Trafficked – Steroids – Season 1 Episode 4 – Tony Huge – Enhanced Athlete – National Geographic

Trafficked Steroids – Season 1 Episode 4 – National Geographic – Tony Huge. This is my review and opinion the Episode of Trafficked that covered steroids and featured Dr Tony Huge. You can find the Show Trafficked on National Geographic.

what’s going on guys that’s your levels
thanks for being here
today i wanted to run through a new show
that just came out it’s called
trafficked and on season four uh they
uh dr tony huge uh if you’re not
familiar with him he’s an
instagram guy he owns enhanced fitness
and he does some pretty interesting
and they cover him uh i’m within the
first 30 seconds of youtube so
i can’t say what their the show is
actually about but if you follow my
channel you have a pretty good idea
but um i want to just go through and you
know highlight some interesting things
that i found here and some things maybe
i disagree with
and i’m going to be honest i mean this
hollywood it’s a hollywood production so
they’re going to try to make it as
you know over the top as possible and
i’m pretty sure
tony huge was uh happy to do that for
them um there are some parts that i’m
not sure whether
tony was doing it just to be kind of
outlandish or to say
crazy stuff or if it’s for real i don’t
know but let’s jump in
so they’re in a locker room and tony’s
like loading up uh you know pins for
people and he asked the guy if she’s do
you need do you need any tests
and he says yeah maybe half a cc and
tony says
well hold on this is a uh this is a high
dosage prototype
so maybe we’ll give you a quarter and i
was thinking i was like what could
possibly be a test prototype where
a half a cc is too much for guys who are
juicing the only thing i could think of
possibly would be super sus which is
like 400 milligrams per
ml and even at that a quarter cc is
giving them 100 milligrams which is
nothing for bodybuilding
so let’s move on to the next one in this
next scene they’re having a barbecue at
tony huge’s house
and she’s talking to a lot of his
friends people that obviously use juice
and she’s talking to a guy in special
forces and he’s
she’s like well why do you take tests
why do you do this and he’s like listen
you know we’re out in the desert
sometimes for days we’re down in
you know swamps we’re in the harshest of
we don’t get days off he’s like so i
need to be at peak performance all the
to do my job and to do it well and then
she starts grilling him she’s like oh
where do you get your stuff
does it come domestically does it come
internationally and this guy’s like
no comment he’s like i don’t know you
this is a small community
i’m not telling you and that was about
it and no one would tell her
obviously but i also wanted to kind of
comment about where test actually comes
all the raw powder a test comes from
china for big pharma and for underground
all the raw stuff comes from china
that’s just a fact
pretty much most raw compounds come from
china so
whether it’s international it’s
international either way you look at it
some of it’s made here and some of it is
made abroad in other countries and
shipped here
this next seems interesting i think this
is where it was more staged to be
more outlandish and over the top so tony
takes this lady
to a place where they’re developing
and literally it’s a [ _ ] tent like it’s a tent she’s like wow i didn’t expect it to be like this sterile and this clean and i’m like looking i’m like this is a tent you know i was like this isn’t sterile at all it’s a freaking tent out in the middle of who knows where and then you’ve got coach trevor and coach trevor is an interesting character he uh he starts telling a lady she asked him like what could you make in here this is like a it’s like as big as my room in here and he’s like what can you make in here and he’s like the real question is what can i not make and she’s like could you make coca-cola and he’s like yep she’s like could you make hard h and he’s like yup and i was like what would they possibly be doing with coca-cola leaves and you know raw h and when they’re trying to develop sarms and and testosterone that makes no sense i think that was i think that was staged personally i mean if you’re working with like you know sarms and stuff and you’re trying to do stuff don’t you do that in your house it’s not like it’s like the feds are like raiding your house i mean if you’ve already got the compounds makes no sense moving on and i’ll put this stuff on screen this guy coach trevor like i said he’s a character he has the like chemical makeup of testosterone tattooed on his hand like right here he says that’s the first compound he’s ever created or made you know as a product and he’s got it straight up tattooed on his wrist like that’s some dedication i mean i love test but i don’t know if i’m getting the chemical compound tattooed on my hand this seems pretty interesting because they’re basically saying like how they get this stuff into the country and china doesn’t play around china wants that money and they really don’t care how stuff gets here so they’re very creative and in this picture that i’ll put up you know they basically shipped over my guess would be you know powdered sarms in like a a cornmeal bag and this lady gets it all over her hands and she’s like oh is this dangerous and they were just playing around