Australian TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy Diabetes Study – 1,000 Men / 50% Reduction

This was a study done in Australia to determine the effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy / TRT and Type 2 Diabetes. What this study found is that there is a pretty good correlation with TRT and Type 2 Diabetes.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
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today we’re going to go through a new
study that just came out out of
and they’re doing a test to see if
testosterone replacement therapy
would help with diabetes type 2 diabetes
to be exact so let’s jump into the
large study shows testosterone therapy
reduces diabetes risk in men
as males age blah blah blah they wanted
to establish the relationship between
low levels of the hormone testosterone
and increased incident of type 2
diabetes in what is described as the
largest study
ever carried out scientists have found
regular injections of the hormone appear
to lower the risk of developing type 2
that’s pretty interesting you know so
they took and we’ll get into the
logistics of it but they took
guys that had low testosterone and were
and they gave them testosterone and they
just want to see what would happen
statistically would
they do better would they do worse would
they have more diabetes less diabetes
so researchers also uncovered
associations between low testosterone
levels and obesity in man and found that
higher testosterone levels can reduce
the risk of diabetes in men
in fact a third of men with type 2
diabetes have hypogonadism
i found that pretty interesting so a
third so one out of three guys
who has type 2 diabetes has low
it seems to be a little bit more than
just a random you know a random
statistic that seems
seems pretty solid in my book that if
you have low testosterone you’re much
more risk for
type 2 diabetes so scientists have begun
to explore how testosterone
therapy could reduce the risk with some
promising results a new study
led by australia’s university of
adelaide is claimed to be the largest
ever carried out on the subject
enlisting more than a thousand men
between the ages of 50 and 74
who are either overweight or obese so
that’s a pretty big study a thousand
that’s uh that’s a lot and i’m surprised
they got this many
um australia’s actually a pretty i don’t
know they’ve changed a lot lately they
banned firearms
and uh yeah it’s really hard to get
tests and the only test you can get is
nubito or avid
but anyway they got a thousand people
and that’s a pretty solid sample size
for a study
and that is the problem with uh
recording videos while using your phone
fantastic these subjects were divided
into two groups with one receiving
injections of testosterone every three
so right there we know they’re using a
veed or an abedo which is testosterone
on decan08
not my favorite ester but hey if that’s
all you got that’s all you got
these subjects were divided into two
groups with one receiving injections of
testosterone every three months
and the other receiving a placebo in
addition all were given access to weight
lifestyle program with 30 percent of the
men across both groups attending the
and 70 achieving the recommended amount
of exercise
over the two-year study both groups lost
an average of 8.8 pounds or 4 kilograms
uh the only really adverse side effect
of the therapy
for testosterone was an increase in
blood red blood cells
uh clotting the sludgy blood that’s why
we donate blood when we need to
so seeing in 22 percent of men
undergoing the testosterone treatment
after two years 21 of men in the placebo
group had type 2 diabetes
while only 12 of the men in the group
receiving testosterone injections
had developed the disease this group
also exhibited greater decrease in
fasting blood sugar levels small
improvements in yeah function and an
increase in muscle mass
so it’s pretty darn interesting i mean
that’s almost half
so you know so out of the people in the
group who had diabetes
you know another half didn’t have
so it’s pretty amazing i mean that’s
showing a pretty dramatic
you know decrease in type 2 diabetes
just from these guys getting their
hormones in check
like that’s it like it’s an interesting
fact you know
humans we’re continuing to live longer
and longer and longer
but in reality our bodies really weren’t
designed to be living into our you know
60s 70s i mean back in the day the
mortality rate was like
30 40 like 40 if you’re lucky you know
imagine cutting your foot and getting an
infection what are you going to do
no antibiotics but anyway i mean my
thought process on this
is now that we’re living so much longer
and we already know that our hormones
are pregnant alone dhea
estrogen all that stuff just goes down
as we age
and it causes issues you know there’s a
reason that we have these hormones that
do things in our body
and as we get older they get lower and
lower and
bad things happen one of them being type
2 diabetes
so this is a really interesting study
basically showing that when you have
your hormones in check
your body seems to work a lot better and
you could possibly not
you know get some of these age-related
diseases the findings of the study are
important when it comes to understanding
the role of testosterone
may play in one’s risk of developing
type 2 diabetes
but we are far from what might
constitute a silver bullet for the
this is not a signal to rush out for the
script pad
obviously the disease is best tackled
and prevented entirely by a healthy
we do not know either the durability of
effect or long-term safety
of testosterone for preventing type 2
diabetes treatment with testosterone
might be an option for some men
but all men need a more thorough
physical and mental health assessment
and support to adopt a maintain a
healthy lifestyle
so yeah they’re basically saying you
know we don’t know if this
is going to last forever with this type
2 diabetes and the testosterone helping
you know
less men get this disease um and they
also you know they have to throw in that
we don’t know how
safe testosterone is we’ve only been
doing it for like 40 years
we’ve got guys that have been using
tests from way back
anyway they got to throw that in there
but really interesting and really cool
and really makes me feel better about
taking trt
you know i just i don’t think your
body’s designed to be running around
you know low hormones i’m not saying
they need to be high but if they’re
outside the reference range i mean i
bad things happen overall i mean
obviously type 2 diabetes
if you lose weight and you exercise you
need a better diet you’re going to be
less prone to getting type 2 diabetes
but these guys were all pretty much
exactly the same a thousand of them they
were all overweight they were all
they did make a change in their diet a
little bit they lost
eight pounds over two years which isn’t
you know spectacular
but that’s the idea of the study wasn’t
to you know measure their fat loss
but you know from 21 to 12 percent i
mean it’s almost like
it’s almost half of the amount of man
that got that developed type 2 diabetes
and the only difference you know was
taking testosterone
and this is a thousand person study so
it’s not like this was ten people and
this is just some random number a
thousand people it’s pretty solid
so guys that’s going to wrap it up i
just found that study this morning
found it interesting and i thought i
would share it with you and we could go
it together and we could learn something
but that’s gonna wrap it up
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out but that’s it guys
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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