New TRT Study on Unhealthy Men – Diabetes, Overweight, PSA, Hematocrit, Health

In this new TRT study, doctors wanted to evaluate if TRT was safe for overweight men who had diabetes and had low testosterone. The studied the subject for 2 years and monitored their PSA levels, Hematocrit levels and overall health. The result are very interesting!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
i found a pretty cool study
and it’s a smaller study but it’s still
a good study and
basically they took unhealthy men put
them on trt
and recorded what happened to them with
some things like hematocrit psa and just
overall health and we’ll do a quick
medical disclaimer we’ll jump right in
it’s all about humanity
for this study they took 55 guys all
over weight
all type 2 diabetic all hypogonadal
and they gave them trt for two years
most of them two years
and they decided to see what would
happen with things like
psa hematocrit overall health and you
know any cardiovascular issues
i think you’ll find what they found in
the study pretty interesting
and it’s another study that shows that
trt and a lot of the stuff that they
said about it
back in the day is not really correct
two years of testosterone therapy can be
safe even in a high risk population of
obese men
with functional hypogonadism and type 2
when appropriate safety practices
outline by the clinical guidelines are
diligently followed
so overall basically what they’re saying
is that so far in this study
proved trt is pretty safe they didn’t go
into any of the benefits these guys
received or if they became healthier
because of it but uh i think you’ll be
interested in some of the numbers
researchers conducted a first-year
double-blind second-year open label
randomized placebo controlled trial
with 55 white men age 40 to 70 years
with confirmed symptomatic hypogonadism
type 2 diabetes and obesity
so it’s not a huge study it’s only 55
guys and they broke them into two groups
and the first was the placebo and they
gave them the placebo for one year
and the other group was getting libido
the entire time
and then after the one-year mark they
switched the placebo group
onto nebido to see what you know they
would experience within a year
whereas the other guys were on for two
years so it’s a pretty interesting way
to do a study
for this study they were looking at you
know some of the things that
people say that trt can cause issues
the first one being hematocrit where
your blood thickens up
and you know on all the labels like
jatenzo it has to say like
possible you know possible could cause
stroke uh you know
prostate cancer heart issues so they
well they checked psa and imatocrate and
i’ll tell you about the heart one later
so for hematocrit i’m not going to read
all the numbers but individual
hematocrit values never exceeded the
upper safety limit of 52
in either group during the two-year
study our findings are in accordance
with several studies which show that the
effects of testosterone therapy on
became apparent after three months and
the plateau is reached within nine to
twelve months
you know that’s interesting as well this
is another study that showed that
while your hematocrit does go up and for
some people it is an issue
um you know they seem to see that it’s
plateaus from nine to 12 months
so pretty much you could kind of
extrapolate from that that if you’re on
for a year and your material levels are
pretty good then
it shouldn’t become an issue for you
unless you change your lifestyle or
you know move to colorado or something
like that of the 55 participants 52
never had a psa level above four it did
show their psa levels did creep
up a little bit but you have to remember
these are 40 to 70 year old guys who
have diabetes they have
they’ve had hypogonadism for however
and uh they’re overweight in the
treatment group
mean total testosterone increased from
209 at baseline
to 491 at 12 months and 677
at 24 months in the placebo group that
was only on trt for one year
the mean total testosterone when they
started was 283
and then it increased to 517 after 12
one thing that did stick out to me that
was interesting is that i’m assuming
they’re giving these guys all the exact
same dose because it’s a study they’re
not going to give
you know some guys more some guys less
but it was interesting that
you know the guys that were on for 24
months had an average of 677 tests
while the guys who had only been doing
it for a year were at 512.
i mean that makes me wonder you know
does your testosterone
i mean could your testosterone go up you
know 100 some odd points
in a year taking the exact same dose i
don’t know maybe that’s
something we’ll have to do a test on no
adverse prostate cancer
etherocytosis or cardiovascular events
reported during the trial
and no side effects of the medication
were observed according to the
researchers this may
be due to the limited study population
size and does not constitute conclusive
that testosterone therapy has no
negative effects on cvd and prostate
yeah it’s definitely a small study it’s
only 55 guys and i hope they do
a larger study like this so we can get
an even more concrete
answer as to how safe testosterone is
now obviously this was just for trt this
wasn’t you know
blasting or anything like that but this
is i think this is like the third or
fourth video that i’ve done
showcasing a study showing that you know
it’s not like it’s not crazy unhealthy
like you know the fda will put on their
warning labels and
you know doctors will tell you well you
know you have a heart attack stroke your
blood’s going to get thick you know you
can have a heart attack all that stuff
and sure it’s possible but the science
and these studies are you know not
showing that
you know none of these guys in two years
had a cardiovascular event
uh none of them had a psa over four well
three of them did
but they’re 40 to 70 year old and
they’re obese and uh
you know the hematocrit another
interesting point was that you know they
saw that it plateaued from nine months
to a year
so that was interesting as well so i can
i hope they continue to do more studies
like this
because there’s a lot of doctors out
there that think trt’s dangerous and
they’re gonna you know i don’t
you’re a 150 level you know i’m not
giving you trt that’s
dangerous you get prostate cancer and
heart attack so
i just hope that more and more studies
come out over time uh
and i do hope that they show that trt is
pretty safe when done correctly
and this is just another one so thanks
for watching guys i hope you found that
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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