Best Carrier Oils for TRT! Reduce PIP and SubQ Bumps! Cotton Seed Oil Sesame Seed Oil Grape Seed Oil

The carrier oil that your testosterone is suspended in can be the difference between smooth sailing and post injection pain and Subcutaneous bumps or nodules. In my opinion the thinner the carrier oil is, the better. In this video I show you how thick Cotton Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil and Cotton Seed oil are and which one is the thinnest. I also introduce you to the thinnest carrier oil on the market and why you can’t get it.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for watching
today we’re going to discuss something a
lot of people don’t even think about
starting trt or have been on trt for
years and that’s the carrier oil that
you’re using
and the carry oil can determine whether
you have a good time or a bad time
so do a quick medical disclaimer and
jump right in it’s all about humanity
carrier oils for a lot of people makes
no difference
but some people are allergic to certain
carrier oils they may be allergic to
cottonseed or sesame seed or grape seed
so if you’re allergic to any of them and
you’re experiencing a lot of
pip post-injection pain or if you’re
getting red spots and it’s sore
you may want to look into changing
carrier oils the next best carrier oil
is the one that doesn’t give you any pit
and allows you to inject into muscles or
sub-q and you don’t get any nodules or
pain the next day or muscle soreness
if you don’t get any of those from your
carrier oil then it really doesn’t
but i know a lot of people do get pit
and i know a lot of people
have shied away from sub q because they
get nodules
and i think if you watch this video and
you switch your carrier oil
you may be able to fix that now if
you’re getting
your prescription from a doctor and they
send it to the pharmacy
there’s not really a lot you can do for
the carrier oils
most scipionate in the united states
comes in cottonseed oil that just seems
to be the standard
and we’ll jump into why that may not be
the best one for you
but if you’re going through a clinic
that goes through a compounding pharmacy
you can get testosterone in almost any
carrier oil
and toward the end of the video i’m
going to go through all the different
viscosities how thick these carrier oils
and you can make a decision as to which
one you think would be the best
in my opinion the thinner the better
that’s why a lot of guys warm up their
testosterone because it thins it out
it’s easier to draw easier to inject
it’s closer to body temperature
and it seems to go smoother that way so
let’s jump in
another interesting thing is that guys
that home brew testosterone
not saying you should do this but it
happens guys do it
from what i’ve seen they pretty much
only use one carrot oil
and i’ll let you know what that is
toward the end of the video as i said
most scipione in the united states comes
in cottonseed oil
i have no idea why i can’t see the cost
of 10 mls being crazy different between
sesame seed and grape seed oil
but that’s just it’s just the way it is
no idea why and
also is interesting is that enanthate
usually comes in sesame seed oil
which may be better maybe worse but i’m
going to go over some of these
and you’re going to be interested to see
you know what the differences are in
these some of these
are a lot thinner than others also
please note when i’m comparing these
you know testosterones and different
oils i’m only talking about the carrier
oil i’m not talking about the
preservatives or anything else taking
out all those other variables
i’m just talking about the viscosity and
the reason the viscosity becomes
i’ll let you know that’s why the guys at
home brew
use this one particular oil and they say
that they can pretty much use any muscle
you know two ml’s in one spot and they
don’t feel any pain
that’s pretty interesting unfortunately
you can’t get it from a compounding
but is what it is the other reason i
wanted to bring this video out is
because a lot of guys they’ll try so
they get a lump in their stomach or on
their butt fat or
love handles and then they’re like nope
going back to im
and what also people don’t really
understand is that when you do sub q
first few times you usually do get those
nodules because your fat has no idea
what’s going on
but once you do it a couple times it
seems to
occur less and less over time so if
you’re just starting out so cute and
you’ve got a few bumps
don’t freak out it usually does get
better for most guys
i want to use zyosted as an example
xiostat is an auto injector it’s a
little contraption that you just
push against your skin you press the
button needle goes in and it pumps the
test right into your fat
and it i’ve seen it the video of it and
it pushes however much test into your
fat pretty quickly something that i
don’t normally recommend for sub-q
shots you want to get it dough and slow
it has time to absorb and it doesn’t you
know create a pocket
but they use enanthate and an amphis and
sesame seed oil
