Sarms Vs Steroids | Compared against each other | Benefits vs Side Effects

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today i’m going to do a little
comparison between sarms and some other
and uh yeah let’s just get started it’s
all about humanity
i’ve seen a lot of people ask a lot of
questions in different subreddit groups
about sarms
first and i thought i’d put together
kind of a little comparison like which
sarms are
closest to certain types of and which
ones work better
now if you think i’m spot on on some of
them let me know in the comments
if you think i’m way off base let me
know in the comments i’m interested to
hear your guys thoughts
i’m not an expert in sports arms but i
know general information
and these are just some of my thoughts
so the first one probably the most
popular sarm
a lot of people love it rad140
and rad140 gives you kind of dry
hard gains people use it in when they’re
in a calorie deficit to
maintain muscle and even build muscle
and i think that
brad 140 is kind of similar in the way
of what it does to tren
and anavar both tren
and anavar give you hard dry gains
you know they’re dry compounds they
don’t put a lot of water weight on you
all of them pretty much increase
vascularity a lot
rad 140 will definitely dry you out so
if you are trying rad140 for your
research rat
definitely give them a lot of gatorade
and or water but yeah i mean
it’s they’re it’s very similar in what
they actually do
you know they provide dry hard muscles
and if you’re already jacked and
shredded that’s what you want
you’re not trying to bulk up with a
bunch of water weight and then have to
you know cut back down
you’re trying to build solid lean muscle
because you’re already ripped
but rad 140 versus tren
there’s no comparison at all there’s no
trend is probably the most powerful
of steroids it’s a crazy compound
it’s a scary compound in my opinion i
would never touch it
let me know if you’ve tried it let me
know what your thoughts are on it i know
super popular right now i mean it’s like
the go-to
like kids are doing their first cycles
with tran that’s scary
because it’s like four times more
anabolic than testosterone
they used it to basically bulk up cattle
that’s they would just pump them up with
trend and sometimes with uh
with uh estrogen and they would just get
these cows
jacked so that they would weigh more and
they can make more money on them
now beans
beans leave the squirrels alone so
rad 140 versus anavar uh anavar is very
uh women take it um it does slowly turn
them into men but
less fast than testosterone but anavar
another very popular bodybuilding
it’s an oral so you gotta be careful for
your liver if you’re taking an anavar
but anavar another one dry hard gains
now compared to rad 140 it’s a lot
closer to rad 140 than trend is i mean
trend is just
trends off the charts anavars more of a
mild compound
i guess you could say i mean mild and
but uh overall anavar is going to crush
your ad 140.
rad140 great compound uh my rat really
liked it
definitely my rat put on i think 4 grams
3.9 grams something like that but if i
was giving my rat
anovar or tren i would expect a lot more
gains a lot more side effects as well
and that’s one of the things about sarms
they’re more they give you more mild
gains or mild effects
but they’re also usually milder in side
let’s move on to lgd lgd4033
this is in the sarms world more of the
bulking you just want the size you just
want the muscle size
you don’t care about the water weight
get rid of that later
but it’s like the bulking sarm and a lot
of people
take it and a lot of people really like
it so what would i compare it to
i would compare lgd 4033 to
probably like dianaball or anna draw
other oral steroids as well but i
remember there was a kid
it was in high school so we were
probably like 17 18. i remember he
started taking dianaball
this kid blew up he got puffy i mean he
got big
but he got real puffy put on a lot of
water weight
so i would consider them in the same
i guess family you could say you know
they both
bulk you up you’re going to put on some
water weight um you’re probably not
going to keep all your gains
because a lot of it is water weight but
i would put them in the same
genre so dianaball and anadrol versus
once again dianaball anabol either of
you’re gonna get a lot better results
over lgd4033
however anadrol and dianabol
are both liver toxic and because they’re
they’re really hard on your liver so you
have to take like nac
or milk thistle to help protect your
and like rad 140 versus tran and anavar
you know lgd is going to give you
you know less gains it’s going to be
less effective i guess
but it’s most likely going to have a lot
lower side effects that’s why people
like starm so much
because you don’t have to worry about a
lot of the side effects that you do with
you know performance enhancing drugs
let’s move on to some fat burning
something that i definitely need to work
on and i am working on it it’s just been
a little slower
got a lot of other stuff going on but
how about carterine
and sr9000 or sr9009
now these are both used for fat loss uh
endurance cartering more on the
endurance side
but what would i compare them to in the
steroid world
clinbuterol glenbuterol another scary
something i would never personally take
i know a lot of people have taken it
but it does can have some crazy side
effects on your heart
but it uh it definitely works carterene
we know has the study on rats where
these sprog dolly rats
who normally die of cancer died of
cancer a little earlier
