Supercharge Your TRT!!! 10 Tips and Add On Supplements!

Being on TRT is fantastic, but there are lifestyle changes and other supplements and medicines that can take your TRT to a whole new level!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here
today we’re going to talk about some
ways that you can supercharge your trt
get the most out of it get the most
benefit and feel the best
but before we start please keep in mind
i’m not a doctor this is not medical
please listen to anything that your
doctor says so let’s do a quick medical
disclaimer and we’ll jump right in
it’s all about humanity
we’ll cover some basic ones and then
we’ll move on to some more advanced
so to start off if you’re injecting
anything less than twice a week
jump it up you know once a week some
guys can get away with but
for the most part twice a week works for
the majority of men
once every two weeks is horrible once
every week’s okay
twice a week or more is ideal it’ll keep
your levels
stable throughout the entire week not a
big jump and then a plateau down
or in the matter of two weeks you know a
big jump
and then probably lower than when you
so that’s a pretty basic one but a lot
of guys are still injecting
once every two weeks and they feel like
the next one’s very basic as well but
very important
a daily multivitamin your body needs is
all its vitamins and all its nutrients
and minerals in order to operate at peak
imagine if you threw you know jump gas
in your high performance car and you’re
wondering why it’s running crappy
well there you go uh multivitamin i
would recommend for
anyone anyone walking on the planet and
two more that i personally like well
actually it’s actually it’s three
vitamin c vitamin c we all know is super
good for you
it’s cheap i take one a day helps keep
your immune system good it does a lot of
other good stuff in the body
and uh and then we’ll move on to vitamin
a majority of the population is
deficient in vitamin d3
which you get from the sun and it’s
because we spend more time inside we
don’t get in the sun enough
and there are some foods that have like
trace amounts of vitamin d but
we can mainly get it from the sun and
this is a big one this is a big one for
men in general
vitamin d is very important it’s very
important for bone
immune system testosterone levels so
get some vitamin d3 vitamin d3 is also
paired in many supplements with a
vitamin called k2
i’ve done a video on d3 and k2 and i’ll
put them up here
no it’s going to be over here um but
vitamin k2 another really cool
another really cool vitamin that has
lots of benefits so
pick up some vitamin d3 get the one with
k2 in it and you get two
for one i’ll have links to a vitamin d3
with k2 in the descriptions from
amazon i definitely suggest that
moving on to another really simple one
that can make a huge change in your trt
and your life but it’s hard to do get
eight hours of sleep
it’s our bodies need eight hours of
sleep that’s when our bodies repair
that’s when our brain regenerates and
recharges so that we feel fresh the next
it’s when your body builds muscle so get
eight hours of sleep i know it’s tough
to do
but sure man you’re on trt you have
phenomenal testosterone levels
figure it out put your phone down turn
the tv off earlier
take some melatonin that’s another
really good tip a melatonin 30 minutes
before bed will help you get to sleep
but you need eight hours of sleep guys
that is huge
for health how you feel every aspect of
your life
lifting weights i know you don’t want to
hear it you don’t have time for the gym
get your ass in the gym lifting weights
does phenomenal things for the body
and if you’ve never worked out before
and you’re on trt you start lifting
you’re going to be like damn look at
these muscles i’m getting they’re coming
out of nowhere
people are gonna think you’re on gear
which you kind of are but not really
because you’re gonna grow muscles really
fast so i mean
a it’s good for you b it’s good for you
c it’s good for you and d you’ll look
better you’ll feel better and the ladies
will like you more
or the men whichever way you swing
perfectly cool by may
another one a lot of guys you know don’t
really think about or their doctors
know to even test for get a sensitive e2
see where your estrogen’s at if it’s too
low or too high
you can have symptoms it’s pretty basic
i know it’s a controversy in the trt
world blah blah
not saying you need ai i’m not saying
you don’t but get a sensitive e2 test
the regular
estrogen test that one’s basically for
women and it’s going to pick up
all of the estrogen in your body and
it’s probably going to show up high but
the sensitive e2 test
is the one that you need to do costs a
little bit more but it’s worth it to
know where you’re at
now if your estrogen does come back a
little high you can try
two different supplements one is called
den dendomethylene or something like
that it’s made from cruciferous
the other one’s calcium d-glucarate no
idea where it comes from
but it’s another really good supplement
to help manage and
manage your estrogen it’s not it’s not
like it’s going to be like a straight-up
ai where you know
you’re going to have perfect estrogen
levels but it helps the body metabolize
just kind of helps manage it in general
both of those are good
i personally like calcium to glucorate
more but some people like dim more
but i’ll have links to those in my
