Pregnenolone – The Mother Hormone – Low Pregnenolone May Cause a Hormone Imbalance

what’s going on guys test your levels
here thanks for being with me
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we’re going to talk about a super
important hormone that i
rarely ever see even mention in forums
and groups
it’s pregnant alone and it’s like the
mother of hormones
it’s at the top of the list and it’s
really important
uh you can get it over the counter from
amazon but
you may not even need it so let’s do a
quick medical disclaimer and jump right
it’s all about humanity
as i said pregnant alone is a super
important hormone it was first
synthesized in 1934
it’s directly made in your body from
the average male should have a range of
pregnant alone from about
10 to 200 nanograms per deciliter
now they have all the sciency stuff out
of the way so pregnant alone like i said
it’s at the top so if you looked at like
a chart from the top
down of hormones in your body
pregnenolone’s like right up there at
the top
and basically pregnenolone converts into
all the other hormones
estrogen testosterone dhea it’s it
it’s basically like the building block
if you’re making hamburgers pregnant
owns the ground beef that’s the base
the bun the ketchup the cheese all that
that’s down below
if you don’t have ground beef you don’t
have a burger so that’s where pregnant
alone stands
pregnant alone is mainly made in your
adrenal glands in your brain
but it’s also made in your skin your
your boys and some of it’s even made in
your eyes
so that’s pretty weird it’s got a little
hormone that’s being made in your eyes
so pregnant alone along with
it decreases as you age and some people
are deficient in it
and since it’s at the top of the you
know hormone
whatever if you have low pregnenolone
there’s a very high chance that you’re
low in
most all of your other hormones another
thing to take note of
is if you have really low cholesterol
there’s a possibility that you may have
low pregnenolone levels because
cholesterol is what is used in the body
to make pregnenolone
so just a little snippet from the study
basically said that if you’re low in
pregnant alone
you know it basically causes a hormone
imbalance in your body
now for us guys on trt you know
testosterone obviously
super important uh super important
hormone in our bodies
but you know if one hormone’s off or one
hormone is low or one’s too high
that can cause issues and so you may be
low in pregnant alone
but you’re okay with testosterone but
you’re not feeling 100 percent
you know i mean crazy things happen if
your cortisol levels are too high or
you’re too low
your dht is too low you know it just
causes issues there’s a hormone
imbalance and if you have low pregnant
alone there’s a possibility you have
other hormones that are low in your body
and you might not be feeling as good as
you possibly could on trt
so outside of just making other hormones
pregnant alone does
all kinds of good stuff for your brain
and produces hormones for your brain
i’m not gonna get into all that sciency
stuff we’re looking at this as a ten
thousand foot view
so long story short if you have low
pregnant alone you know that may be
contributing some brain fog
tired you know being lethargic maybe
contributing to anxiety and depression i
don’t know you have to talk to your
doctor about this
but this is something that you should
definitely add on to your blood work
when you go talk to your doctor
because if all your other hormones are
good but this one’s super low
you know you can run into some issues as
i was saying before
pregnant alone it you get less of it and
your body makes less of it as you age
some doctors have said about sixty
percent so
if you had a hundred percent and you’re
down 60 you’re at 40 percent
uh they’ve linked low pregnant alone to
uh anxiety depression
mood um you know brain fog so it’s a
really important hormone and it’s one
that i really don’t see mentioned
almost anywhere except for on this
channel because you guys are smart and
you’re subscribed to me
you get to learn stuff like this and so
you can take charge of your health care
and know what the heck you’re doing
so uh if your doctor isn’t that good at
least you know you are
researching of length pregnenolone
deficiency in older adults to depression
cognitive deficits and mental illness
has been linked to memory problems
fatigue low energy low mood so they
started doing a lot of research
on pregnant alone in the 40s they were
doing research on cortisol
and pregnant alone and long story short
cortisol started to make more money
while pregnenolone was very cheap
so if you could take a guess which one
did they do more studies on
cortisol so there hasn’t been a huge
amount of studies with pregnenolone
which is crazy to me considered like the
mother of all hormones and it cascades
down into all the other hormones it’s
just wild but
hey if it doesn’t make dollars it
doesn’t make sense and we all know that
big pharma is all about money and
medicine’s all about money
so it doesn’t surprise me at all so i’ll
run through some of the other symptoms
of low pregnenolone
and then i’ll jump into supplementing
and why it may not even make sense for
but we’ll get into that so some symptoms
of low pregnant alone
poor memory declining concentration and
attention fatigue
dry skin joint and muscle pain and
decreased sex drive
so a lot of you guys that you know
complain about not having libido even
though while you’re being on trt
uh this may be something to look into so
now let’s get into
supplementation and pregnenolone and
another mother hormone dha
you can get them on amazon i’ll have
links to them but
before you click on that link and go buy
either one of those
if you have good levels of either of
taking more of it isn’t going to do
anything not going to do anything for
so don’t waste your money but you need
to go to your doctor and the next time
you get blood work
ask for pregnant alone and dhea now if
you’re deficient in either of them
it’s a real easy solution hop on amazon
couple clicks
you get your bottle and you start taking
it and you see how you feel
but like i said if you don’t have a
deficiency in it
it’s not going to do anything trust me i
watched a documentary before i started
and this jacked old doctor was taking
dhea and testosterone
so being the brilliant person that i am
i went on amazon and bought a bottle
started taking it didn’t do a thing for
me when i started trt and got my first
blood work
my dhea was almost double what it was
supposed to be and it provided no
so i wasted like 15 20 bucks so don’t be
like me
so when supplementing with pregnenolone
people usually take it in the morning to
help with cognitive function
and memory and all that good stuff
during the day while you’re at work so
you’re in tip-top shape and you can go
for that raise
but oral is the best way to take it
that’s the way most people are gonna
do it but it’s on amazon it’s cheap so
and it’s that’s the best way so hey why
and something to note it may take three
or four months before you feel or see
any difference when you’re supplementing
with pregnant alone
the same thing i tell guys that just
start trt in two weeks they’re wondering
why they don’t feel great
well the body just because you take
pregnant alone for a day or two your
body’s not like uh okay we’re good now
everything’s balanced perfectly no it
takes time you know
slowly build up the pregnant loan then
that slowly cascades to the other
and then they kind of level out and
level out
and maybe after three or four months
it’ll help you feel better
so that’s about it guys i just wanted to
put this online
down it’ll get that many views but it’s
something that i don’t see
talked about very much at all and i feel
like there’s a lot of guys that
maybe are having a hard time getting
dialed in because they have low
and also dhea so it’s worth getting the
blood test to see what’s going on in
your body and see if you’re deficient in
because it’s a really easy fix if you
are so guys thanks for watching
if you found this informative click on
that like button if you’re not
click on the subscribe button help a
brother out but as always
you’re awesome and get your levels

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