Danny Bossa Finally Cancelled! T-Nation Forum Ban | $150 an Hour? | Anti AI Crusader

Danny Bossa is TRT’s biggest brave Anti AI crusader. This guy is literally in love with Estrogen! But he just got cancelled by the T-Nation forums and has not been featured on his own Youtube channel for over a month!

he had this epiphany of a.i
somehow when he had you know growth
at some point he had this epiphany every
other hormone has ranges and has side
effects low and high
but estrogen it’s it’s neuro-protective
it protects your brain
it’s all about humanity
what’s going on guys tester levels here
coming at you with a video about a guy
named danny bassa
if you’re familiar with danny bossa you
know who he is you know why i’m making
this video
if you’re not familiar with danny bassa
somehow connected with the guy the
lifting dermatologist in belgium
i don’t know danny boss is in canada uh
steve devos
or dude voss is in belgium how these two
hooked up
i have no idea but they started a
called trt hormone optimization which is
supposedly owned by steve devos and
danny bossa makes no money from it
but they also have a facebook group and
i’m going to be honest with you
their channel actually puts out it puts
out a lot of content
and most of the content is good but they
are there’s one thing you know they
understand that testosterone needs to be
in somewhat of a good range they
understand that dht
cortisol all that stuff all that needs
to be in a good range or it can cause
side effects
whether it’s low or high but they’ve
taken this
hard stance that estrogen the more the
never you use ai’s they’re poison you
know there’s no reason for any man
no matter what under any circumstances
should take an ai
and when you if they mention the talk
about taking ai
they’re like oh well you’re just going
to crush your estrogen levels into the
ground and estrogen is neuroprotective
it’s cardio productive
it helps your libido all those things
are true
but when guys are talking about taking
ais they’re trying to get their estrogen
levels from
someone where they feel they don’t feel
good and it’s too high
into a normal level not to zero we’re
not women with breast cancer trying to
crush our estrogen so we can help beat
so danny bassa he they have a facebook
group and it’s got like 7 500 people
and they hammer this anti-ai they hammer
if you talk about ai band actually funny
thing i just found out today
that uh this is a different facebook
page that i have that i use for other
and i can see the group i just found out
today that on my real account
uh i’m apparently banned so i don’t know
i’ve been a member of it i’ve never
commented in there i’ve never put my
videos in there
but uh i’m banned apparently so
i mean whatever it is what it is that’s
cool but i wanted to talk to you i was
watching or
watching i was looking through reddit
and i found a little thing on danny
bassa and i was like okay this is
i’m gonna throw it up on screen here so
danny boss is slammed on t
nation by mods they’re a big trt forum
and also other stuff testosterone
he is about to get banned the moderators
of teenation have had enough of danny
bassa it seems
danny boss is a self-proclaimed trt
expert with
without no medical degree whatsoever he
is some random i.t
guy who charges 150 an hour to help guys
with their trt
treatment for about two years he’s been
seen on different boards making
statements such as
the higher the estrogen the better too
high estrogen is not an
issue the more the better estrogen is
what controls libido the higher the
estrogen the stronger libido
estrogen got no association with gyno
which he did have supposedly for when he
was a teenager
it had nothing to do with estrogen it
had nothing to do with testosterone or
that’s uh that’s what he said yeah i
don’t know
ais are always terrible no exception
they are
poison in the last six months many docs
all over the world have blocked this guy
from all their social media accounts
i can’t verify that i don’t really even
care to spend the time to even
research that but i would believe it
just because the way he acts in groups
danny boss has built his own little cult
on facebook
anyone in that group who even slightly
disagrees with danny boston gets banned
there are rumors from some guys who have
had heart complications while following
his amateur trt advice
i cannot confirm or deny that that’s
just what someone said
i’m not saying that now the mods are
getting tired of them
he said tnation is a joke of a forum
because people argue with him
danny bassa i’m not wasting another
minute in this embarrassment of a forum
so this guy chris calucci the forum
that’s like the third or fourth time you
said something like that in the last
year or so but now let me finally help
you out for a second
as the door closes just mull this over
despite whatever network of doctors and
interviews you’ve accrued through your
facebook group and youtube channel
