TRT Transformation | Nicks Story | Gained 23 pounds of Muscle!

This is Nicks TRT Transformation. Nick was perfectly healthy and led an active Lifestyle but found out his testosterone level was 450 and decided to start TRT to optimize his life!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
coming at you with another trt
transformation and this one’s going to
be a little different than some of the
other ones
and i’ll let you know the reason why and
this might bother you
you may not agree with this but uh it is
what it is so let’s get started
it’s all about humanity
so our trt transformation today is nick
28 years old and nick led a very healthy
he was working out he got enough sleep
he had a good diet he was taking
and just he wanted to get checked he was
28 years old
wanted to see what his testosterone
levels were he told me that he was
feeling a little
less confident in day-to-day life and he
had a little bit more anxiety
so he said hey you know what i’m going
to get a blood test
my insurance is going to cover it might
as well get tested for testosterone
his blood test came back at 453
and the normal ranges are like 250 to a
so he was on the lower end of normal not
you know
260 or 270 but 453
and he decided to go on trt
let me know in the comments if you agree
with that you know would you
if you were living a healthy lifestyle
you’re doing all the right things
but you just had a lower testosterone
level would you
jump on trt to try and optimize your
life now whether you agree with this or
i think we’re going to see a lot more of
this in the future i think just because
of all the
pesticides the herbicides the
estrogen stuff in our perfume without
perfumes but our shampoos
uh air pollution not getting enough sun
all that stuff
i think you’re gonna see a lot more guys
doing this they’re just gonna
accept that the outside forces in our
bring their natural testosterone levels
down and they’re going to use tests to
jump them back up to be as best a man
that they can be
so nick even said that you know he felt
like he was optimal
he felt like he was you know feeling
but when he got his test results back he
realized he was on the lower end of the
and he didn’t want to be on the lower
end of the spectrum he wanted to be on
the higher end of the spectrum
you know i mean with the hormone such as
testosterone which is so important to
he wanted to live the rest of his life
at the top
not at the lower bottom and i can’t say
that i
totally disagree with him you know we
have the science we’ve synthesized
and i would personally rather live at
the top of the level than at the lower
let me know in the comments if you agree
with that what do you think do you think
too many guys are jumping on trt too
do you think that hey it’s kind of the
world we live in these days
our natural testosterone levels are just
lower because of environmental and
outside factors and
it’s almost necessary to take
testosterone these days so you can
do all the stuff that we need to do so
nick actually went into a local clinic
and he was trying to get his insurance
to cover the trt
and since he was at 450 and they wanted
two tests
they couldn’t he couldn’t get it covered
by insurance and his insurance had a 2
deductible so he would have he probably
wouldn’t even met that on trt
considering a bottle
of test is like 40 50 bucks i mean maybe
with hcg but
my insurance is the exact same way i pay
a lot of money for insurance i have like
a 5 000
deductible so basically i just hand the
money it’s crazy but that’s a whole
other video
i freaking hate the medical system i’m
sure if you’ve dealt with it or you’re
dealing with a doctor
you probably do as well so i didn’t ask
him what he’s currently doing for his
that’s not my business but he started
and he started at 0.4 mls per week
so he started out 160 milligrams per
week 160 milligrams per week
put him at 1400 for total tests and his
estrogen at about
130 so pretty high decent responder to
so he dropped his dosage down to 0.3 mls
which is 60 milligrams twice a week or
120 milligrams
that put his testosterone total
testosterone at 983 and this estrogen at
i know you’re gonna say that’s a huge
drop in estrogen but there’s a reason
for that
it’s pretty apparent he started taking
ai and i’ll read to you what he was
on how he started and how it was a mess
when he first started
originally trt was a show after
about three weeks my emotions were off
the walls had a flushed face
all the time couldn’t sleep for the life
of me this continued to week nine
original bloods were supposed to be
tested on week 12 but the sides were too
intense so i requested it earlier
week nine is when i added an ai while
dialing back my dose to 30 ml
and now everything has been great i know
a lot of you guys are anti-ai
and you probably tell him well drop it
down to 40 milligrams twice a week or 50
milligrams twice a week and see where
you end up
but he started taking ai and he felt
great so
i mean it’s hard to tell them not to do
that but
everyone has their opinion on ai’s but
this is nick
this is what he’s doing so live with it
emotionally i feel better than before
sure i will still have some anxiety but
that may just be life
my biggest improvement will have to be
physique change so nick’s been on trt
for about a year and he went from 180
to 203 so he was having some issues
gaining muscle in the gym
uh you know 453 like i said it’s it’s on
the lower end but it’s not
to where you wouldn’t be able to grow
any muscle
but obviously when you’re at a thousand
you’re going to be able to grow muscle a
lot more
so in the span of a year he’s put on
about 23 pounds
i’ll put some pictures up he wasn’t a
small guy he wasn’t severely overweight
he’s in relatively good shape
he put on 23 pounds of muscle that’s
nothing to laugh at
and that’s not newbie gains because he’s
been going to the gym
but damn 23 pounds good job nick
there’s also a picture of him with mike
o’hearn who if you don’t know who
michael hearn is michael hearn is natty
so you’ve got nick on the right who’s uh
and you’ve got michael hearn who’s like
40 something
and he’s natural so guys you see what
good genetics and mike o’hearn obviously
has some fantastic genetics because
he’s natty and he’s jacked out of his
mind so i asked nick
what advice would you give people about
trt just in general
and he said you know if your insurance
covers it or if you’re willing to pay
out of pocket he said get your levels
huh funny enough i’ve heard that
somewhere before
test your levels get your levels tested
he was just saying
you know you don’t know if you’re
running optimally you know you may feel
but hey you know it’s just an extra
little check box on your doctor’s uh
lab request so as always get your levels
you know that’s why i started this
channel i had no idea i had low
testosterone and turns out i was at 266.
crazy but i every man out there if
you’re watching this video
get your levels tested it’s very
important testosterone is one of the
most important
hormones in your body and there’s no
reason you should go through your life
not knowing what levels you are
i mean you may get it tested and you’re
7.50 fantastic at least you know that
i have a buddy and i was talking about
my youtube channel and
he was like yeah i’m going to get my
testosterone level checked just so i see
where i’m at
and he said if they were low i’d
definitely go on trt but he came out
like 675
so he has no reason to but he said if my
levels were low like 400 i would
definitely get on trt because he’s got a
high stress job
he’s a lot of stuff to do so let me know
in the comments
you think nick was just looking to get
more gains and kind of
cheat and he’s no reason for him to go
on trt
or do you think that we’re going to see
more and more guys with
low to mid-range testosterone levels
jumping on trt so they can feel
as the best that they possibly can it’s
the same ideas these new tropics that
people are developing and experimenting
you know ceos and you know engineers and
they want to be as mentally sharp as
possible so they’re turning to different
compounds to try to achieve that
and luckily for us with testosterone
pretty well documented that testosterone
helps us feel better all around
so i don’t know is it just a younger
generation of people just
looking to cheat and use testosterone to
get the best results in life or
do we kind of have to now because our
world’s crazy
and we’ve got tons of toxins and stuff
and shampoo
and deodorant and our food and our water
supply there’s birth control in our
water supply did you know that
that’s pretty wild because girls take
birth control and
it’s got to go somewhere it goes into
our drinking water so that’s fantastic
but anyway guys as always you’re awesome
subscribe if you’re new and get your
levels tested

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