from cancer sr9009 i’m not super well
versed in it
but i know it has gone through some
clinical trials i mean compared to
clinbuterol once again the
peds the real peds pharmaceutical ones
they win again computer role can
definitely get you to shred some serious
but once again with a lot of known side
and i guess you could say carterein has
some known side effects but they’ve
never found any side effects in humans
only in rats
so i mean obviously clint buderl is
going to work again
but sarms are super popular they’re easy
to get they’re legal
and they do work it’s just we don’t know
a lot about the long-term effects
like we do with you know something like
computer all it’s been around for a
mk677 you know the human growth
and obviously what am i going to compare
this to human growth hormone
and this one i’m going to keep this
short i mean you’ve got
a compound that you know gets in your
body and
kind of tells your body to make more
human growth hormone
compared to just straight up injecting
human growth hormone i mean which one do
you think is going to work which one’s
going to work better
obviously human growth hormone i mean
it’s it’s the actual hormone
so this would be mk677 would be like a
pro hormone for testosterone you know it
gets in your body
and it’s before testosterone and it
tries to convert into
testosterone where mk 677 works a little
bit different but
human growth hormone is going to win out
every single time
however human growth hormone’s super
and mk677 is super cheap
so you know if you’re let’s say you’re
21 years old and
you know you’re working just a normal 21
year old job you know you don’t have
you know 500 or 1000 or 1500 a month to
spend on hgh
what are you going to do mk677
and mk677 you do have to run it for
longer to see benefits than any of these
other psarms
i know it’s not a sarm but you know a
lot of people say like 12 to 24 weeks
some people say five days on two days
off there’s some insulin issues
some igf issues that you can run into
with mk 677
but hgh is going to win out hands down
but freaking expensive it will round it
out with
some more milder compounds uh osterine
or mk2866
it’s kind of like the beginner sarm you
know it’s uh
i guess the properties i’d kind of put
it between
rad and lgd where it’s not going to be
hard dry gains but it’s not going to
puff you up and make you look like the
marshmallow man marshmallow man
the michelin man so it’s kind of in
between it’s it’s pretty mild sarm
so i mean you can definitely expect some
size gains but if you’re looking for
just pure size
i’d go lgd if you’re already shredded
and you’re just trying to pack on lean
muscles get super vascular and just
get striations all over your body then
rad140 is the choice
but a lot of people and you know a lot
of young people are using sarms
and they usually start out with osterine
and work their way up to lgd or rad
but what would i compare what would i
compare austrian to
i’m going to go with primabolin you know
primabolin uh as you know arnold
schwarzenegger said that’s the champagne
of steroids
but on um in the real world it’s a
pretty mild steroid and
you know most people do not take
primobolan by itself it’s
it’s used in cycles so you’re going to
stack it with tess and deca and whatever
but overall by itself it’s more of a
milder compound
and primable is expensive too this used
to be the most
faked steroid on the market because it
was expensive
so why would you why would you fake
sippy and eight bottles for 50 bucks
when you can
fake primo bone and make more money so
premium bowling’s probably still fake to
this day
probably less than it used to be but
so once again if you’re a kid i mean
you’re not trying you’re not on
trt you’re not on a cycle you don’t want
to touch tests you don’t want to touch
you’re going to buy primobolan or are
you going to buy osterine
well obviously you’re going to go with
austrian so that’s kind of my
recap on what i would compare certain
sarms to
obviously these are not apples to apples
comparisons i’m just really going on
kind of the effects that this arms do
and matching them up with steroids or
peds that do
similar things um
i mean the only one i could possibly
i can’t even say it i can’t even say
that primobolan that austrian would work
better than primobolan because
it’s not you know all these are
clinically made steroids
i mean they’ve been around for a long
time i mean
they’re like no holds barred this is
what we want this compound to do like
with trend
we want to jack cows up and just make
them massive
as fast as possible so we can slaughter
them and sell mistakes
so i mean these big compounds you know
the classic bodybuilding compounds
sarms just aren’t going to touch them
but sarms usually have
less side effects at least short term
side effects while you’re taking them
so that’s why they’re so popular and
i’ve got some discount codes for some
different sarms
companies in the description if you want
to pick up some sarms to do some
research with your rat
i do not have a coupon code or an
affiliate for any of the other compounds
like tren
and diana ball because obviously that
would be illegal and
i don’t like breaking the law so that’s
about it guys
just a quick comparison let me know what
you think in the comments am i way off
am i spot on am i a complete idiot i
hope not
and if you’re new here click on that
subscribe button show brother some love
but anyway guys that’s the video as
you’re awesome and get your levels

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