How to come off TRT, How to stop TRT, How to restore natural testosterone production after TRT

How to come off TRT, How to stop TRT, How to restore natural testosterone production after TRT, How to restore natural testosterone production after Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

hi how’s it going if you’re watching
this video
you probably typed in how to get off trt
and stumbled upon this video
so before we start i’m not a doctor uh
this is not medical advice
in any way shape or form i’m just
presenting some information
uh some bro science some anecdotal some
science based and uh yeah we’re gonna do
a quick medical disclaimer and jump
right in
it’s all about humanity
so for whatever reason you started trt
maybe to feel better but it’s just not
for you that’s not what this video is
if you’ve made the decision to jump off
trt whether it’s fertility
side effects whatever it is that’s what
we’re here to discuss
so there’s pretty much four options
there’s four
but in my opinion there’s really three
before we jump into these compounds i
want to discuss
why you have to do certain things when
you come off trt
and i’m going to be referencing the
bodybuilding community a lot in this
because they have the most experience
with this so when
bodybuilders or guys jim bros when they
run high amounts of testosterone it
shuts off their natural
production in their body so they run for
however long
and then when they stop they have to
take things and do things in order to
get their body producing testosterone
again this is what’s known at pct
or post cycle therapy and if you’re
coming off trt
you’re probably doing something very
similar to pct
but probably to a less crazy degree
you’re going to be taking less
uh because your body’s not going to be
as shut down it may be
but this is kind of a you know it’s one
of those individual things where
certain things work for some people
sometimes it doesn’t work as well for
other people
there’s no science to this there’s
there’s science in the medicines but
there’s not like a
okay if you’re on trt for this long at
this dosage for this amount of time
you have to take this amount of this for
this long it’s not like that
unfortunately and because i’m not a
doctor i can’t give you any dosages
i’m just gonna be talking about the
compounds that are you commonly used for
pct or coming off trt
if you’ve only been on trt for like a
week or two you probably don’t need to
do any of this your body should recover
on its own but if you’ve been on trt for
a few months
this is something you probably have to
do and you should definitely consult
your doctor
this is just baseline knowledge i’m not
a doctor how many times have i said that
so far
anyway when you start taking outside
your body your brain is like okay i’ve
got enough i don’t need to make it
but since you’re not going to be taking
outside testosterone anymore
we need to get your brain to turn on
that testosterone valve
so there’s a couple medicines that do
this the first one
and the most common commonly used is
and clomid is a serum and what it’s
basically going to do
it’s going to get in your brain and it’s
going to attach to estrogen receptors
so estrogen is not to be able to bind to
these receptors so your brain is like
okay we don’t have that much estrogen so
we need to send the signal down to the
boys to produce more testosterone that’s
going to convert
into estrogen that we need and novodex
is the other one and it does the same
thing pretty much
just it’s just a different medicine that
basically does the same thing
get in there tell your brain we don’t
have enough estrogen we need to turn on
the boys
let’s get this going out of the two
i mean they each can have their own side
one to look out for on clomid is any
vision issues
blurriness fuzziness floaters anything
like that
you should discontinue clomid call your
doctor let them know you’re having that
stop because clomid can have permanent
vision effects side effects
now it doesn’t happen to everyone
obviously but just something to know
keep that in mind from what i’ve seen
it’s kind of a 50 50 toss-up in the
bodybuilding community with clomid and
some people swear by one some people
swear by the other
this is part of the process that i
cannot help you with because i’m not a
i think that’s like the fourth time i’ve
said it so those are your two
most common those are two of the four
the third one
is hcg human chorionic gonadotropin
now what hcg does is it mimics
luteinizing hormone in your boys lose
hormone did i say hormone
it mimics luteinizing hormone in your
boys and it tells them to
keep doing what they’re doing you know
keep producing testosterone
stay close to the same size let’s make
we need to make some boys some little
swimmer guys
hcg i personally i think it would go
on a pct some people say that it it’s
not as good because
it’s mimicking the luteinizing hormone
and it’s not having the signal from your
brain go to your boys and tell you
tell them to produce start producing
testosterone so a lot of people
will use these we use either climate or
novadex in conjunction with hcg
a guy seth ferros or feroci he’s on
youtube you can check him out he has a
whole video on it
he goes into a lot more detail than i
that i do
but he uses clomid and hcg and he even
breaks down some of the you know the
dosages the time frames all that
you can also do some research on pct
you probably you know you wouldn’t think
to search pct because maybe you’re not
in that world
you’ve never even touched steroids you
have no idea about them you just wanted
trt to see if it would work for you
but basically if you want to do research
on this look up pct or post cycle
if i were to personally do a pct i would
probably go with novadex and hcg
but that’s just me you need to talk to
your doctor
now the fourth option and i don’t
like this option but it has been used
some people have
used it effectively our aromatase
are like arimadex or aromason or
now basically they’re accomplishing the
same thing as the serms
but in a different way taking one of
these two medicines
is basically going to kind of block your
body from converting testosterone into
leading to your brain realizing we don’t
have as much estrogen
so we need to tell the boys to make more
testosterone to convert over to estrogen
it’s it’s a different way of
accomplishing the same thing
um but i don’t like it as
much there is a lot of controversy over
and if you’re not careful you can crash
your estrogen
way too far and your body won’t be able
to react quick enough and produce enough
to convert into estrogen which are
actively stopping from converting to
estrogen by taking an ai so
for i mean it is an option if that’s all
you have
but i would stick with the first two
that we discussed
um other than those you know i mean
those are the main things what you’re
trying to do is get your body to produce
more testosterone
um i would definitely take some
some vitamin d3 possibly some
ashwagandha to help with cortisol levels
and that’s also been shown
to boost your testosterone a little bit
but when you’re coming off trt
every little bit helps other than that i
would also suggest if you’re not already
eating cleanly and exercising because
that’s just good for the body when the
body is
feeling good and you’re doing good
things for your body your body works
you know it’s just like your car you
take care of your car you do oil changes
you do the maintenance
it runs better you throw a little
premium in there and it’s a little
so that’s going to do it if you’re new
definitely appreciate if you subscribed
if you have any comments about pct or
coming off trt that would be helpful for
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out but
that’s it guys best of luck coming off
trt if you ever want to come back on
click on that subscribe and i’ve got
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200 plus videos on trt so maybe
you had a bad protocol maybe you just
need to learn something modify something
that’s what my channel is all about so
thanks for watching
as always get your levels tested

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