with her but uh yeah i mean china’s gonna get the stuff into the u.s one way or the other they don’t care and if they ship out a hundred packages and three of them get seized doesn’t matter they still turn to profit in this scene tony is trying to make injectable rad 140 and uh that’s pretty interesting he also does mention that like you know sarms are basically the equivalent of steroids but no side effects me doesn’t say that exactly but uh i don’t know i um storms do have side effects i mean they do shut you down rad140 makes your hair makes your hair loss accelerated it dries you out crushes your hdl and elevates your ldl so storms do have side effects but i don’t know do you really need to inject sarms i mean they have such high oral bioavailability that’s what they were designed for they were designed to be in pills and liquids so i don’t think i mean i guess and we’ll see later on he actually does use some of this rad 140 for a specific reason it’s pretty wild but i personally wouldn’t inject sarms i just don’t see the need to to do that so this chick mariana hooks up with a guy that deals tests in california somewhere in california and she’s asking him like you know do these guys ever ask you about side effects like why do these guys take them are they all bodybuilders and he’s like no they’re guys that just want to get big they want to look huge and it got me thinking you know why do so many guys want to look huge well what were our role models growing up mine was he-man he-man was [ _ ]
that guy had muscles on top of muscles
he was like the incredible hulk but they
put him in a human form
and you know from the youngest age i
mean most of our
you know characters cartoons whatever i
think arnold schwarzenegger in the
you know uh rambo sylvester stallone
jean-claude van damme all these guys
were jacked and juiced
and these are the guys that are like you
know i want to be like them
that’s just built into us you know i
mean girls have it the same way they see
you know barbie and barbie’s a size like
negative two or something like that
so girls i mean the diet stuff most of
it’s legal but
you know girls do some crazy stuff too
to lose weight you know it’s like
dnp but for us guys we’ve got tests
because we have to get big
and personally i think well i don’t know
if i could even say that skinnier
is harder is easier than getting bigger
i’m really not that big and i’m really
not that skinny so i guess i should just
stay out of that one then the next
portion of this they’re talking with
this guy he was a bodybuilder he was
pretty big he was shredded
and he looks like he’s 50. i thought he
was like 50. i was like damn this dude
you know he’s got a young wife but uh
turns out he’s 37. he looks like he’s 50
but he’s 37. i’m not sure why exactly
that is
i mean i don’t know how hard he juiced i
mean he’s big
he’s not mr olympia big but he’s
definitely big
but he’s 37 and he’s having issues with
his heart
and of course on a show about
steroids made by hollywood they’re gonna
you know make it out this guy used
steroids and now he’s you know possible
possibly has a heart issue but they
didn’t take into the fact genetics or
any of that other stuff
um obviously they didn’t they couldn’t
prove that it was
steroids that did this to this guy um
it’s obviously not cool he’s having
issues at 37
but a little bit sensationalized they
didn’t mention whether you know
his dad his grandpa and his
great-grandpa all died of heart attacks
at young ages
but moving on then she moves on and
interviews anabolic doc
mr thomas o’connor he has a really cool
channel uh you
definitely follow him he’s got some
great information just don’t watch his
videos over mine
anabolic doc does not like tony huge he
does not like him at all
he’s like if he actually had a medical
degree he would be in jail right now
he’s not a doctor um you know he
comments on how good tony huge’s social
media is and his media
his social media is fantastic you know
he’s showing a lifestyle that lots of
people want to lead
and he happens to do lots of experiments
and mainly all he talks about is
steroids so
anabolic doc thinks it’s horrible what
dr tony huge is doing
and uh he does not like it at all and he
starts talking about how you know kids
younger and younger have been using
um this has been going on way before dr
tony huge came into play
i mean i took tests when i was 18 and i
was stupid as hell and i wish i hadn’t
done it
but had nothing to do with social media
it had to do with that i knew that
steroids existed and i wanted to try
and we’ll get into that a little bit
we’ll come full circle on that at the
end of the video
then this lady she finds two of tony
huge’s fans and they’re teenagers she
doesn’t say exactly how old they could
be 19 about to turn 20
and these kids just started taking
they didn’t even say steroids they
mentioned possible sarms or testosterone
but they’ve been doing it for four weeks
and she’s like oh do you care about the
you know side effects do you care about
the damage if you do their body
of course not they’re 18 years old
they’re 19 years old they don’t care
they know you know people who are 18 and
aren’t stupid they know that steroids
exist they know that bodybuilders use
them they know they work
so they don’t need tony huge on social
media talking about different steroids
to be like oh wow this is something i