you’ve repeatedly shown an inability to
be the slightest bit flexible
with processing contrary information and
treating individuals as
individuals studies agree on some stuff
a lot of people respond to one type of
treatment cool that doesn’t change the
underlying absolute medical fact that
certain individuals will require
different medications
in different doses because they respond
differently any doctor or trainer who
tries to apply blanket treatments to all
patients clients
has settled into a comfortable blanket
of ignorance
nobody should want to be that guy and
that’s what i’ve said
from the start you know yes you want to
keep ai to a minimum
if possible you know lowering your dose
maybe taking some calcium to glucorate
dim you know injecting more frequently
lowering your dose already said that
but there are some guys that they need
to feel good i’ve seen it in my comments
i’ve seen it in my facebook group
i’ve seen it on reddit a lot you know
guys that are like you know i’m down to
80 milligrams and my total testosterone
is pretty much where i started pre-prt
but my estrogen is high so in order for
me to get to 5
6 700 my estrogen just cranks up i’m a
you know i aromatase a lot aromatize a
so they need ai but i don’t like blanket
statements especially
in medicine especially in medicine
medicine is not black and white for
that’s why there’s tons of different
medicines for the same diseases
you know there’s like four if you have
migraines there’s like 25 different
if just one and it worked for everyone
in the exact dosage
there wouldn’t be the need for 20 more
but some people don’t respond well to
certain medicines
and i’m not understanding i mean danny
boss doesn’t seem like a stupid dude
you know he’s an i.t guy or has an i.t
company i don’t know what he does
but i mean i just it’s so crazy to me
that he just cannot see
that you know testosterone dht cortisol
all these different you know hormones
yes they’re all good for us and they all
do good things in our body
but when they get too high then you know
bad things can happen you can have side
effects oil being thick in an engine
is fantastic it helps lubricate the
engine keep it cool and keep it running
but if the oil is too thick then the
engine can’t pump it through the
engine can’t pump it through the engine
and you’re gonna have some issues
same idea but he doesn’t seem to
understand that
so let’s see what danny bassa said and
some of the reddit comments
once the moderators remove the approval
process on my account i’ll consider
coming back wow okay well
obviously a gem and we don’t want to
lose him
to grace this embarrassment of a form
and pathetic excuse for a trt forum
another direct quote from you
with your wisdom once again l o
l nah the guy’s like knobby
you’re gone you’re done and this guy
said i’ve been suspicious the guy from
day one i knew he had bad intentions now
becoming more and more clear for people
danny boss is the biggest joke in the
trt community in the last decade he is
legitimately dangerous for people some
of them suffered
due to following his advice is now
charging 150
an hour to mess up people’s health
and i wonder why the admins took so long
to act danny ruined t
nation police became useless after
boston as colt took it over
the moment he started selling services i
distanced myself as a company
for a long time he claimed i earned
nothing doing this i do this because i
like helping people
i actually randomly talked to him on
youtube he popped up in my comments
probably something about estrogen and
was just going on and on and i was
talking to him
and he’s like i don’t make any money
from this steve devos he owns the
you know he’ll send somewhere else he
said steve devos is super rich
you know he’s a doctor and yeah i’m sure
he is but
you know he says he didn’t he’s never
made a single penny from this told me
straight up i mean if i could probably
look and find the comment but
just take my word for it he said it he
said it’s other people but
uh yeah that’s he’s uh well the last
part of the video i’ll show you
what we’re talking about about making
money i knew he had intentions to start
charging for advice as soon as he got
recognized such an annoying
no wonder everybody starts hating the
dude now danny grew tits so he wanted
everyone else to have them
seriously the guy was dangerous and his
vice could lead people into
several health issues including gyno
high blood pressure
this guy says blood clots high estrogen
can lead to blood clots high estrogen is
so dangerous
some guy was like do you have a source
it’s always good to have sources
yes as cult follows always spamming the
ai nonsense very very annoying
and unnecessary drama
you also notice how aggressive they are
i wonder if it’s e2 related
all of them like women he is such an
bald guy on steroids get agitated who to
thunk it it’s because his e2 is too high
or is it not high enough
the fact that he says higher estrogen
