Test and Deca for TRT, Month 1 Benefits | Adding Nandrolone Decanoate / Deca to TRT Protocol

Nandrolone Decanoate, also known as Deca or Deca Durobolin is a powerful compound that had many medical benefits. Nandrolone Decanoate has been used for years in the bodybuilding community, but has also found uses in testosterone replacement therapy. Deca is mainly used in TRT and men’s health to help lubricate the joints and offer pain relief for men who work out our who just bad joints. This video highlight the first month of me taking Deca and the benefits I received.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today i’m gonna give you a quick
update on a little experiment that i’m
doing um i appreciate you guys being
here thank you for supporting the
we’re gonna run a quick medical
disclaimer and then we’ll jump right in
it’s all about humanity
as so you know i started a little
experiment where i added something else
onto my trt protocol
and right now i’m basically trying to
get 30 seconds into the video because
that’s where youtube actually looks to
see if your video is demonetized
if you put something in the first 30
seconds that an advertiser might
not like that they demonetize your video
so i think we’re past there
so anyway guys i started taking
mandalone to cano weight or deca or deca
whatever you want to call it i’m taking
it 100 milligrams a week
and i’m taking 100 milligrams a week in
order to help my shoulders my shoulders
are banged up
dislocated this one like five times and
i’ve messed this one up a few times and
funny enough this one’s the one that’s
giving me the trouble lately but anyway
so a lot of guys commented on my first
video the one weekend saying you need to
jump it up to 200
gotta jump it up to 200 that’s where
you’re going to feel the benefits
i feel you i feel you trust me i do and
i may just do that
but i want to at least give it two
months at 100 milligrams to see if i get
the benefits from a lower dosage
remember sometimes more is not better so
i’m going to see if i can get away i can
get the benefits that i want from it
with 100 milligrams it’ll a save me on
and b i’ll be taking less side effect
i’ve had zero negative side effects from
taking 100 milligrams per week
not a single one i broke out but i broke
out before i even started this
if i’ve said this before on my channel
usually in my opinion
the acne that you see was caused by
something about a month ago so i’m
working on resolving that
it’s getting better but i’ve had no
negative side effects i don’t feel any
i if not and if nothing else i feel
i feel the same but there’s one one
thing where i’ve noticed a huge change
and that is my libido my libido has gone
through the freaking roof
it’s been almost annoying at times and
even even the old ladies getting a
little annoyed but i don’t care i’ll
because i will get this but that’s
something that i’ve definitely noticed a
change in
i haven’t changed anything else about my
protocol still 200
twice a week but yeah that’s the biggest
change that i’ve noticed
now gains wise um obviously people don’t
just take
deca to you know help with their joints
they take it because it’s an anabolic
you know it’s it’s in like it’s the top
part of the fame of the
testosterone family tree you got you
know that you got mandalore
you got testosterone and you got dht
so gains wise it’s only been a month i’m
on a lower dosage
but i’ve definitely felt stronger in the
gym i
just on you know machines where i know
what weight i’m usually doing
i’m usually jumping up like one plate
and i can do about the same amount of
reps as i was doing about a month ago
so i’ve definitely noticed a difference
there now i haven’t
i haven’t really bloated out or put on
really a lot of water weight
i mean i know some of you guys that
still think i’m fat would argue
otherwise but
i’ve actually lost weight this month
i’ve went from about 2 15 to 2

  1. now i did clean up my diet a little
    bit i really don’t attribute that to
    but i definitely got a little stronger
    and i i feel like i
    feel like i’m leaning up a little bit
    not as much as i need to
    but i definitely feel like i’m leaning
    up maybe deck is helping maybe it’s not
    so how do my shoulders feel do they feel
    better than week one
    they do uh not as much i mean i know
    week one may have been a placebo effect
    i also took a week off before the gym
    before that so they may have healed a
    little bit
    um but what would i say i’d say they’re
    10 to 15 percent better than on week one
    i mean i still feel them
    uh but it’s not as much now i’m really
    looking forward to hopefully in the next
    uh seeing if it really starts to
    alleviate my shoulder issues
    if not i may jump it up to 150 a week if
    that doesn’t work i may jump it up to
    that’s probably as high as i would
    personally go i don’t think
    you know sometimes even with something
    like deca that’s known to help out your
    joints a lot and it does for a lot of
    you know sometimes just i mean this
    one’s just injured you know i’ve
    dislocated it a couple different ways so
    all those tendons are
    stretched out and you know everything’s
    probably not lined up the way it’s
    supposed to be
    also pop my collarbones out of place
    doing shrugs that was really weird thing
    that’s for a whole nother video
    but if i get up to 200 and it’s not
    changing my shoulders still
    hurt a little bit just have to accept
    that that’s the way it is
    that’s you know sometimes your body just
    gets jacked up
    you know if you have if you’re in a
    massive car accident your back’s all
    tore up and you can barely walk
    just because you’re taking deca isn’t
    going to mean you’ll be sprinting around
    the house or running at the track it’s
    just not the way it is
    hopefully in the next month you know my
    shoulders feel a lot better
    and like i said i can feel it i’m still
    able to work out in the gym it’s just
    i’m not working out at the gym
    completely pain-free i mean i’m powering
    through it
    but i do feel it so hopefully that
    alleviates a little bit
    i’m still gonna work out in the gym i’m
    just gonna have to you know put up with
    the pain that’s just the way it is
    that’s life
    life sucks sometimes but that’s all you
    can do
    i also want to mention that two of the
    clinics that i have discount codes for
    do prescribe mandalore to can await now
    they’re not just going to give it to you
    like candy because you asked them but if
    there is a medical reason
    and they steam that it’s maybe a good
    treatment for you they do prescribe it
    that’s the phi and matrix and i have
    links to both of them
    in my description defy offers 100
    off your initial consultation and matrix
    offers 200
    off your initial consultation they’re
    both great clinics
    uh they do offer a lot of different
    treatments i think they’re both really
    really good
    i actually started out with defy as some
    as you know and now i’m with concierge
    but anyway that’s about it guys just
    wanted to give you a short update on one
    month on deca at 100 milligrams
    feeling a little bit better hoping month
    two is even better
    and if you want to see what happens to
    me in month two
    you gotta click on the subscribe button
    you just have to and if you found this
    video informative
    or you enjoyed it or i made you laugh i
    don’t know this wasn’t really that funny
    of a video was it
    oh well anyway click on the like button
    helps get this video out to other people
    thanks for watching guys as always
    you’re awesome

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