
no man it’s gonna be pretty cool it’s a
pretty cool thing and he was
i was ripping on him didn’t want to hear
if i had if i did i probably wouldn’t
have a youtube channel because i’d be
rich as
because i would have bought probably 20
30 50 100 bitcoins
and yeah so missed out on a big one
but that’s about it guys i’m gonna have
a link in the description
uh if you want some more information or
just to chat with me
check me out on instagram test your
but uh that’s about it guys
cryptocurrency is really cool
may come in handy for you at some point
if you ever have to purchase some things
the mainstream world thinks is in a gray
area and
uh yeah seem to be more and more of
those these days
seems to be tied to the medical system
lots of good stuff that
just isn’t available huh anyway guys
that’s it cryptocurrencies and trt this
is how they go hand in hand
but as always you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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