never knew about i just stumbled upon
tony’s page and he’s talking about
sipionator propionate or deca
i’m gonna go try that because dr tony
hughes said it’s safe
it’s not like that they try to paint it
in kind of a bad light
i mean but this is real life and people
who are 18
they do take steroids they do take sarms
that’s just the reality
but you can’t blame it on one person so
she’s back talking to anabolic doc
and anabolic doc they told they put a
picture on screen of tony huge wearing a
lab coat
and he’s like he looks like a doctor he
looks like a doctor he should be in jail
if he’s
he’s not a doctor so he can’t go to jail
for this but anabolic doc we already
covered it
not a big fan of tony huge but hey
he’s in a lab and he’s wearing a lab
coat it doesn’t say
you know medical director for this
it’s just he’s wearing a white lab coat
you could buy that on amazon you don’t
have to be a doctor to own that
so now they’re talking about sarms and
they pull out you know the thing on the
fda’s website that
uh that sarms are horrible for the liver
increase heart attack stroke
life-threatening reactions like liver
i mean fda that’s kind of reminds me of
reefer madness you know
the little lady she takes a little puff
and she freaks out and runs and jumps
out the window
i mean there are some some sarms that
are somewhat hepatoxic
but there’s ways to alleviate that and
pretty kind of you know help your liver
out while you’re taking them
for short periods of time like nac and
milk thistle
but heart attack stroke life-threatening
reactions like liver damage
i mean disarms do have some side effects
but in general in all the human trials
they’re pretty well tolerated and
i don’t believe anyone’s died of a heart
attack a stroke or liver damage from
sarms so
a little bit you know it’s freaking
hollywood they’re trying to get you know
joe blow 60 years old or you know milly
who’s never
doesn’t know any of this and just sit
back and be like wow this is nuts
this is crazy these crazy compounds
these kids are taking it’s
killing them nuts it’s a scare tactic it
it gets attention you know this is
something that i did not like in the
documentary they’re still talking to
thomas o’connor
anabolic doc i like anabolic doc but he
basically says
tony huge is recommending that people
take drugs
and i completely disagree with that tony
huge does experiments he talks about
what he does to himself
or to people that have volunteered
consensually to do this
so he’s not recommending tony huge has
never come on his page
and said you need to take testosterone
you need to take deca you need to take
winnie you need to trick trent
he personally believes that you know a
lot of people should be taking different
not even necessarily steroids but you
know herbs supplements
you know peptides sarms but he doesn’t
tell people to do that he doesn’t give
people hey
if you’re 18 here’s the stack that you
take he does not do that
he just puts out what he does and what
he does in his real life
is real life and that’s what he talks
about and i found it a little
disappointing that they make it out that
he’s recommending drugs to people he’s
not he’s talking about them
i’ve got videos of sarms i have videos
of anabolic profiles with different
i’m not telling anyone to take them i’m
just sharing information about them so
people can be more well educated
this is what it is this is an
interesting portion of the show
so there’s this guy named zach and i
guess on social media he came across
tony huge
and he was interested in doing sarms and
i think he was already doing sarms but
he was looking for some guidance on some
stuff he wants to be a bodybuilder he’s
19 years old
so tony gave him some information you
know like i said before this kid
wanted the information he wants to do
this tony huge didn’t you know come to
his house and
you know knock on his door and say hey
you’re taking this but this kid he
really want to take juice he’ll end up
taking juice
but that’s not that’s not the point of
this but he’s doing only sarms
he’s doing only sarms and he’s in
fantastic shape i’ll put up some
pictures he’s in great shape
they said that in nine weeks and you see
the before and after picture he dropped
his body fat to five percent body fat
um and it’s an amazing transformation
don’t get me wrong when this guy’s diet
was on point
his cardio is on point he says he’s
doing like three hours of cardio a day
and he’s taking a bunch of sarms but
he’s not five percent
you know i’m not greg you said i don’t
have the laser whatever vision i’m not a
human dexa scan
but i can tell you that’s not five
percent but either way
guy’s in great shape and he’s going to
mr olympia
and that is where the rest of this video
pretty much goes
so they’ve got tony huge and this guy
zach sitting in a car and tony’s you
know this is the day before the show
and he’s prepping him with some stuff
and he gets out the
liquid injectable rad 140 and he gives
this good 40 milligrams of rad140 to
help with vascularity and dryness and
all that and i was like
damn 40 milligrams that’s a lot it’s a
lot of rad 140
but this is another point i wanted to
bring up about this is that
yes dr tony huge does some crazy stuff
but it’s not crazy in the realm of
bodybuilding i mean you’ll see all these
other guys on stage
all these other guys they feel like
trash their bodies are shot their body
fat is super low they’re all taking
