Greg Doucette Vs Remington James Anabolic Cookbook Showdown! Which Anabolic Cookbook is the best????

Both Greg Doucette and Remington James have Anabolic Cookbooks available for purchase. But which one is better? In this video I cover Remington James and Greg Doucette’s diet styles, who each of them will benefit, which one I would personally buy and some tings to note about each of their anabolic cookbooks.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here
today we’re gonna go over two different
popular youtubers
uh recipe books and i’m gonna give you
kind of the general idea of their books
the cost the amount of recipes
and in the end i’ll let you know which
one i would go with if i was in the
market for
a cookbook so the first cookbook is greg
ducette’s anabolic cookbook
2.0 he just recently released this i
think the day after christmas
and he’s got about 150 recipes
some of them maybe not duplicates but
variants but those are each counted as
an individual recipe
remington james is the other one and he
roughly 100 plus recipes
but that number slowly goes up and i’ll
let you know how that works a little
later on
so i’m going to break down kind of both
their philosophies
on dieting slash eating and how that’s
represented in their cookbook
and we’ll start with greg greg doucet
idea on dieting is low calorie dense
you know popcorn is a big example he’s a
real big fan of popcorn because
you know it has a huge amount of volume
but very little calories
his thought process is that if you make
that are large in volume but lower in
calories you’re going to be full
all the time so you’re not going to be
wanting to binge you’re not starving
and you know you’re just taking in more
food but it’s
less calories so you’re going to lose
weight and you’re going to stay
full at the same time greg also does
include lots of vegetables in his
and he does use a good amount of
artificial sweeteners
remington james has a little different
concept of it
and his thought process is more along
taking foods that you already like and
substituting ingredients to make them
lower calorie and higher protein and
lower fat as well
you know for example he would make a
protein pizza where he would
replace uh he would make a crust out of
fat-free cheese and eggs
and use fat-free mozzarella and turkey
so it’s a variant of pizza with the
ingredients substituted to make it
lower fat lower carb and higher protein
and the thought process between his diet
is that you’re still eating foods that
like so you’re not sacrificing uh you
know some of your favorite meals
you’re just modifying the way they’re
created so that they are lower calorie
lower fat and lower carb
and he also tries to incorporate more
protein so who are these cookbooks
geared toward uh we’ll start with
remington on this one
so i kind of feel remington’s book
as recipes are geared more toward guys
that are looking to
put on muscle and lose fat at the same
i would say more of a a clean bulk
if i had to describe it in kind of you
know one or two words
so his idea is you know high protein
lower fat lower carb
he’s not as concerned about the volume
of food
but more about you know you could take
you know if you ate five as different
exactly you know exactly what your
macros were you could add another meal
in if you wanted more protein or you
could take one out
if you if you wanted to cut a little bit
more now greg ducett’s book
i feel is geared more toward people that
are more
looking at the weight loss aspect so i
think it would be more of
preserving muscle while cutting
because his recipes still do include a
lot of protein as well
but i think his recipe and his diet is
more geared toward losing weight as
opposed to building muscle
i’m not saying you couldn’t build muscle
while you’re on it i just i think
remington’s recipes focus more on the
protein whereas greg
focuses a little bit on more on the
volume to keep you more full
so it’s really i think more of what you
want to
accomplish and you could accomplish both
with both books
i just think that remington’s is more
for trying to gain muscle
and you know lose fat at the same time
maybe not as
fast of a rate where greg’s is more
about losing weight
while still keeping a solid protein
intake so next we’re going to go over
in my personal opinion who would benefit
the most
from either one of these books and we’ll
start with greg on this one
i think the people that benefit most
from greg’s book and his style of eating
would be people that have a hard time
with eating too much
maybe they’re not eating horrible foods
all day but
they’re the people that just eat too
much in general
and i think where greg’s book and
recipes would help with this
is that you know with more volume um and
lower calories in those foods
you’re going to be able to eat the same
amount but it’s going to be less
and you’re going to lose weight in turn
and remington james book and recipes
i think his style of diet slash eating
would benefit people more who had a hard
time with
eating the wrong stuff not necessarily
that they were overeating and
eating way too much but they were eating
the foods
uh that are you know typically not good
for us calorically and fat and carbs and
all that good stuff you know the guys
that maybe eat three meals a day or four
meals a day but
you know three out of the four of them
are you know either pizza or burgers or
tacos and stuff like that
and for those people if you replaced you
just those meals with four three or four
healthier options
you’re going to lose weight so some
things to note about the recipes
remington james replaces a lot of foods
you know like cheese for example with
fat-free versions
some of them some fat-free versions of
foods are just made with you know skim
milk instead of whole milk
but there are some fat-free foods that
have added sugars so you definitely need
to take that into account
greg’s style’s a little different greg
use a good amount of artificial
sweeteners um
which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but
some people aren’t a fan of the
artificial sweeteners or try to consume
the least amount as possible but for a
lot of the dessert recipes
and in remington’s book or his app as
you know most of the dessert recipes
have to have some type of artificial
sweetener in there
or you know the calories are going to be
but greg does use a little bit more
some of them are exotic ingredients not
really exotic but
you know his recipe calls for a very
specific type of
sweetener or sauce or syrup and
sometimes you may not be able to get
those locally
so not a bad thing not a negative just
wanted to
bring that up as something to consider
greg and remington
their cookbooks and recipes are in two
different formats
greg’s is in a pdf so when you go on his
website and you purchase it you’ll get a
pdf in your email
whereas remington james all his recipes
are on an app
so once you purchase the app you get the
app and then you open it up and that’s
where the recipes are
and i’m bringing that up for a reason
i’ll get to that at the end of the video
so what do each of these cookbooks cost
we’ll get the easy one out remington
james his app costs 99
100 bucks let’s round up um greg has
two different cookbooks uh the first one
uh the 1.0 version was 99 bucks
now this latest version that he released
right after christmas
is 150 but if you had purchased his
first book
you got an email with a 50 discount code
so you could buy the second one for 99
bucks 100 bucks
so in essence to get all of greg’s
if you had bought the first one it would
cost 200
if you hadn’t bought the first one and
wanted to get both it would be 250
but greg also did mention that a good
amount of the recipes
from the first one are also in the
second one
i didn’t pay 150 bucks to get greg’s
book so i don’t know exactly which ones
are and which ones aren’t
and he hasn’t said that specifically not
that i’ve seen so
just keep that in mind but the new one
is 150.
