New Study! SubQ Vs IM for TRT! Higher Total Testosterone, Lower Estrogen, Lower Hematocrit!

In a first of its kind study, the University of California compared SubQ to IM shots for men on TRT. The results are very interesting!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here
uh today i wanted to bring this to you i
found a really cool study
uh where they did sub q versus im and
they measured
uh testosterone estrogen hematocrit and
and the results might be a little
shocking so do a quick medical
disclaimer and we’ll jump right in
it’s all about humanity
so the university of california wanted
to do a study
on sub q versus im and test a few key
parameters that most guys would look at
on trt
and see which one was better see which
one just see what happens
so they took 232 guys and they split
them into two groups and they did the
normal study stuff
and they gave one subcutaneous and one
and the results are pretty interesting
it’s uh
well let’s jump into them for
intramuscular these guys averaged out at
536 total tests
while the subcutaneous group was at 552.
for hematocrit the intramuscular was
and the subcutaneous was 46.3
estrogen this one’s really interesting
the in guys
averaged out at 46.6 and the sub q guys
33.3 what’s really interesting about
is we know that a lot of the aromatase
it chills in fat so one would think that
if you injected testosterone into fat
where there’s more aromatase in there
it would convert over to estrogen a lot
more and this study
showed at least in these 232 guys that
it actually converted less
for whatever reason i have no idea why
but for whatever reason it aromatized
less and gave these guys lower estrogen
the other marker that they checked for
was psa which has to do with your
uh it didn’t go up in either of these
groups so that’s good to see
they checked them out at six weeks and
12 weeks of treatment and in those 12
none of these guys psa went up at least
a measurable amount
so that’s good to know because one of
the things that they talk about on one
of the risks of trt is prostate issues
it’s starting to look less and less like
that’s really an issue
but we’ll keep an eye on it and see what
the data reveals in
a few years it’s really interesting that
the guys that were doing sub q
had 14 percent higher total testosterone
than the guys doing im
and they gave him the exact same dose
and that’s really interesting i mean a
boost that’s that’s a good amount and
then with hematocrit
this says 41 difference i don’t
understand how they got that number
um but it was 48 something versus 46.
so lower hematocrit and you can’t argue
with lower hematocrit
you know mata gets too high there are
some issues that can happen even though
most of the newer studies have shown
that elevated hematocrit just due to
being on trt
as opposed to lifestyle doesn’t seem to
have as many negative effects
i think the most interesting out of all
of these was the estrogen
the guys on subcu had 26 percent less
that’s amazing what was the number it
46.6 to 33.
i mean that’s uh it was a 13 point
difference that’s pretty wild
i mean just from the way that the
testosterone is administered into fat
over muscle
so that’s pretty interesting so if
you’re on if you’re doing im
and you’re having issues with estrogen i
mean it may just be as easy as switching
to an insulin pen
insulin pen yeah insulin pen and
injecting into fat over muscle
the other benefit of this in doing sub q
and i’ve preached sub q for a long time
because it’s my personal favorite method
is that you don’t have to continuously
stab your muscles which can cause
scarring over time
and if you’re going to be on trt for a
long time you’re going to be hitting
your muscles a lot
you know you can always switch spots and
rotate and this and that but
at the end of the day you’re still
poking a hole in one of your muscles so
that’s just really
really interesting and i’m glad that
they did this study and i know what
you’re saying
sub q doesn’t work for me i don’t feel
as good on sub q
you know i get the nodules here and
there and i get it some q
does not work for everyone but i’m
really happy to see that there is data
that sub q works well if not better than
am because before this the only real
studies we’ve had on
sub q and not even against im was for
females that were transitioning into men
and they just wanted to see
hey does sub q work to get their
testosterone levels up
and in that study it did and it’s really
cool to see that
you know in some situations sub-q may
give you higher total test levels
i really wish they had done free tests
as well but
they didn’t but my blood work shows
almost exactly the same as i am
so for me it’s pretty much equal
but for some men it may be higher total
lower estrogen and lower hematocrit so
that’s really cool to see
so if you’re doing sub q and you like it
well this may be the preferred method
they even went on to say subq is an
effective testosterone delivery system
with a preferable safety profile over im
because when you’re when you’re
injecting into fat there’s not really
anything you can hit
it’s just that it’s just it’s all fat
you don’t have to worry about you know
your femoral arteries you don’t have to
worry about uh blood vessels veins you
don’t have to worry about any of that
stuff because it’s just fat
so really hard to mess it up that’s
going to wrap it up guys
quick little video really cool study out
of the university of california
and uh it shows that sub-q works and it
may work better than i am
so if you’re tired of uh you know
hitting your delts your glutes and your
you could get some 25 or 27 gauge 27
gauge is my personal favorite
half inch maybe belly fat butt fat
and love handles if you got them so hey
if you’re uh if you’re doing i am and
you want to give sub q a try
at least you know according to the study
of 232 men
it may be better than i am and for me
personally it’s so much easier
very easy so that’s going to do it guys
hope you found that interesting if you
drop a comment let me know what you
think i mean have you done sub-q do you
like it
have you tried it and gone back to im
but let me know let me know what you do
am her sub q but as always guys thanks
for watching
if you’re new click on the subscribe
button if you found this interesting
click on the like button
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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