all kinds of different compounds to try
to you know get more
get drier get more vascular you know
have your muscles be more
full they’ve taken all kinds of stuff
and they get into some crazy stuff
a little bit later on but it’s not that
tony huge is doing these crazy things to
this 19 year old
it’s he’s the only one that’s telling
people exactly what they’re doing to
prep for
bodybuilding shows and you know a week
out from a bodybuilding show is super
important for all these competitors so
if there’s something even if it might be
dangerous that
could help them win the show or get the
result they want
i mean are they really gonna you know
chance it by not doing it
absolutely not it’s bodybuilding it’s
cutthroat and it’s crazy you try to get
edge just any type of edge can be the
difference between winning and losing
it’s a subjective sport
oh and tony also gives them some viagra
to you know help with
you know blood pressure and get the
blood moving all that so
day one this guy’s on 40 milligrams of
rad and however much viagra
oh and they were doing bicep shots i’ve
never personally done a bicep shot but
i mean i’m sure i could i’ve just never
had to but
it was it’s just pretty crazy seeing
them do bicep shots it’s an interesting
interesting place to do it but i guess
if you’ve been doing stuff for a while
you kind of run out of spots
so here we go we’ve got uh zach on stage
sarms only
uh natty by some standards but doubtful
i’m just playing
but um i mean you can see he’s he has a
very good physique he’s in great shape
i mean he’s only 19 for 19. that’s
impressive um he’s
looking pretty darn good but compared to
you know buddy on the left with the
he just doesn’t have the mass compared
to these guys he’s he’s
good conditioning but he just doesn’t
have the mass compared to these other
and these other guys i mean i’m sure
they’re doing sarms as well
but you know they’re obviously doing
tasks and this kid doesn’t want to do
yet but if he wants to compete in
bodybuilding he will because sarms will
only get you so far
but yeah the mass these guys are just a
lot bigger than him
so he wants to take some medicine some
different compounds to
fill out and become more vascular on
stage and dr tony huge helps them
so they get back to the hotel room and
tony huge opens up the suitcase and it’s
it’s full of ea supplements i mean it
looks like he’s opening up a booth to
you know with all the different products
it’s full
and he’s got some boxes of some stuff
and he just starts pulling out bottles
bottles bottles
he’s just pulling out all kinds of stuff
so he brought all kinds of stuff
and you see they mix some crazy stuff
they go pretty wild here but the idea is
and you’ll see it
you can physically see that this kid
looks different on stage
um but they’re putting all these
compounds to make him look more full
drier and more vascular and it works and
that’s really amazing
you know i mean this documentary it
wasn’t a slanderous documentary but
they’re trying to make it seem like tony
you know is this guy that just pushes
pushes people to do steroids and all
but when they show this kid on stage
after this concoction that you know
tony made i mean he looks he looks a lot
better on stage
and it goes to show that tony huge does
know what he’s talking about i mean this
guy’s dedicated his life to creating
compounds and doing research for
and that is one of the reasons i like
their products i’ve taken i’m taking
slim pills which are the
blue and yellow ones you see in the
suitcase and i take them with a high
carb meal which is my
protein smoothie and i still feel hungry
after i take it and
i’ve been told that’s kind of shows that
it’s working but also on their website
you can see what i like on their website
is when you click on any product
it goes through the ingredient list and
tells you what it is and why it’s in
there and what it’s used for
so i like that i think that’s really
cool i think a lot of supplements they
just say
proprietary blend but they actually tell
you what’s actually in it
why it’s in it and my code is trt15 if
you want to get some enhanced athlete
um it’s 15 off uh they’re on point with
shipping i order this stuff and in two
days it’s at my house the packaging is
um so it’s high quality stuff in my
opinion so this is where they hit up
buddy it’s like three hours before the
he gives him uh insulin igf
uh this compound called amp which is
used in racehorses it’s not for humans
it’s used in horses
for it’s not legal to use in horses for
racing i guess it’s legal but they don’t
allow it
uh this stuff supposedly discuss a super
super oxygenates your blood and it can
make you dizzy
and so tony hughes says we’re gonna take
you as far as we can without you know
but you may feel
dizzy what else do they throw in there
uh more injectable rad 140
hgh uh so hdh insulin
igf amp and rad140
that’s a lot of compounds going into
your body at one time
but it freaking works but what’s also
crazy is that
tony tells them like okay right after we
get done with this
start eating carbs start eating carbs
don’t jam them but start eating carbs
because you know the insulin is gonna
you know
crank down your blood sugar we need to
get back up so you don’t pass out
and then on the same side he’s got this
amp that can make him dizzy
i mean that’s that’s a scary side of
bodybuilding i would never personally do