the better ai is never an option makes
him top dollar clown
this guy’s literally dangerous for
spouting such false heads and should be
held accountable
you know it’s it’s i swear to god this
is the last video i’m gonna make on ai
i just wanted to show danny bassa he’s
reaching the end
of his influence in trt outside of his
own group
um i was looking at the t forums
and uh look at that so he’s in here
and let’s click on him
this user is suspended reason inability
to participate in constructive debate
repeatedly insulting the quality of the
and then i look and holy what was it
he’s created
3 200 posts this no ai
really thing no i know i uh no i uh
i mean damn for someone who is
supposedly a successful
i.t guy or i.t company got a lot of time
to freaking
to post on forums i mean 3 200 comments
and i’ve talked to him in comments
he doesn’t you know obviously if it’s
just a one word couple word answer it’ll
do that but
he likes to write so 3 200 comments a
paragraph or two each
it’s a lot of time apparently buddy has
a lot of time on his hands
but he just does it because he loves
helping people so much he loves trt
loves helping people and you know he’s
he had this epiphany
of ai somehow when he had you know
growth under his nipples
at some point he had this epiphany every
other hormone has ranges and has side
effects low and high
but estrogen it’s it’s neuroprotective
it protects your brain
it he even said in one video he’s like
is the main thing that gives you libido
and erections he said that
it’s estrogen it’s all estrogen that’s
it’s that’s what it’s there for
the predominantly female hormone is
there to grow your penis and to make
your penis hard
what the crazy but i’m gonna
round out this video
i don’t want to be too long but i’m
going to show you uh
i’m just going to show you right here so
danny boso this is just some video it
did and he hasn’t been on
he hasn’t been in a video on trt and
hormones whatever the it is
for a month they replaced him with some
other guy
who uh who runs a trt clinic shocker i
they’re not trying to make money on this
but and i make money on my channel but i
don’t try to hide it
so you can see here danny bossa’s email
for anyone who wants to reach him i mean
that’s so nice of danny like you know
he’s just gonna put his email out there
you can send him questions and he’ll
respond to you you know
he’s also he’s also writing on t nation
well not anymore but
we spent a lot of time on tnation and
he’s just gonna answer emails out of the
kindness of his heart because he’s such
a nice guy
maybe he’s a nice guy i don’t know but
long story short is
but he’s charging 150 an hour to give
people trt advice
and i was thinking to myself i don’t
think that this was his master plan but
it just popped into my head
if you can create a market for yourself
to sell something that’s pretty smart
so what if this whole time this two-year
culmination and i’m just i’m just
joking here but
what if this whole culmination two years
he’s spreading this anti-ai
and he gets a whole bunch of guys we’re
doing anti-ai
and now within his group and on his
youtube channel there’s a bunch of guys
who don’t believe in ai
and they’re having trouble getting
dialed in and then you swoop in
and you’ll save them with 150 bucks
for an hour but uh i don’t know what the
laws are on canada
but i would assume that charging money
to give people
medical advice customized personal
medical advice
i would assume that’s illegal in some
way i don’t know what the penalties are
for that but um
yeah i mean you’re allowed to give your
opinion you’re allowed to sell your
but when you start treating people and
custom tailoring
dosages and medicines and stuff like
that and you don’t have a medical degree
probably can get you in trouble but
that’s going to wrap it up guys i’m
never going to do another video on danny
bassa i disagree with him i don’t
dislike him i don’t hate him i don’t
have any personal you know vendetta
against them
i just don’t like not even doctors but
normal people
telling people that medicine is black
and white and things should never be
used under
any circumstance in any way shape or
and i also believe that estrogen is good
for the body that’s why it’s there
that’s why we make it
but when it goes too high there can be
not everyone gets them i don’t outside
of acne
but some guys do some guys feel like
i’ve uh not gonna lie i’ve teared up a
little bit just a little bit
when my estrogen was out of control and
it was really high i was pretty
the tear didn’t actually fall out of my
eye so it doesn’t count
but anyway guys that’s gonna do it hit
up danny bossa it’s only 150 bucks an
hour for custom tailored medical advice
check them out on t nation now you can’t
and uh i’m banned from their group so
fun times but
anyway guys as always you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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