Anabolic Profiles – Trenbolone – Parabolan – Tren Side Effects, Cost, Half Life, Dosage and History

what’s going on guys tester levels here
if you’ve been following me on instagram
you’ll know that i’ve been sick for the
past week so i haven’t been able to
record anything
uh but i’ve got a pretty interesting
video on a really interesting compound
and uh scares the heck out of me but
do a quick medical disclaimer and jump
right in it’s all about humanity
so we’re talking about trend and trend
is a crazy
compound it was discovered in 1963
and it was marketed in 1970 as a
compound slash product and what it was
designed for
was literally one thing to bulk up cows
for slaughter
it was literally designed just to put on
as much
muscle onto cows as possible so that
farmers could you know make the most
money off of their cattle
it was never really designed for human
use but it was marketed by a french
uh as the compound it was called
parabolin now peribolan was
designed for people with muscle wasting
diseases like
aids and osteoporosis and it was pulled
in 1997 because of the crazy amount of
side effects
so it wasn’t pulled off the market
because it didn’t work it got pulled off
the market because there were just too
many side effects
and toward the end of the video i’m
going to go through the cost half-life
and side effects so stick around
trend balloon is an anabolic steroid
that is three times
more powerful than testosterone just
think about that
think about how powerful testosterone
trend is three times more powerful
but as we know there’s no such thing as
a free lunch
trenbolone is derived from nandalone or
19 nor testosterone
it’s basically an androlone with two
double bonds in the steroid nucleus
but those bonds changed quite a lot of
things and made trend
a very very powerful compound one of the
main reasons that people like
trend is because it really doesn’t
convert into estrogen
so people who are already shredded or
ready to go into a show
or just regular guys that are jacked
anyway who want to put on muscle if they
want to put on lean
you know dry muscle without puffing up
they’ll take trend because it doesn’t
really convert over to estrogen
what’s interesting more plates more
dates actually did a video on a study
that they did on trend
so they took cows and they gave them
trend and they took some other cows
and gave them trend plus estrogen and
they wanted to see
which which one of these groups would
gain more muscle
and interestingly enough the group that
took tran
and estrogen put on a good amount more
muscle than the cows just taking trent
and the reason for this is because tran
is obviously very suppressive
so when you give trend to these cows
their testosterone
tanks because you know the trend is
telling your body hey i’ve got plenty of
and so they produce less estrogen and a
lot of people don’t realize that
is very important in the growth of
muscles and this study
that more plates more dates went through
clearly illustrates that
an interesting thing about trenbolone is
that it doesn’t convert to estrogen
but it also can increase other hormones
in the body
one of the main ones being progesterone
unfortunately for people on trend
trend mimics the same effects of
and which can cause a whole bunch of
other side effects and trend is so
that it actually does more than what
normal progesterone would do
so it acts as progesterone but stronger
one of the main things that can come
from you know these crazy levels of
is gynoclinastia and no one likes that
another way we can put into perspective
how powerful tren is is nandrolone
has a anabolic and androgenic rating of
100 for both
tren is 500. so it’s five times more
androgenic and five times more anabolic
that’s pretty crazy because mandolin’s
pretty strong in itself
another reason that trenbolone builds so
muscle is that it’s one of the few
anabolic agents
that can actually increase your igf-1
your insulin growth factor
so on top of you know being crazy
anabolic crazy androgenic
it also can raise your igf-1 which plays
a big role in growing muscles as well
another thing that what most anabolic
steroids do
is raise your red blood cell count which
means your body can carry more oxygen
which just in itself you know on paper
improves you know the ability to build
muscle but
also we know that just from being on trt
we know that when you raise red blood
cells your blood gets thicker
and it can cause issues so if you’ve
gone through this part of the video and
you’re like wow this stuff’s crazy it’s
no wonder so many people are taking it
it’s you know it’s crazy anabolic it’s
crazy androgenic it can raise your igf-1
this sounds fantastic well there’s no
free lunches
and with trend i think you’re paying
triple or quadruple for your lunch
because it’s got a lot of side effects
the first one which is kind of not a
side effect but something that happens
when you pin it
is trend cough and it’s called trench
off for a reason
for whatever reason people aren’t 100
sure why this happens
but when you pin trend sometimes
you can start coughing uncontrollably
for like 5-10 minutes
to the point where you feel like you’re
gonna pass out like you just can’t
breathe you cannot catch your breath
because you’re just coughing coughing
and more plates more dates did another
video on that and
he was saying how like you can almost
feel it coming on like you can just feel
you know it’s going to happen and you
just have to like brace yourself and
just know that you’re going to be