anything like that i would never
recommend that
but for the people that are hardcore i
mean it’s crazy to me
but for them it’s their profession it’s
what they do and like i said
all these guys do the same stuff or
something similar with different
it’s just that they’re not going to put
it on tv but dr
tony hughes he doesn’t care he he puts
everything out there which is why i like
so these are some pictures of buddy
before the show
he looks a lot more full a lot more
vascular his just even looks bigger
shoulders look like they’re popping more
it’s pretty wild i mean it’s pretty
crazy how
we’ve created so many different
compounds that can do different stuff to
our bodies that this kid
you know within three hours is looking
different i mean
physically looking different on stage
and i’ll put pictures of them on stage
as well but that’s pretty
it’s a crazy transformation obviously
it’s not permanent but
pretty wild i mean tony huge does know
what he’s doing with all these compounds
researchers are like crazy it’s pretty
i wanted to put video clips and i also
want to put audio clips in this video
i don’t want to get a copyright strike
from youtube this shows on national
geographic you can find it on lots of
streaming services
um but it’s a if you’re interested in
this stuff i would watch the whole
the show the narrator says that you know
it’s estimated that over 4 million
people are using steroids in the united
and i would probably guess it to be
higher than that i mean
it’s it’s it’s in our nature to want to
be i mean it’s the way we were raised
all of our heroes growing up are
freaking huge they’re jacked already
arnold sylvester stallone you know
jean-claude van damme
i mean look at was the guy from thor i
don’t remember his name but
i mean the guy’s freaking yoke look at
the rock you know i mean these guys are
they’re all on juice and when everyone
you see on screen is
massive and the only way you’re gonna
get massive is by taking this
what are you gonna do you know i mean
any advertising that has guys in it
they’re pretty jacked it’s been great in
our brain guys are supposed to be strong
and and shame on anyone on instagram
there’s someone who told me on instagram
there’s this bodybuilder guy i mean the
guy’s freaking yoked out of his mind
and he’s put on a top he changed it to
always natural
or lifetime natural bodybuilder and i’m
like bro that’s so wrong to do to kids
i mean these kids that are 15 16 that
want to be bodybuilders and they’re like
well look at this guy he’s natty i can
achieve that
and it gives them a false hope and
they’ll eventually turn to steroids but
yeah i mean that’s the only reason i
don’t like fake natties i mean i could
care less if people are enhanced or not
i could give two shits
but if you’re juicing and you say you’re
naughty that’s where there’s a problem
but let’s move on so then they show tony
if you follow him on instagram he moved
to thailand he got sick of the united
states he’s like
it’s cheaper over here we have more
freedoms over here
you know you can go into pharmacies and
you can get all kinds of stuff in
and he’s talked about he’s got like
prescriptions for anavar
prescriptions for uh premo um he gets
all the prescriptions to be legal
but they also show you can walk in you
don’t have to get a doctor’s
note to get lab work for trt and they
show i put up on screen there’s a clinic
and basically you can walk in there and
you can say yeah i want the the male
hormone panel
they test for shbg free tea tests you
know whatever else
estradiol i’m sure and you can just walk
in there and say yeah i want to see what
my hormones are
boom they draw your blood and you’re
good you don’t have to go to this
well you’re low normal sir so you’re
good you don’t have to deal with all
you know it’s kind of sad i mean i still
i love america don’t get me wrong but
we’re not as free as we think
we’re really not compared to a lot of
other countries lots of other countries
have a lot more freedoms where you can
go and
you have more freedoms to do what you
want with your own body but anyway
that’s maybe another video
so we’ll wrap this up at the end they
asked tony huge is there any
is there anything wrong with wanting to
be superhuman
is there anything wrong with being super
i mean do you want to be a super runner
do you want to be a
super manager do you want to be super
or do you want to do all that and be a
i’d love to be a superhuman but there’s
limits to how far i’ll go to achieve
but yeah i don’t think there’s anything
wrong with wanting to be superhuman
i think that’s what everyone wants you
know females want to be superhuman
uh they want you know guys turning their
head you know just
knockouts and guys want to be superhuman
nothing wrong with that but you have to
do it in a safe
safe manner and know the risks and
accept them
so that’s gonna wrap it up guys it’s a
really cool documentary
it’s called [ __ ] what’s it called
trafficked and it’s on steroids it’s on
national geographic
check it out and also check out enhanced
athletes check out dr tony huge
uh his instagram it’s not all just about
steroids it’s a lot of other funny stuff
and it’s cool if you want to see how
people live in thailand it’s pretty neat
as well
so shout out to you tony friend of
so guys as always you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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