and we’ll see that sesame seed oil has a
little bit different viscosity than
cottonseed oil
now i’m not sure if they ever tried this
wiscipionate and had bad results because
the cottonseed oil
is a little thicker i’m not sure but
they ended up with enanthate and sesame
seed oil so i thought that was
they may be onto something they may know
something we don’t
but let’s jump into the viscosities they
measure viscosity in something called a
millipascal second and it was invented
by some french guy who was dealing with
blood and wanted to develop
a standard for viscosity and the
abbreviation is mpas
and water has one so water is our
so it’s one obviously water’s thin
cottonseed oil has an mpas
of 80 and that’s at 68 degrees
i know random number but that was the
only comparison
temperature that i could find that was
equal so i could do an equal comparison
of these
different viscosities now cottonseed
oil’s viscosity
drops down to 55 as soon as you get it
up to 95 degrees
so that’s why i mentioned earlier guys
will warm up their testosterone
especially if they’re drawing into like
29 gauge or 30 gauge needles
because the viscosity does go down and
pretty significantly from 80
to 55 by getting it up to 95 degrees
so you can imagine if it’s somewhere 30
some odd percent
thinner it’s going to be easier to draw
now another
interesting oil that they’re actually
using over in europe
olive oil you know the same stuff that
you you cook a
different stuff in but olive oil has the
exact same viscosity as cotton seed oil
80 and then 55 when you get up to 95
degrees i’m starting with these two
because these are the most thick the
most viscous
and in the us the most common so
i wish that some of these manufacturers
would use
other oils thinner oils in general i
mean thinner testosterone just injects
easier all around
i mean maybe it’s that cottonseed oil is
like a penny cheaper a bottle
and over 10 000 bottles that saves them
who knows now the next one down is
sesame seed oil which has an mpas of 65.
so right there it’s 18 thinner than
cottonseed oil
i mean just right off the bat almost 20
percent thinner
just from switching carrier oils so if
you’re having some issues with scipione
giving you
pip and or the nodules well maybe you
could get your compounding pharmacy to
switch it out to sesame seed oil
it may help it may not i mean the
preservatives in there do play a factor
in pip
and probably nodules as well but if you
have the opportunity and you’re having
some issues
i’d say it’s worth a try the next one is
grapeseed oil and grapeseed oil varies
but on average it’s about 55
mpas which is about 31 thinner than
cottonseed oil so just just a simple
switch for cotton seed to grape seed
you’re getting 31 thinner oil so
may be helpful to you maybe not but i
thought i would bring that to light
no one really thinks about oils and the
carrot oils they just think you know oh
this particular bottle uh this gave me
issues or i just started out and
you know injection pain and nodules is
just a thing i’m gonna have to deal with
but if you’re able to get thinner oils i
think a lot of you will find better
i’m not a doctor this isn’t medical
advice just a thought
you know if you are having some issues
with pip hit up your doctor
or go through a compounding pharmacy or
call up your clinic
and uh say hey can i switch to grapeseed
oil can i switch to sesame seed oil
so this next oil mct oil
a lot of people take it as a supplement
but they do use the purified version
as a carrier oil for testosterone and
this is the one i was talking about all
the home brewers use
i’ve seen a couple guys on youtube that
are home brewers that will brew up 100
ml at a time
and they say i can inject you know 2ml
on my shoulder 2ml in my quad i can
inject into my triceps
all that and i never get pit because the
oil is so
thin and it’s just a clean oil mct oil
has about an average mpas or viscosity
of 28
which is 64 percent thinner than
cottonseed oil and
olive oil that’s pretty impressive 64
thinner can you imagine how much easier
that would draw into a syringe
64 less viscosity it’s pretty impressive
i’ve never seen any compounding
pharmacies that use mct oil
but maybe in the future but hey if
you’re home brewing and you’re using mct
good stuff you’ve got super thin oil you
know i don’t know if it’s because
maybe it’s harder to keep the
testosterone in the suspension in mct
i’m not a physicist or a chemist by any
stretch of the imagination
but i thought you guys may find this
interesting that the majority of tests
that we use in the united states
is pretty much the thickest oil possible
some people get pip and nodules but
maybe you switch down to sesame seed or
grapeseed oil
you’ll have some better results and
maybe you’ll be able to switch over to
sub q
which is super easy and my preferred
method with a 27 gauge half inch needle
so that’s going to do it guys i thought
you might find this interesting
but as always you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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