so which one would i go with if i was in
the market for a cookbook
for me personally and this is just me i
would personally go with remington james
simply for the fact that it kind of more
aligns with
with my goals at the time at the current
and trust me i need to cut um it’s i’m
not the guru on cutting
so i’m not sitting here saying like oh
i’m some rip dude and i picked remington
james book because of this this and this
right now i’m looking to gain as much
muscle as possible and
slowly lose fat over time i’m not really
looking to cut right now
and his recipes they’re similar to the
way i’ve dieted in the past and
like just for example i used to make
turkey tacos with
ultra lean ground turkey some seasoning
and i put them on low-carb tortillas
so i’m still eating you know tacos i
just changed out some of the ingredients
to make them more healthy
i think both books offer a wide variety
of recipes
i think the recipes taste good both have
breakfast lunch dinner and desserts i
think they’re both worth the money
if you make a positive change in your
body and you stick with either one of
these and you lose weight
i mean that’s priceless it’s not
priceless but you know i’d say
if you were to spend 150 bucks on greg’s
book and you totally change the way you
eat and you start losing weight and
eating healthier
then absolutely it’s worth it same thing
with remington james book
so i i mean also keep in mind
you’re kind of you’re paying a premium
to support them and support their work
you know there’s lots of places online
where you can find recipes
similar so just keep that in mind i’m
not hating on it they put a lot of time
into these books
uh it takes a lot of time to do this
stuff so you know
you’re they’re putting time and they
have to make it worth their while
so if i was on the fence and i was
looking between both of these and i
didn’t you know it wasn’t dead set on a
particular way of eating or i wasn’t
trying to gain a huge amount of muscle
or wasn’t trying to cut
and i was open to either one you know
either one of these books
would be a good choice in my opinion um
but there are some differences
um that i would look at as a consumer
the first one is that greg’s book is
fifty dollars more
so right off the bat remington’s book is
you know fifty dollars cheaper
um and you know it’s it’s 20 21 right
now but it’s been a tough year a lot of
people don’t have a lot of extra cash so
50 save 50 bucks and get a book
you know that could uh definitely help
some people out another thing i would
consider as a consumer
is the delivery mechanism for the
greg’s book is a pdf and remington
recipes are in an app me personally
when i look up recipes in the kitchen i
normally would look through google and
i’d pull it up on my phone
with that being said i personally feel
an app would be easier for me to use so
i could click and search for a
particular recipe
click it up i would have my phone there
while i’m putting together everything
together and reading the instructions
so for me just an app seems easier than
you know trying to find a pdf in my
phone and then opening it up
i just feel like an app is more designed
to be on a phone which is what i
personally use when i’m doing recipes
another thing i do like with remington’s
over greg’s is that because it’s an app
and not a pdf
when he creates new recipes he just
updates the app
so you pay the hundred bucks and you
know he constantly adds more
recipes as he goes so the recipes grow
and grow and grow
whereas greg’s you get the pdf i mean
the pdf is it’s static it’s
those are the recipes that are there and
those are the recipes that are going to
be there it’s not you can’t update pdfs
i guess you can’t update pdfs but it’s
not like an
app where you know you just continue to
add stuff and people have access to it
and one last thing and i’m not knocking
on greg for doing this
listen he’s a busy guy he’s got to make
money took him a long time to put all
these recipes together and make it look
nice do the
all that good stuff um is that you know
the first greg had his first book out
and that was 100 bucks
and when he put out the second book he
didn’t say you know anyone who bought
the first book gets the updated version
you gave them 50 off but it’s still
another 100 bucks
so for me you know do i want to buy
greg’s cookbook
right now for 150 bucks and then buy the
updated version for another 150 or 100
when that comes out
my guess is that greg will put out the
anabolic cookbook 3.0
and you probably will offer a discount
to people who bought the first or the
second one
but i don’t want to every year be buying
a brand new cookbook to get new recipes
i personally i really like the idea of
you know paying once getting kind of
as like a member and then you know
getting the new app or the updated app
with new recipes
that’s just me you may love greg’s
recipes and you know
maybe you’ve lost a whole bunch of
weight on greg’s recipes and you’re
willing to pay whatever it is
because you want all the new recipes and
you want to expand
your culinary experience so that’s about
it guys
i think both books are good i think
there’s good solid recipes
obviously some people are going to like
one or the other i just thought i would
give you kind of a deeper
insight into what the differences are so
you can make a more educated decision
but that’s about it guys let me know in
the comments which one you like better
or which one you own and why you own it
just let me know
be interesting to hear and maybe it’ll
help someone else make a decision
so guys that’s about it as always
you’re awesome and get your levels
tested shout out to remington james
and greg ducette have a good one guys

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