description as well
it could help if you have higher
estrogen levels and you don’t want to
take an ai
you could try these first a lot of guys
on trt
talk about stress anxiety depression a
really good supplement that you could
add on to your trt protocol is
it’s been used for years it started
being used in indian medicine like
3000 years ago something like that but
what it supposedly does
and i’m sure there are some studies that
have shown this is lower cortisol levels
and cortisol levels of your body’s
stress levels
we’re all under a lot of stress we’re a
lot more stressed than we used to
because there’s
freaking cell phones emails anyway you
know what i’m saying
but ashwagandha has been reported to
lower cortisol levels
which in turn can help ease out some
anxiety and some depression
so if you’re feeling any of that you
could give ashwagandha a try
two very important hormones that i did
not see mentioned
very much at all are pregnant alone and
these also lower with age and they are
the parent hormones so when you’ve got
the whole list of hormones
pregnenolone and dhea are right there at
the top and then those
convert downstream into other hormones
estradiol testosterone cortisol all that
they’re like the parent hormones so if
you’re low on that
there’s a pretty good chance you’re
probably low on other stuff now this is
going to come with a disclaimer
you can get pregnant alone and dhea
supplements over the counter you can get
them on amazon i’ll have links to them
don’t just run out and buy these
supplements and the reason i say that
is because if you have you know normal
levels of both pregnant alone and dhea
these supplements aren’t going to do
anything for you so you’re going to
waste your money which i do not want you
to do
so if you’re worried about this or
you’re you know coming up on your some
blood work
ask to have pregnant alone and dhea add
it on and see where you stand
if you’re low it’s an easy fix you can
go buy it on amazon if you’re good you
don’t have to worry about it
as a quick aside i watched a documentary
before i started trt called
growing strong or growing strong growing
old anyway i’ll put it on screen
but this old doctor who’s all freaking
jacked he’s
he says he takes you know testosterone
he takes dhea so
of course you know i might have had a
little buzz at the time ordered it off
and i started taking it didn’t feel any
different didn’t help me
when i started trt and i got my first
blood work my dhea was like
975 or a thousand so it was like almost
double what it was supposed to be
it didn’t help me at all so it was a
complete waste of money and it’s still
sitting in my cupboard
another one that a lot of guys like i
have not personally taken it is
tadalafil which is basically generic
cialis cialis is obviously designed
for one thing and that’s to help with ed
and it also can help lower blood
pressure it also can help you give you
some sick pumps in the gym
boom so a lot of guys take like five or
ten milligrams a day
not even 4ed they take it for blood
pressure overall health
i mean sure i mean having it easier to
get you know your boy going is obviously
but that’s really not why they’re using
it and some guys just use it for pumps
in the gym
and i’ve got links rats army they sell
it you use my code you get 20
off so it’s uh it seems like a win-win
i haven’t personally taken it but i’ve
seen a lot of accounts of people taking
it and swearing by it
so that’s something you could add on
your trp protocol and your partner may
not dislike it either
so the last one is neanderlund decanoate
deca deca droblin a lot of different
long story short if you’re banged up
bruised up your joints hurt
this can definitely help essentially the
thought process behind how it works
is it helps you retain a little bit of
water and it kind of lubricates your
i’m currently taking it i have a video
again over here uh where i’m taking deca
i’m about a month in i’m gonna do
another video on that but if you want to
watch my first week impressions on it
uh it’s pretty beneficial nandra learned
to canawe is by prescription only so you
can only get this through your doctor so
it’s not something you can run out and
get on amazon
it’s an injectable i’m personally doing
100 milligrams a week i know some guys
jump up to 200 milligrams
to really feel the joint benefits but so
far it’s definitely been beneficial
so if you’re banged up you got some
shoulder injuries some back some knee
whatever it may be
that may be something that you can add
into your protocol obviously you have to
work with your doctor on that
but a lot of guys swear by it they’ve
seen people say
you know without deco when i’m in the
gym it’s like rice krispies everything’s
everything’s creaking and once they take
deca for a certain amount of time they
start to feel better and their joints
feel better
so that’s going to do it guys just some
things that you can add into your trt
protocol or some lifestyle changes
additions vitamins that you can use
not all of these will apply to you but
hey if you’re having some issues in any
one of these particular areas
something that you can give a shot so
thanks for watching guys
click on the subscribe button if you
found this video helpful at all
click on the like button really helps me
out and as always
you’re awesome and get your levels

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