coughing for
you know some people say like 90 seconds
some people say it’s lasted up to 10
scares the hell out of me but that’s
pretty wild
that’s something definitely to look out
for i don’t suggest anyone take tren
unless like your paycheck comes from
being jacked if you’re a bodybuilder
but anyway not medical advice don’t take
so some other side effects trend is
horrible for your cholesterol
crushes your hdl jacks up your ldl
acne is a huge one for trend insomnia a
lot of people cannot sleep when they
take trend
they just cannot sleep they’re just
wired they’re just it’s just they can’t
messes with your brain and we’ll get
more into that in a little bit
night sweats which no one likes high
blood pressure
hair loss if you’re already prone to it
training can help
erectile dysfunction infertility
increased aggression a lot of people say
they go nuts on trend like they get
paranoid on trend
they think things things that wouldn’t
normally bother them just
set them off you know someone bumps into
normally you’ll be like hey no worries
but on trend you’re like
yo this guy did this on purpose there
has to be some repercussions for this
drop in endurance increased risk of
brain breast cancer um like i said this
is a pretty scary compound
and what else is scary is that it’s
become very popular
you know some people are including it in
their first cycles and that’s really
and it’s not super expensive so when
they hear about all these guys
that are super jacked and they hear
about trend being so powerful
you know they’re like oh i’m going to
include that you know some of these kids
people a 19 year old take a trend that’s
scary as hell
never advised to do that horrible idea
increased risk of heart disease
a permanent testicular atrophy yes i
said permanent
not just while you’re on it it can
keep them atrophied forever i mean you
may be able to bounce them back with
some hcg
but i don’t know never tried it before
i’m just reporting
insulin resistance nosebleeds and
we’ll get to the brain a lot of people
that trend is has neurodegenerative
properties where
for whatever reason it eats at your
messes with your brain and that’s really
not a good thing
now why don’t we know exactly why this
because this is supposed to be taken by
humans so no one’s going to be
putting a lot of money into doing
studies and cat scans on people have
taken trend because you’re not supposed
to be taking in the first place
made for freaking cows it’s made to jack
up cows like those
belgian blue which are not on trend
they’re genetically changed but still
you get the idea another side effect
this may
sound good but it could be really bad
is insane libido like to the point where
you will do things that you would never
ever do
in your life
but it seems like a good idea when
you’re on train like
switching for the other team someone
maybe on the other team that looks like
they’re on the right team um
you know people hitting up tinder
craigslist plenty of fish
doing some one-time things just because
they’re so
amped up and just got to do something
it’s pretty wild i mean something that’s
scary that’s something that’s so strong
it would make you do something that you
would never normally do
i mean just something that would never
even be on the table
seems like a good idea that’s pretty
scary pretty wild stuff
i would advise to stay away from the
stuff the cost
it’s not that expensive like i said and
that’s why it’s become very popular with
younger crowd which is really scary it’s
80 to 100 bucks for 2 000 milligrams
you know like 200 milligram
concentration 10 ml bottle
about 80 to 100 bucks so it’s not crazy
expensive like hgh or primable into
you know it’s cost prohibitive for a lot
of people you know it’s it’s
fairly inexpensive so you know it’s
being used a lot and i see
i think we’re going to see a generation
of people
that are permanently messed up from
trend i
i really do i think it’s it’s
been made popularized and by so many
different people that
you know young kids who are getting on
are thinking okay i’ll just run 500
tests and
300 trend and i’ll be good you know i’m
only 18. what’s going to happen to me
i think a lot more will happen down the
road and i think we’ll see that
so we’ll finish out with the half-life
acetate has a half-life of about three
that seems to be the most popular but
some people i’ve seen say they like the
enanthate a lot better
they said it’s a better injection less
prone to trend cough
and you don’t have to do it as often so
you’ll minimize the risk of the trend
by using the trembling and anthony
version which has a half-life of about
eight days so that’s going to wrap it up
on trend blown
scary compound crazy compound crazy
never really designed for humans but
they tried it for a little bit but they
were like
nope way too many side effects i would
advise staying away from this stuff
at all costs uh pretty wild compound
it’s a very interesting compound
that it’s you know five times more
anabolic and androgenic than androlone
and it’s three times more powerful than
testosterone i mean that’s really cool
and it’s interesting to talk about but i
think it’s less cool to take it
not hating on anyone that is taking it
or is thinking about it
i just personally stay away from this
stuff but
that’s going to wrap it up guys as
always you’re awesome
definitely should subscribe to me for
more of these type of videos and get
your levels tested

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